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Stanley Park’s Prospect Point

Prospect Point Restaurant During COVID-19

Vancouver’s Prospect Point in Stanley Park has a restaurant, gift shop and lookout with amazing views of the mountains, ocean and Lions Gate Bridge.

Note: as of the mid-May in 2023, the ice cream and gift shops are open. The restaurant, however, remains closed for the season. For the latest status of the attraction see the Prospect Point website.


Prospect Point Restaurant


Vancouver’s Prospect Point at Stanley Park

Stanley Park is one of the world’s most impressive urban parks. It has beautiful beaches, hiking trails, a 10-km seawall and stunning views. One of the most popular places in the park, arguably, is Prospect Point.

Prospect Point is where you can watch ships come and go under the Lions Gate Bridge and admire the views of the North Shore Mountains. Especially in the summer, it’s also a great place for ice cream and enjoying food and drinks out on the restaurant’s patio.


Photo Taking at Prospect Point


Where is Prospect Point

Located at the northern tip of Stanley Park, Prospect Point’s address is 5601 Stanley Park Drive. It’s right near where the Lions Gate Bridge leaves the park before crossing Burrard Inlet and connecting with the North Shore.


Getting to Prospect Point

If driving to Prospect Point, while approaching the northern tip of the park along Stanley Park Drive, the road gets a bit windy and starts to climb the hill.

After driving uphill a bit you’ll see a turnoff to the left to access Lions Gate Bridge. Don’t take it (unless you want to go to North Vancouver instead)! Keep on the main road. Very soon after you’ll drive over a bridge that crosses the main road near the entrance to the Lions Gate Bridge. Just beyond that is Prospect Point on your right.

If you are walking or cycling around the Stanley Park seawall, not far from where the Lions Gate Bridge connects with the park, there is a trail that leads up through the forest to Prospect Point. It’s a fairly steep climb, but takes less than 10 minutes. You might be hot and tired by the top, so perfectly ready for a nice cold drink on the patio!


Stanley Park Beer at Prospect Point
A Stanley Park Beer on the Prospect Point Patio


The Views at Prospect Point

If you’re on a sightseeing tour, chances are your bus will stop for at least a few minutes for photos at Prospect Point. That’s because the place boasts some of the most amazing views in the city.

At Prospect Point, just a short walk from the parking lot, there is a lookout with amazing views. From it you can see West Vancouver, North Vancouver and ships coming in and out of Burrard Inlet under the Lions Gate Bridge. On a sunny day the scenery is spectacular!

The lookout at Prospect Point is free, although you do have to pay for parking (as is the case everywhere in Stanley Park). There are public washrooms there, and a coffee shop. There is also an ice cream counter and a restaurant with a couple of outdoor patios.


The Restaurant at Prospect Point

Renovated in 2018, the restaurant at Prospect Point has an outdoor patio at the front as well as a second patio with views of the forest and Lions Gate Bridge at the back.

The Prospect Point Bar & Grill is a great place for casual dining. It’s usually open between 11 am and 7 pm with a special Happy Hour menu from 3 until 5 pm. The summer menu typically offers chicken wings, soups, fish and chips, burgers, and more.


Stanley Park's Prospect Point Restaurant
The Restaurant at Prospect Point


What to do in the Area

There is so much to do and see in Stanley Park, including in areas close to Prospect Point.

From the lookout there is a path down the hill to the water and the seawall. It’s steep, but unless you have mobility issues it’s not overly difficult. You will though get a workout hiking back up. Across the street from Prospect Point there are also great hiking trails through the forest.

Less than a kilometre west of Prospect Point is Siwash Rock. There is a trail from the parking lot at Prospect Point to a lookout above the natural landmark structure and the walk takes only about 15 minutes. There is also parking near another trail to the Siwash Rock Lookout just a short ways further down Stanley Park Drive from the restaurant.

In the summer, from both the Prospect Point Lookout and Stanley Park Seawall, one can sometimes see cruise ships passing under the Lions Gate Bridge on summer evenings between around 4:30 and 6:00 pm. For information about the ships and their schedules, click Vancouver Cruise Ships.

For a list of other places to see in the park and things to do, click Stanley Park.


Stanley Park Cruise Ship at Lions Gate Bridge
A cruise ship by the seawall below Prospect Point


Tips and Advice

Below are some tips and extra information to help you make the most out of your visit.

TIP #1: If you’re on a bus tour in the park, your bus will stop at Prospect Point. If you’re in a car and driving around Stanley Park, you should definitely stop there too, even if you’re from Vancouver!

TIP #2: Prospect Point is one of Vancouver’s “best places,” and for a number of reasons. First, the views are world-class. Second, except for the cost of parking, and unless you go to the restaurant, the place is free! And third, once you get there, the venue is very accessible. You don’t have to walk far to see the view, and you don’t have to walk down any steps unless you want to.

TIP #3: Unless you are quite out of shape, use Prospect Point as a base for exploring other parts of Stanley Park. You can hike down to the seawall in 10 minutes, walk to Third Beach, and then hike through the forest back to your car at Prospect Point.

TIP #4: The road around Stanley Park goes one-way in a counter-clockwise direction and the park is pretty big. If you plan to visit a number of areas, be sure to visit the various points of interest in order along the road’s counter-clockwise route. If you don’t, you might end up driving around more than you need to.

TIP #5: Don’t feed the wild life! At Prospect Point you’ll likely see warning signs about the raccoons. They are cute animals, and not uncommon in the area. They can also be nasty though if approached. Cases of the animals with rabies have also been reported. If you see a raccoon, give it lots of space!


Tourists at Prospect Point Lookout
The Lookout at Prospect Point


Other Information

To learn more about the park, click Stanley Park.

For further details about Prospect Point and its amenities, click Prospect Point.

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