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Vancouver’s FlyOver Canada

FlyOver Canada Sign

A film adventure like no other, FlyOver Canada is an amazing multi-dimensional theatre flying experience at Canada Place in downtown Vancouver.

FlyOver Canada at Canada Place

FlyOver Canada is an exciting attraction located on the west promenade deck of Canada Place in downtown Vancouver. Its physical address is 999 Canada Place.

The entire FlyOver Canada experience takes about 25 minutes and includes a short introductory film – the FlyOver Canada show – plus sometimes one other feature flying movie presentation.

Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary flying theatre experience? You’ll find it at FlyOver Canada.

See below for general information about FlyOver Canada. Or click FlyOver Canada at Halloween for information about the attraction in late October, or FlyOver Canada at Christmas for details about the attraction during the winter holidays.

The FlyOver Experience

The full FlyOver Canada experience lasts about half an hour and includes a short pre-show film. After seeing the first short show guests walk to the next stage, where they sit down and buckle up in a row, ready for the main film or films to begin.

In addition to the regular multi-dimensional film experience about Canada, the attraction sometimes features additional shows too. At certain times of the year there might be a special presentation about China, the United States or some other interesting land, or a special seasonal feature (like something with a Christmas or Halloween theme).

To book your experience click FlyOver Canada Tickets.

FlyOver Canada Ride

What to Expect

During the main show, when the lights go off, the floor moves away and participants are left hanging over the theatre screen, as if in a giant open-windowed silent helicopter. It’s quite exciting.

As the show takes spectators over different scenes, the row of seats moves with the film. The wind, mist and smells of the country follow the passengers too.

The FlyOver Canada film itself lasts for about 8 minutes and covers Canada from the Arctic, to the Maritimes in the Atlantic, to Vancouver and the Pacific. The flight takes passengers through the spray at Niagara Falls, soaring over the Rocky Mountains, and even over Canada Place in downtown Vancouver.

FlyOver Canada offers one of Vancouver’s most unique and exciting experiences. We definitely recommend it!

Click the video below to see a preview of the FlyOver Canada ride experience.

Admission at FlyOver Canada

Admission to FlyOver Canada as of early 2019 costs the following:

  • Adults: $28.05 online and $33.00 at the gate
  • Seniors (age 65+): $22.95 online and $27.00 at the gate
  • Students (ages 13-21): $22.95 online and $27.00 at the gate
  • Children (up to age 12): $19.55 online and $23.00 at the gate

Important Notes:

  • Because of seatbelt and ride-safety requirements, visitors to FlyOver Canada must be at least 40 inches (or 102 cm) tall. If you or your child is shorter than that, don’t purchase a ticket for them online.
  • Members of the military and retired veterans get a discount. Adults in the military pay just $26.40 both online and at the gate. Military seniors (ages 65+) pay just $21.60.

To book your experience click FlyOver Canada Tickets.

Hours of Operation

FlyOver Canada is open daily from 10 am until 9 pm and shows run about every 15 to 20 minutes.

Note: The attraction is occasionally closed for an hour during the day, like from 3 until 4 pm in the second half of October when they shut down temporarily to prepare for their evening Halloween attraction.

Flyover Canada at Canada Place

Who is FlyOver Canada for?

FlyOver Canada is a perfect attraction for anyone over 102 cm or 40 inches tall who isn’t pregnant, not afraid of heights, not subject to motion sickness and looking for half an hour of exciting and memorable entertainment. It’s a fun experience for almost everyone and highly recommended!

The oldest participant on the ride to date has been 104 years old! When we went, we took two children, ages 10 and 12. What were their comments? “That was awesome! That was way better than a regular movie!” In short, they loved it and couldn’t wait to do it again.

FlyOver Canada - Pre-Show - Uplift
The Pre-Show at FlyOver Canada

Seasonal Events at FlyOver Canada

FlyOver Canada offers a number of seasonal “extras” at various times of the year.

In some cases it’s just a little touch, like at Easter when guests are greeted by the Easter Bunny with a chocolate egg at the end of the show (which happens some years).

At other times, like at Halloween and Christmas, the FlyOver Canada venue gets decorated, the pre-show has a distinct holiday season-theme, and characters like a witch and Santa Claus make cameo appearances in the main film.

For details about the attractions main holiday-themed seasons, click FlyOver Canada at Halloween or FlyOver Canada at Christmas.

To book your experience click FlyOver Canada Tickets.

Special Shows at FlyOver Canada

In addition to the regular FlyOver Canada film, from time to time the venue features a second and different film.

Leading up to Chinese New Year in January or February, for example, Flight of the Dragon is a film about China. Later in the spring there is usually FlyOver America, which is just like the FlyOver Canada multi-dimensional film but with American places of interest and scenery.

Most years the Flight of the Dragon film is included with regular admission and shows as a double-feature for no additional cost, which makes it a great time to visit.

FlyOver America usually shows as a separate film at separate times for an additional price (although you can get a discount if you want to see both shows). Most years the film about the United States is shown in the early spring and then again in late fall.

Flight of the Dragon Video

Flight of the Dragon is FlyOver Canada’s special seasonal presentation around Chinese New Year each year. To get an idea of what the experience is like check out the following video:

Tips and Advice

Below are some tips to help you make the most out of your experience at FlyOver Canada.

TIP #1: Buy your tickets online in advance and save over 10% per ticket.

TIP #2: Often FlyOver Canada offers convention delegates a discount. If you are attending a conference at Canada Place or the Convention Centre, show your current conference name badge just in case.

TIP #3: Unless they’ve discontinued it by the time you read this, FlyOver Canada offers a special Ride Again Promotion. On the day of your visit, as you exit, you have the option to purchase an additional ticket to be used within the next 3 days at half price, or ticket to be used anytime within the next 365 days at a 25% discount. This is a good deal. Just remember though – the offer of additional discounted tickets is only available on the day of your visit with paid admission. Also, don’t forget to ask for the Ride Again Promotion on your way out.

TIP #4: FlyOver Canada is highly recommended, and especially for visitors from out-of-country. Nowhere else can you see the entire country in such splendor in less than 30 minutes! Got friends or family visiting from abroad, then you’ve got to take them!

TIP #5: If you’ve been to FlyOver Canada before and want to go again. check out one of its special seasonal shows. We’ve seen Flight of the Dragon (about China), FlyOver America, and both the Halloween and Christmas-themed shows and loved them all! They are exciting, educational and entertaining.

Other Information

For more information, details of current features and to buy tickets check out the FlyOver Canada website.

For information about the attraction’s special seasonal events, click FlyOver Canada at Halloween or FlyOver Canada at Christmas.

For ideas on other tourist attractions to check out, see Metro Vancouver’s Top 100 Places.