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Metro Vancouver IKEA Stores in Richmond and Coquitlam

IKEA Interior

Swedish retailer IKEA is a mammoth-sized home furnishing store with locations in Richmond and Coquitlam. IKEA sells everything from spoons to bedrooms.

Other items you’ll find at the store include bed mattresses, complete kitchens, bedding, serviettes and knickknacks of all kinds for your home.


IKEA Locations in Vancouver

IKEA is a popular store to visit when you are moving into a new place, need lots of things and are on a budget. It is also good for picking up the odd piece of modern-looking affordable furniture or items for the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. The store is also one of Vancouver’s best places for an affordable meal, both for yourself and your children.


Dining Out at IKEA

The prices for most things at IKEA are very reasonable (which is why so many people shop there). It is the store’s cafeteria prices though that are incredibly reasonable. Nowhere else can you get a hot dog for about $1, a full Swedish meatballs dinner for around $7, and fish and chips for about $7, plus kids eat free after 4 pm every Thursday (or at least they used to).

IKEA offers food at these ridiculous prices to get you into the store, and it works, making IKEA one of the Lower Mainland’s best places to eat out on a budget. It’s not exactly fine dining, but for the price it’s actually quite good.


Young Children at IKEA

Management at IKEA are smart when it comes to attracting shoppers with young children. Not only do they offer affordable kid-friendly food in their cafeteria, but they also offer free child care.

Each store has a “Småland” near their main entrance, where parents can drop off their children in a controlled play area while they do their shopping. What could make shopping better than that for parents, or their young children!

To use the kids play area, children must be potty trained, wear socks and be of a minimum height. Admission is free.


Where is IKEA in Metro Vancouver?

IKEA’s Richmond store is located at 3320 Jacombs Road, about a 25-minute drive from downtown Vancouver in good traffic. By car, heading south from the city, take Knight Street to the Bridgeport Road West exit and head toward the airport. From Bridgeport Road, turn left onto Sweden Way, left onto Bathgate Way shortly after, and then right soon after that onto Jacombs Road.

IKEA’s Coquitlam store is located at 1000 Lougheed Highway. Heading east along the TransCanada Highway, take exit #40 to Brunette Avenue. If you miss the turnoff you’ll see the giant blue IKEA store on your left, on the other side of the highway, and then have a real challenge finding a way to turn around. Don’t miss the turnoff!


Shopping at IKEA

Shopping at IKEA is a unique experience. For small items, you pick them up as you wind your way through the giant store. For large items, like furniture, you make a note of your desired product number and then pick it up in the warehouse, just before you hit the row of cashiers at the store exit.

To keep prices low, shoppers assemble IKEA furniture on their own at home. For those who arrive by bus or too small a vehicle, the store offers home delivery.


Other Information

For to learn more about the store’s locations in Metro Vancouver, see the official IKEA Coquitlam and IKEA Richmond websites.

For ideas on other things to do either before or after you go shopping at an IKEA in the Lower Mainland, check out our articles about Richmond and Coquitlam.

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