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Some Target Prices Inflated

Krafty Pricing Means Buyer Beware at Target’s Liquidation Sales

Target Sale Signs

40-60% off doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great deal

Since when is the original price of a 12-box case of Kraft Dinner macaroni $20? When it’s on sale at Target’s 40-60% off liquidation sales!

Target Canada’s liquidation sale is in full swing now, with remaining Target stores having just a few weeks left before closing completely. The stores have big red and yellow signs all throughout their facilities advertising everything at 40-60% off original prices – and there are good deals to be had. Target isn’t the best place in town to buy everything, however. It’s certainly buyer beware!

Many items no longer have their original price tags, so you have to kind of trust that the sticker price is indeed the original Target price.

We checked out two Target locations – the one at Burnaby’s Metrotown and the other at Coquitlam Centre. Yes, there certainly were deals to be had. 40% off Easter chocolates two weeks before Easter, for example, is a pretty good deal.

Target Kraft Macaroni Sale
Cases of Kraft Dinner at Target in Coquitlam marked with a regular price of $19.99

When cheap food is discounted but still not so cheap

Target certainly isn’t Vancouver’s best place for shopping deals on everything though, that’s for sure. Take their Kraft macaroni for example. Since when does a case of 12 boxes of Kraft dinner cost $19.99, as the sign at their Coquitlam store suggests is its original price? Was Target Canada really that expensive? Perhaps that explains why they failed so rapidly!

Even with the 40% discount, $11.99 for a case of pasta is less than average, but certainly not amazing. Oh well, at least they’re honest about their original prices being high to begin with.

Cases of Kraft MacaroniWe checked “original” regular prices at other places around town. Walmart, considered by many as Target’s main competitor, lists a case for $14.97 on their website, and that’s not advertised as a Rollback special. Safeway’s regular price is just 2 cents more, at $14.99, and this week it’s on sale for just $5.99. That’s half the cost of Target’s 50% discounted price!

Save-on-Foods in North Vancouver was more expensive, where a case of Kraft costs $16.79, which, although expensive, is still 16% below Target’s “original” price. Also, with both Save-on and Walmart, if you bring in a competitor’s flyer they’ll match it, meaning they’ll equal Safeway’s $5.99 deal. Superstore matches competitors’ advertised prices automatically, so you don’t even have to show Safeway’s flyer to get the $5.99 price, although if you buy more than the specified limit then additional cases will cost $16.88 each.

Our Krafty Conclusion

Kraft Macaroni on Sale for $5.99
Macaroni on sale at Safeway for $5.99 a case

So, what does all this mean? It means that Target’s “original” price for a case of Kraft Macaroni was between 18.4% and 33% more than that of the competition in the Lower Mainland, and its current 40% off discounted price is still twice the price of what you can buy a case of Kraft for this week at most of Vancouver’s major retailers! Whoohoo! What a bargain!

Instead of Target’s tagline being “Expect More, Pay Less,” with their increasingly empty shelves and inflated original prices on some items, the tagline should perhaps be “Expect Less, Pay More.”

If you are wanting to buy your Easter chocolates before Easter, then Target may be a good place to buy them, if you go soon before they are all sold out. If you are expecting other great savings, however, look very carefully. Just because it says 40-60% off doesn’t mean you can’t get it for the same or less elsewhere.

What’s far better than shopping for Kraft at Target?

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Happy shopping everyone! And enjoy Vancouver!