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Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain’s Y2Play Ski Passes in 2021

Skiers at Top of Grouse

Vancouver’s Y2Play ski passes go on sale in February and are valid for the remainder of the current Grouse Mountain ski season and for the following year.

As of late March in 2021, 100% of the passes had already been sold! They went up in price a bit in mid-March and then March 21st was the last day of the sale. You’ll now have to wait until next spring to buy them again!

To learn more about the resort in general click Grouse Mountain, or, to learn about other similar places, click Lower Mainland Ski Hills. For details about the Y2Play ski pass, continue reading below.


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Y2Play Pass at Grouse Mountain

If you like skiing at Grouse Mountain and want an annual pass, the best deal is to get a Y2Play Pass when they become available starting around mid-February. Buy a pass and you can ski for the remainder of this year’s ski season plus all of next year’s ski season too.

There are many benefits to buying a Y2Play Pass. It’s much cheaper than a regular full-priced annual ski pass, plus it lets you ski for almost a season and a half (as opposed to just one season). There are lots of other valuable perks too, including those listed below.


What’s New for 2021?

Sales of the Y2Play Pass were different in 2021 compared to previous years. Normally anyone can buy a pass starting in mid-February. This last year though, only existing pass holders could buy Y2Play passes initially. Renewals were possible starting on February 16th, 2021. For everyone else, the passes were only available as of March 1st.

For people renewing their passes a new Y2Play Pass cost $399 for adults and $79 for children. See below to learn more.


Y2Play Perks & Discounts

Below were some of the various perks and benefits of Grouse Mountain’s Y2Play Pass for the 2021/2022 season.

(Note: Some of the following benefits are subject to restrictions, not transferable and not valid with tots and child Y2Play Passes. Blackout dates for equipment rentals also apply. Also, pass benefits are subject to vary and can change at any time.)


Free Y2Play Benefits

Below are things you got for free with your Y2Play Pass in the 2021/22 season.

  • Access to the hill, its chairlifts and ski slopes from the date of pass purchase (which was as early as mid-February 2021) until the end of the 2021/2022 ski season (so ordinarily until mid-April plus or minus).
  • Access to the resort, its lifts and non-skiing activities from the late fall of 2021 until the end of the 2021/22 winter season. This meant you could go hiking and enjoy other activities in autumn, but not in the summer.
  • One free lift ticket so a friend of the same age group could ski or simply hang out with you for a day at no charge. (Valid between October 1st, 2021, and April 30th, 2022.)
  • Access to events like the 24 Hours of Winter (in February or March), Slush Cup (in April) and Peak of Christmas (from late November until early January) if not cancelled because of COVID-19.
  • Three free lift tickets at Revelstoke Mountain Resort which is Grouse Mountain’s sister resort (with the exception of a few blackout dates for Christmas 2021 as well as in mid-February during university reading week in 2022).

Additional benefits offered the year before (but maybe or maybe not in 2021) were the following:

  • One complimentary snowshoe, skate or sled rental and a 20% discount on subsequent equipment rentals.
  • One free admission ticket to the mountain in the summer (which is of benefit to folk who don’t purchase an annual Local’s Pass at the above mentioned 50% discount).
  • One free admission ticket to the Mountain Ropes Adventure or Kids Tree Canopy Adventure attractions.


Y2Play Discount Benefits

Below are extra discounts you got access to with your Y2Play Pass in the 2021/22 season.

  • 10% discounts on most food and non-alcoholic drink purchases on the mountain.
  • 20% discounts on food and drink purchases at the Starbucks at the base of the hill (at the parking lot level).
  • 20% discount on regular-priced purchases in the resort’s retail store.
  • A discount on lift tickets at participating partner ski hills through the Mountain Interchange Program. This meant around 25% off full-day ski rates at resorts like Big White in Kelowna, Manning Park (45 minutes southeast of Hope), Mount Washington on Vancouver Island, Sasquatch Mountain in the Fraser Valley, Silver Star in Vernon and Sun Peaks in Kamloops.
  • A 50% discount on the purchase of an annual Local’s Pass (but only if purchased during the Y2Play sale period in the spring).
  • A 50% discount at two hotels in Revelstoke: the Sutton Place Hotel and the Sandman Hotel. (Note: The year before the discount was just 40%.)

The year before Y2Play pass holders also got the following discount (which may or may not also be available in 2021):

  • 20% discount on private lessons (but not on regular group lessons).


Snowboarder Doing a Jump


Y2Play Pass Prices

Below are the rates for Y2Play Passes for the 2021/2022 season. The first list was for people renewing their passes and the second list was for first-time buyers. As you’ll see, pass holders who renewed their existing passes in 2021 saved between around $10 and $40 compared to people purchasing completely new passes. New purchasers, however, also got the benefit of skiing for the rest of this season at no additional charge.

As of March 9th, 2021, Y2Play Passes for the 2021/2022 season were over 70% sold out. By March 21st they were all sold out.


Renewal Rates (for existing pass holders up until February 28th)

  • Adult (ages 19 to 64) – $399
  • Senior (ages 65+) – $179
  • Students (ages 19+) – $319
  • Youth (ages 13 to 18) – $269
  • Child (ages 5 to 12) – $79
  • Tot (ages 4 & younger) – $39
  • Family – 10% off the above rates for members of the same household
  • Parent Passes – $499


Rates for New Passes (starting on March 1st, 2021)

  • Adult (ages 19 to 64) – $439
  • Senior (ages 65+) – $189
  • Students (ages 19+) – $329
  • Youth (ages 13 to 18) – $289
  • Child (ages 5 to 12) – $99
  • Tot (ages 4 & under) – $39
  • Family – 10% off the above rates for members of the same household
  • Parent Passes – $519


Rates for New Passes (after March 15th, 2021)

  • Adult (ages 19 to 64) – $479
  • Senior (ages 65+) – $209
  • Students (ages 19+) – $359
  • Youth (ages 13 to 18) – $319
  • Child (ages 5 to 12) – $109
  • Tot (ages 4 & under) – $39
  • Family – 10% off the above rates for members of the same household


Notes About the 2021/2022 Rates

  • Parent Passes are single passes than can be shared between two parents of a child under 7 years of age who live at the same residence. Certain restrictions apply. For comparison, the cost for this was about $469 last year.
  • The above listed Y2Play prices are generally at least 50% off full-rate annual passes (although with some exceptions).
  • For comparison, 2020 rates were all between about $5 and $20 more than they were for the 2019/2020 season. 2021 rates, meanwhile, are between about $0 and $20 more than they were in 2020.
  • Family Passes last year were for 2 adults and 1 or 2 youth or children who lived together and they cost about $950.


Other Information

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