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Vancouver’s All British Field Meet Car Show at VanDusen Garden

All British Field Meet at VanDusen Gardens

The Vancouver All British Field Meet classic car show takes place on the grounds of VanDusen Botanical Garden on the Saturday of the May Long Weekend.

This year the event takes place on Saturday, May 20th. For the event’s official website, visit Westerndriver.com.

Whereas the car show at VanDusen Garden happens on the Saturday, the next day, on the Sunday, there is the Vancouver ABFM All-Brit RUN. This second event is kind of an after-party event for some of the car-owner participants. On the Sunday up to a hundred cars from the Saturday show meet in the morning in Coquitlam before driving up to Harrison Hot Springs to spend the day. The public can see the cars when they are in Coquitlam and admission for that is free.


This article contains the following information about the car show:

Where and When | About the British Car Show | Admission | Special Featured Vehicles | Car Show Video | Tips and Advice | Other Information


British Cars at VanDusen


British Classic Car Show

The All British Field Meet (ABFM) is a fabulous event for people of all ages, especially if you love vintage British vehicles, classic sports cars and/or botanical gardens. The show is amazing!


Where and When

The ABFM car show takes place on the Saturday of the Victoria Day Long Weekend at VanDusen Botanical Garden. In 2023 it happens on Saturday, May 20th.

The venue’s address is 5251 Oak Street in Vancouver. On May 20th the gates open at 10:00 am and the event runs until 4:30 pm (with tickets available for sale up until 4:00).


For event’s official website, click Westerndriver.com.


ABFM Cars and People


About the British Car Show

On display each year there are antique Rolls Royces, pre-war motorcycles, and the latest Jaguars, Aston Martins and Land Rovers. There is also a wide range of vintage classics of various other models. It’s an impressive event featuring literally hundreds of British cars. At the show there are usually a few vintage motorbikes too.

Vehicles at the show last year included a 1938 MG VA, 1927 and 1932 Rolls-Royces, and a 1933 Alvis Speed 20, among many other classic vehicles. Headliner vehicles in 2023 include the Sunbeam Alpine 60, MG Sports Cars 100 and Aston Martin 110.

At the event there are also food trucks, motor parts vendors, the current year’s vehicles from local dealerships and live entertainment. Some years, but not all, there is also a Carriage Trade Teahouse that serves a plated high tea. All of this makes the long weekend Saturday an amazing day to be at VanDusen Garden.

With over five dozen different classes of vehicles on display, more than 450 cars in a typical year, and some 5000 car fanatics expected, the All British Field Meet is the largest classic car show of its kind in Western Canada. If you like classic British cars, you’ll feel like you’ve gone to heaven!

In 2023 the car show’s main sponsor is Hagerty which is an insurance company specializing in collectible cars.


Row of Convertibles at VanDusen


Admission to the ABFM Car Show

The Vancouver All British Field Meet takes place at VanDusen Garden at 5251 Oak Street on the Saturday of the May Long Weekend from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Ticket prices for the car show in 2023 when purchased online are the following (including all taxes and fees):

  • Adults (ages 19-64) – $23.00
  • Seniors (ages 65+) – $20.74
  • Youth (ages 13-18) – $16.22
  • Children (ages 5-12) – $9.44
  • Little Kids (ages 0-4) – Free
  • Families (2 adults plus children under age 19) – $53.52

Members of VanDusen Botanical Garden can get tickets at a reduced rate (but need to provide proof of membership at the gate). Rates for VBGA members in 2023 are the following (including all taxes and fees):

  • Adults (ages 19-64) – $16.22
  • Seniors (ages 65+) – $13.96
  • Families – $35.00

Included with the cost of admission last year was a chance to win a case of Pennzoil oil and a $100 Shell gas card. Whether this is the case again in 2023 is to be confirmed.


For event’s official website, click Westerndriver.com.


Triumph Cars at VanDusen Garden


Special Featured Vehicles

Every year, in addition to all the other beautiful vintage cars, the event features a few special vehicle marques. Special featured vehicles in 2023 include MG Sports Cars 100, the Sunbeam Alpine 60 and Aston Martin 110. Last year there was a pair of 1927 & 1932 Rolls-Royces, a 1933 Alvis Speed 20, and a 1938 MG VA.

In 2020, before the event got cancelled because of COVID, the headlining vehicles were going to be a Triumph Stag (which turned 50 years old that year) and all models of the English Ford.

In 2018, the All British Field Meet headliner vehicles were an Austin-Healey Frogeye (a.k.a. Bugeye Sprite) and a Jaguar XK120. Also on site in that year (and again in 2019) was the customized “Grizzly Torque” Land Rover that Canadian artist Robert Bateman drove thousands of kilometres across Africa in during the 1950s. The vehicle was also famously used by Bateman at that time as a painting canvas!


British Car Show Video

To get a really good idea of what the All British Field Meet looks like, check out the following video. It shows scenes of the event from a few years ago. As you’ll see, on the day, VanDusen Garden is full of beautiful British cars! It’s quite amazing!



Tips and Advice

Below are some suggestions on how to make the most out of your experience at the All British Field Meet.

TIP #1: Buy your tickets online and skip the early morning lineups. It’ll be worth waiting in line to get into this very popular event, but you’ll be even happier if you can bypass the queue.

TIP #2: You don’t have to be a car enthusiast or know a lot about vintage British cars to appreciate this event. It’s a sight to see for everyone! The gardens are beautiful to explore as well.

TIP #3: For extra fun, and to fully immerse yourself in the experience, consider dressing up in period attire from the 1940s to 1960s. If you do, you won’t be the only one!


VanDusen Garden at British Car Meet


Other Information

For more information about the car show, visit the event’s official website at WesternDriver.com.

For information about the venue, see our article about VanDusen Botanical Garden.

If you enjoy car shows like this, other Lower Mainland events you might be interested in at other times of the year include the following:

  • Vancouver International Auto Show – a major modern car show at the Vancouver Convention Centre in March (although cancelled in the past couple of years).
  • Easter Vintage Car Rally a gathering of over 70 vintage cars on Easter Sunday (which takes place each year in either March or April). In past years it took place in the parking lot of the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre. More recently, however, it has taken place at the Trev Deeley motorcycle store on Boundary Road.

For a list of more events, see our article about Lower Mainland Car Shows.

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