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Richmond’s Gateway Theatre & Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Gateway Theatre

Gateway Theatre is a community theatre venue in Metro Vancouver that’s located at 6500 Gilbert Road in Richmond near Minoru Park and Richmond Centre mall.

In 2019 the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat showed at the theatre from December 12th until the 31st. We saw the show and it was excellent!

For information about Gateway Theatre and its 2019 Christmas-season production, see below.

Gateway Theatre by Minoru Park

Owned by the City of Richmond and operated by a non-profit society, Gateway Theatre features a 522-seat theatre and 89-seat Studio. The company puts on a couple of its own shows each year and presents about four or so more. The facility is also available for rent.

The Main Stage theatre is an attractive venue with both orchestra and balcony sections of seating.

Where is Gateway Theatre?

Gateway Theatre is located at 6500 Gilbert Road near Richmond‘s Minoru Park and a 10-minute walk from the Richmond Centre shopping mall.

2019 Productions

Plays at Gateway Theatre in 2019 included the following:

  • China Doll (October 17th to 26th) – a play about a young child and her search for freedom.
  • The Double Axe Murders (November 14th to 23rd) – a murder-mystery by Berni Stapleton.
  • Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (December 12th to 31st) – the Andrew Lloyd Webber comedy musical about Joseph from the Old Testament and his jealous brothers.
Joseph and Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Photo opportunities by the Joseph sign

Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat showed at the Gateway Theatre in the second half of December in 2019 (which made it a fun event to enjoy over the Christmas season).

We attended the show’s opening night and thoroughly enjoyed it! The acting, dancing and singing were all amazing!

About the Play

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a hit collaboration by Tim Rice (who wrote the lyrics) and Andrew Lloyd Webber (who wrote the music). Other hit productions by the British pair include Jesus Christ Superstar (1970), Evita (1976), Cats (1981), Starlight Express (1984), Phantom of the Opera (1986) and The Wizard of Oz (2011).

The play is based on a story about a Jewish family in the bible’s Book of Genesis. The setting is in the Middle East several thousand years ago.

Jacob is an old man who has twelve sons, but loves one of them – Joseph –  more than any other. Joseph is handsome, bright and talented, but also somewhat high on himself, oblivious to what others think about him and flaunts a fancy multi-coloured coat given to him by his father. His brothers, consequently, are overcome with jealousy. The siblings attack Joseph, sell him into slavery to travelling traders, and then tell their father he was killed by a wild beast.

To make a long story short, Joseph is taken to Egypt, becomes a slave to an officer in the Egyptian court, impresses a bunch of people (including the Pharaoh) and somehow works his way up to being the second most important person in the land. After seven years of prosperity in the Middle East, famine strikes the region.

Thanks to Joseph’s good management (and ability to interpret dreams and predict the future), Egypt has plenty of food and is able to survive the famine no problem. Joseph’s family in their neighbouring country, however, isn’t so lucky. Starving, the siblings make their way to Egypt to ask for food, are reunited with their brother, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Best Christmas Activities

Joseph at Gateway Theatre

The Gateway Theatre production of Joseph was exceptional. There was a live orchestra, which is always so nice, and a wonderful cast of actors. The singing was very professional, the dancing was fun and the stage was full of colour and excitement.

Being an Andrew Lloyd Webber production, you know the musical would appeal to a wide audience. The show was fun, entertaining, modern and, being based on a bible story, both meaningful and wonderfully irreverent. The music includes Rock and even a little bit of Country. It’s a fabulous show and recommended for anyone over the age of around 8.

The show lasted for about an hour and forty minutes (including an intermission). When we attended, not once did we look at the time. It was terrific!

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Tips and Advice

Below are some tips and useful things to know to help you maximize your experience at Gateway Theatre.

TIP #1: If you know you’ll want a drink at intermission you can pre-order it and pick it up without having to get in a big line at the break. If ordering a hot drink though, you’ll want to either pick it up right away or maybe wait until the intermission to order it.

TIP #2: Non-alcoholic beverages are permitted in the actual theatre. Alcoholic drinks, however, can only be consumed in the lobby. So don’t order your boozy refreshment just moments before show time unless 1) you don’t mind chugging or 2) you’re ordering for later pick up at the intermission!

TIP #3: When we went in December the theatre was quite warm inside. Consider using the coat check for your jacket, especially if you expect to peel off a few layers during the show as we did.

TIP #3: If you like live theatre, then be sure to check out our Vancouver Shows & Entertainment and Vancouver Theatre Venues listings.

TIP #4: There is limited parking at the venue and the cost is between about $3 and $5 (and free after 9:00 pm). Arrive early to improve your chances of finding a spot. If unlucky, then there is a parkade at the hospital next door where parking costs about $3.50 per hour.

TIP #5: Give yourself lots of time to get to the theatre and find parking, especially if arriving during rush hour traffic between around 4:00 and 6:30 pm on a weekday or just before show time (when parking is more limited). If you arrive late they’ll still let you in, but you’ll miss a bit of the show and have to wait for the ushers to identify an appropriate time in the performance before you’ll be able to take your seat.

TIP #6: Public transit to Gateway Theatre is reasonably convenient. Richmond-Brighouse Station is about a 15-minute walk away (through Minoru Park and the Richmond Centre shopping mall) and a 25-minute ride to Waterfront Station in downtown Vancouver.

TIP #7: If you want dinner before the show there are a number of restaurants that offer discounts of up to about 15% for people with Gateway tickets (so be sure to pick yours up first if they are at Will Call). Participating places include 75 West Coast Grill, Boston Pizza on Ackroyd Road, Carver’s Restaurant, Catch Kitchen & Bar, Harold’s Kitchen & Bar, Steveston Seafood House and the White Spot Restaurant at Richmond Centre. Click Richmond’s Best Bars & Restaurants for a list of these and other good places to eat.

Other Information

For tickets or to learn more about the venue and its shows see the Gateway Theatre website.

To learn about the surrounding area, see our article about the City of Richmond.

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