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Royal Canadian Family Circus in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

Royal Canadian Family Circus

The Royal Canadian Family Circus was in Vancouver in May and June of 2019 with acrobats, jugglers and other performers in Richmond, Surrey and Tsawwassen.

In 2019 there were 34 shows scheduled for the Lower Mainland including 16 performances in Richmond (May 9 to 20), 6 in Tsawwassen (May 24 to 26) and 12 in Surrey (May 31 to June 9).

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The Circus is Coming to Vancouver!

The Royal Canadian Family Circus is a wonderful family-oriented spectacle!

A couple of years ago the circus visited the above three cities (plus Abbotsford) and showcased equestrian acrobatics (as featured in the move the Greatest Showman), the Guerrero High Wire Act (from Americas Got Talent) and so much more!

In 2019 the show included performances by the Flying Cortes Family from Colombia, the incredible Rola Bola Aristov from Russia and other international groups. Joseph Dominic Bauer was also back for another year as the event’s ringmaster and Wheel of Destiny daredevil. (See below for more details about the 2019 lineup.)

Royal Canadian Family Circus 2019


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About the Circus

The Royal Canadian Family Circus has been entertaining children and their families for half a century.

The show offers a modern, family-focused version of the traditional circus experience and showcases an international collection of top-rate circus performers.

The SPECTAC! tours feature no exotic animals or endangered species, which is great! In some recent years there have been amazingly-talented horses, but no lions, tigers or elephants. In 2019 there will be no animals at all – just phenomenal old-fashioned human talent! It’ll be amazing!

Royal Canadian Circus

Audience Comments about the Circus

In 2019 Vancouver’s Best Places partnered with the Royal Canadian Family Circus to send a group of two dozen children and their leaders from a local Boy’s & Girls Club to one of the shows in Tsawwassen. We got a thank-you card from the kids afterwards and here are some of their comments about what they saw:

  • “I give it 2 thumbs up!”
  • “So much talent!”
  • “Everything was awesome!”
  • “The Ringmaster … Wow!”
  • “We had so much fun. Amazing!”
  • “I loved the motorcycle. It was cool!”
  • “So, so, so much fun!”
  • “Best time ever!”

Circus Dates & Locations

The circus had 34 shows in the Lower Mainland in 2019 including 12 in Richmond, 6 in Tsawwassen and 16 in Surrey. Below are the 2019 dates and locations.

  • Richmond (May 9th to 20th) – at Lansdowne Centre at 5300 No. 3 Road in Richmond. 2019 show times at Lansdowne Centre were the following:
    • Thursday May 9th – at 7 pm
    • Friday May 10th – at 7 pm
    • Saturday May 11th – at 12, 4 and 7:30 pm
    • Sunday May 12th (Mother’s Day) – at 1 and 5 pm
    • Friday May 17th – at 7 pm
    • Saturday May 18th – at 12, 4 and 7:30 pm
    • Sunday May 19th – at 12, 4 and 7:30 pm
    • Monday May 20th (Victoria Day) – at 1 and 5 pm
  • Tsawwassen (May 24th to 26th) – at Tsawwassen Mills at 5000 Canoe Pass Way in Tsawwassen (just a short drive from the BC Ferries Terminal). 2019 show times in Tsawwassen were the following:
    • Friday May 24th – at 7 pm
    • Saturday May 25th – at 12, 4 and 7:30 pm
    • Sunday May 26th – at 1 and 5 pm
  • Surrey (May 31st to June 9th) – at Guildford Town Centre at 10355 – 152nd Street in Surrey. Show times in Surrey in 2019 were the following:
    • Friday May 31st – at 7 pm
    • Saturday June 1st – at 12, 4 and 7:30 pm
    • Sunday June 2nd – at 1 and 5 pm
    • Friday June 7th – at 7 pm
    • Saturday June 8th – at 12, 4 and 7:30 pm
    • Sunday June 9th – at 1 and 5 pm

The shows take place in a giant Big Top which holds up to 2400 people!

Circus Big Top Tents
Circus Big Top Tents at Tsawwassen Mills Mall

Circus Ticket Prices

Tickets to see the Royal Canadian Family Circus cost between $12.50 and $50 per person, depending on your seat type (and whether you use our VansBestPlaces 2-for-1 promo code).

Ticket prices listed below are all subject to GST and online service fees (of about $2.50 per ticket). Ticket prices are the same for all ages, although children ages 3 and under are free if they sit on an adult’s lap (and so don’t occupy a seat of their own).

Seating at the Royal Canadian Family Circus is not assigned; rather, it’s on a first-come, first-served basis.

Three kinds of seating are available: General Admission, VIP and Ringside.

Circus Spinning Act

See the Royal Canadian Family Circus website for tickets (and don’t forget to use the VANSBESTPLACES promo code if buying general admission tickets).

General Admission

General Admission tickets cost $25.

If you used the promo code VansBestPlaces in 2019 you got 2 tickets for the price of 1! (Note: the promo code was good for General Admission tickets only – not for VIP or Ringside seating). 2020 will likely be similar.

General admission usually features both bench and chair seating.

VIP Tickets

VIP seats cost $35 per person.

The VIP area is closer to ringside than the General Admission areas and the seats are slightly comfier. Pomo codes cannot be used when purchasing VIP tickets. Also, as with all tickets, seating is not assigned (although VIP ticket holders are guaranteed a seat somewhere in the VIP area).

Ringside Seats

Ringside tickets cost $50.

Ringside seats are right up close to the action. They are also the most comfortable seats in the house! As another bonus, VIP and Ringside ticket holders both get priority access to their respective seating areas inside the Big Top (i.e., before the crowds of General Admission ticket holders get to go in).

Click Royal Canadian Family Circus for tickets.

What to Expect

At the Royal Canadian Family Circus expect to be thoroughly entertained!

Performances take place inside a giant Big Top tent and last for about two and a half hours with a 20-minute intermission in the middle.

During the show there are all kinds of acrobatics. Some are up high in the air overhead, some are down low at centre stage.

The cast at the Royal Canadian Family Circus is impressive. The show includes top performers from around the world.

Royal Canadian Family Circus
Ringmaster Joseph Dominic Bauer

Circus Performers

The 2019 circus tour included the following performers:

  • Joseph Dominic Bauer – the Swiss ringmaster and a 9th-generation circus performer. He has entertained around the globe with Cirque du Soleil, Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey, the Moscow Cirque and various other internationally-acclaimed circus companies. He hosted the Royal Canadian Family Circus shows in 2018 and was back again in 2019! His Wheel of Destiny daredevil routine is amazing!
  • The Flying Cortes Family – a 5-member team of acrobats and trapeze artists from Colombia. Their leader, Robinson, is a 4th generation acrobat who has performed with Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey and the Flying Wallendas.
  • The Tarzan Zerbini Dancers & Aerialists – a group of aerialists and performing artists who showcase the multicultural landscape of Canada. They too performed with the Royal Canadian Family Circus last year and are back in 2019.

Other performers in the 2019 tour included a strongman comedy act, a Chinese acrobatic troupe, the incredible Russian Rola Bola Artistov balancing act and the Peruvian Cube Hula Hoops. Also scheduled to entertain this past year were the amazing Dominguez Russian Motoswing Act, the Russian juggling duo of Igor & Katiana, the Mexican Dominguez Family’s Motor Bike Globe, and Teeterboards with comedian Jorge Dominguez, among others.

Dominguez Family Motor Bike Team
Mexican Dominguez Family’s Motor Bike Team

Some of the performers people saw at the Metro Vancouver shows in 2018 included the following:

  • The Caleb Corinci-Asch Equestrians & Acrobats – a troupe of horses and acrobats that appeared alongside Hugh Jackman in the 2017 musical The Greatest Showman. If you enjoyed that movie and like horses, you would have loved seeing this group live! Caleb performers from Russia also performed in Cavalia Odysseo the previous year.
  • The Duo Guerrero 4-Man High Wire Act – a Portuguese husband and wife-led troupe that performed at the Lillehammer Winter Olympics in 1994 and competed on America’s Got Talent in 2016.
  • Andrea and Martin Gonzales – a Latin American duo who performed their Duo Strap Act high above the ring.
  • Thomas Aguila – a talented juggler with world records for traditional speed juggling as well as for mouth-juggling ping pong balls! Also known as “Tommy Tequila,” he has performed in the past with global circus giants Cirque du Soleil and Barnum & Bailey.
  • Vyorel and Elena Bilea – a Romanian couple who dazzled their audiences with magic.
  • The Chinese Acrobats Troupe – a team of traditional Chinese gymnasts and contortionists who dove through hoops, twisted their bodies into unbelievable positions and thoroughly wowed and entertained. A similar group is performing in 2019.

Important Note: Not all of the above acts were at every show. 2019 performers and other details were also subject to change.

Chinese Slack Wire Acrobat
Chinese Slack Wire Act

Tips & Advice

Below is a list of tips and information to help you make the most out of your circus experience whenever taking in a Royal Canadian Family Circus show.

TIP #1: If purchasing General Admission tickets, remember to use the VansBestPlaces promo code so you can get two tickets for the price of one.

TIP #2: Don’t forget that seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Arrive early to get your choice of seats (and to make sure everyone in your group can sit together).

TIP #3: The viewing area usually opens for seating half an hour before each show.

TIP #4: General Admission seating includes both chairs and bench seating. Re-read TIP #2 and be sure to arrive early if you want a chair!

TIP #5: The benches in the General Admission area are not uncomfortable. If your posterior doesn’t have lots of natural padding, however, it wouldn’t hurt to take your own cushion or something soft to sit on.

TIP #6: If you want VIP or Ringside seats, don’t wait until the last minute to purchase your tickets. Those sections have limited seating and can sell out.

TIP #7: Outside food and beverages are not permitted. Beverages, hot hogs, nachos, popcorn and other food items are available at the concession just before the show and at the intermission. Prices for most items are about $5 or $6 (plus or minus). Souvenirs are also available for sale.

TIP #8: Assuming performances don’t sell out in advance, tickets can be purchased for cash at the gate on the day starting 2 hours before each show.

TIP #9: Wheelchair-accessible spots are available in the General Admission section. If you need this kind of seating be sure to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your show and identify yourself to a staff member at the front entrance.


Use promo code VansBestPlaces for 2-for-1 ticket pricing on General Admission!

Click Royal Canadian Family Circus to reserve your seats!

Circus Video

To give you an idea of what to expect at the Royal Canadian Family Circus we’ve put together a video of the show we saw in 2019. As you’ll see, the acts are amazing and the experience is a lot of fun.

Performers in the video include the amazing Joseph Dominic Bauer (on the Wheel of Destiny), the Flying Cortes Family (doing their trapeze tricks) and the Extreme Chinese Acrobats (spinning their Diablos and then riding the unicycle on the slack wire).
Also featured in the video are George Aristov (spinning the Cube Maze), the Dominguez Russian Motoswing Team (sending one of their members flying into the air), Igor and Katiana (with their juggling) and the Mexican Dominguez Family (racing their motorbikes around in the metal globe).

Other Information

To buy tickets or to learn more about the show, click Royal Canadian Family Circus.

Other possible topics of interest include the following: