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Best Vancouver Places

English Bay Lawn on Fireworks Night

The best places to visit in Vancouver depends on the season, one’s budget, if children are involved, and a person’s interests. Vancouver has it all.

Vancouver has some of the most beautiful and interesting places to visit in the world. What are the best places in the region to visit depends a lot on the time of year, who you are, and what you like to do.


Best Places Sorted by Category

Search for Vancouver’s Best Places according to the following categories:

  • By activity – including indoor, outdoor, seasonal, educational and other activities.
  • For children – including places for children of various ages and the entire family.
  • For entertainment – including arts and theatre, the region’s top festivals and events, night clubs, comedy venues and sports entertainment.
  • By season – including summer, fall, winter, spring and year-round activities.
  • For history and culture – including museums, galleries, theatre, historic sites, First Nations art and culture, and significant general cultural events.
  • For photography – including the North Shore and all its beautiful nature, the City of Vancouver, and other regions in the Lower Mainland.
  • On a budget – including beaches, parks and places with special discounts.
  • For shopping – including public markets, farmers’ markets, night markets, shopping streets and shopping malls.
  • For walking, jogging and cycling – including Vancouver’s best pathways, bike trails, hiking trails and places for romantic walks.
  • Vancouver’s Best Beaches – the region has lots of these!
  • On a rainy day – including places for children, adults and people of all ages.
  • In parks and nature – including the region’s best city, regional and provincial parks, beaches, gardens, golf courses and hiking destinations.
  • To stay – including hotels in Vancouver and elsewhere in the Lower Mainland, as well as the region’s top places for camping in the summer.
  • To eat and drink – at bars and restaurants throughout the Lower Mainland.


Other Information

For a list of all of Vancouver’s best places and top attractions, check out the Glossary of Vancouver’s Best Places.  (This is where you’ll find a comprehensive list of places sorted in alphabetical order).

For a list of the top places to visit organized by region, click Best Places in Different Parts of Metro Vancouver (If you want to see what’s on the North Shore, for example, or in the False Creek area of Vancouver, this is where to check).

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