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Lynn Valley Comedy Improv

Friday Night Improv

On Friday evenings comedy improv sponsored by Lynn Valley United Church used to take place at the Lynn Valley Public Library in North Vancouver.

Friday Night Live Today

In previous years Friday Night Live involved comedy improv. Starting in 2017, however, the show has dropped the comedy improv focus and replaced it with more music and a weekly guest artist.

For information about the new and present version of the show, click Friday Night Live in Lynn Valley.

Friday Night Live Location

Today Friday Night Live takes place on Friday evenings in North Vancouver’s Lynn Valley neighbourhood at the Lynn Valley United Church at 3201 Mountain Highway.

The show happens weekly from late January until May and then again from mid-September until late November.

Lynn Valley Friday Night Live

Friday Night Live of Yesterday

At Friday Night Live, in the past, each evening would have a team of actors who sang, performed mini skits and entertained with comedy improv. It was kind of like Lynn Valley’s own version of the popular TV Show “Whose Line is it Anyway?”

Each night there would be the same host and one or two regular actors, but also always one or two guest performers joining them.

Friday Night Live Singing

Click  Friday Night Live for more information including details about the show’s current format.

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