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Millions of Snow Geese Arrive in Richmond Video

Snow Geese on West Dyke Trail Video

Check out this video showing a massive flock of Snow Geese enjoying the afternoon in Richmond. See what happens at the end – we literally had to duck as all ten thousand of them flew over.

Even the Birds have heard about Vancouver’s Great Weather!

Vancouver’s abnormally warm weather has attracted migratory snow geese weeks earlier than usual to the Lower Mainland. They were literally flocking to the region.

While the rest of Canada has been suffering from below freezing temperatures and extraordinary dumps of snow, Vancouver has been enjoying double digit temperatures. Even the geese have heard about our great weather, as evident in this video about snow geese spotted on Richmond‘s West Dyke Trail on February 18, 2015 – on Chinese New Year’s Eve. Perhaps they were in town to take part in all the Year of the Ram festivities.

Vancouver’s Best Places staff were in the area, doing photo shoots on Richmond along the trail. Look what happens at the end. We couldn’t have asked the birds to choreograph their departure any better if we’d tried.




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