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Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain Ski Resort and Year-Round Attraction

Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain is Vancouver’s most accessible ski hill. It offers the widest range of year-round activities including skiing, ziplines, shows and more.

For information about the hill during the ski season, see our article about Grouse Mountain in Winter. For details about the place between late May and September, click Grouse Mountain in Summer. To learn about the mountain in general, including its year-round activities, continue reading.

The resort’s 2022/23 ski season started on November 18th and finished on April 23rd. There is any more skiing at Grouse now until late November or early December. The resort is, however, still open for other activities.



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To learn more about Tiqets.com, and for a list of other attractions you can save 10% with, see our article about Tiqets.com Attractions and Savings.


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In this article you’ll find information about the following topics:

General Admission | Where is Grouse? | Grouse in Winter | Grouse in Summer | Y2Play Pass | Tips and Suggestions | Other Information

Click on any of the above links to skip to a specific section, or continue reading to learn all about Grouse Mountain.


Year-Round Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain is a ski resort in winter. It’s also one of Metro Vancouver’s most popular tourist attractions year-round. The resort is famous for its skiing, but also for its activities in summer, spring and fall.

For details about winter activities and ski rates, click Grouse Mountain in Winter. For details about activities in the late spring, summer and early fall, click Grouse Mountain in Summer. And for general information about the resort, see below.


Grouse Mountain Terrain Parks


General Admission

There are different costs to do things at Grouse Mountain. There is “general admission” which gives you a ride up the mountain in the Skytram and then access to things like the snowshoeing and hiking trails, and the restaurants. Access to the skating rink, sliding zone, bear habitat and summer entertainment is also included with general admission.

If you want to go ziplining, up the Eye of the Wind, or on the ropes courses at Grouse you have to pay for general admission. If you want to go Skiing or Snowshoeing you have to buy a different ticket altogether.

Below is information about general admission rates. Details about ski passes, Ziplining and other activities are further below or in other articles.

As of mid-February, 2023, general admission to Grouse Mountain costs the following (excluding taxes):

  • Adults (ages 18 to 64) – $69
  • Seniors (ages 65+) – $59
  • Youth (ages 13 to 17) – $49
  • Children (ages 5 to 12) – $36
  • Little Kids (ages 0 to 4) – Free
  • Families (2 adults and 2 children) – $179

You can buy tickets online through Grouse Mountain’s website or at the gate. You can also buy general admission for Grouse (but not ski passes) through Tiqets.com which is one of the world’s largest ticket-selling websites.


Buy Grouse Mountain General Admission Tickets


Where is Grouse?

Grouse Mountain is located at 6400 Nancy Greene Way. It’s at the very top of Capilano Road in North Vancouver. The resort is just a 30-minute drive from many parts of the City of Vancouver, and only 15 minutes or so from much of the North Shore.


Directions to Grouse and Accessibility

Grouse Mountain is without a doubt Metro Vancouver’s most accessible ski hill, by both car and public bus.


Getting to Grouse by Car

Driving north over the Lions Gate Bridge from downtown Vancouver through Stanley Park, as you cross the bridge veer right towards North Vancouver. At the first traffic light, which is at Capilano Road, turn left and then just keep going up the hill for about 10 minutes.

Capilano Road turns into Nancy Greene Way and at the top is the mountain’s Skyride tram which takes you to the base of the ski hill. Rarely ever do you need winter tires to get there, which isn’t the case for all the other mountains.


Getting to Grouse by Bus

Grouse Mountain is also the Lower Mainland’s most accessible ski hill by Public Transit. Both the 232 bus from Phibbs Exchange and the 236 from Lonsdale Quay go right to the bottom of the mountain. Lonsdale Quay is home to the North Shore’s SeaBus terminal which connects with the rest of Metro Vancouver via SkyTrains and a 15-minute boat ride.  See the TransLink website for details.

Starting at the end of May and continuing throughout the summer season most years, Grouse Mountain usually offers a free shuttle service to and from Canada Place in downtown Vancouver with the purchase of a Mountain Experience ticket.


View from Grouse Mountain Restaurants
View from the Peak Chalet


Grouse Mountain in Winter

Grouse Mountain is one of the North Shore‘s three local ski hills. Another one is Cypress Mountain which has the most lifts and terrain. The third is Mt. Seymour which is arguably the best for beginners and families with young children.

Grouse itself has over two dozen runs and four chairs, and its terrain parks are arguably the best on the North Shore. The resort offers great skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing, plus phenomenal views of Vancouver, especially at night.

With most ski hills in the area you have to drive by car or pay for a shuttle bus. With Grouse there is easy public bus transit access. The parking lot is also usually well below snow level.

At Grouse you park, get in the aerial tramway (which is an attraction in itself), and arrive minutes later at the base of the ski hill. It’s fast and easy to get to. With Grouse you also don’t normally have to worry about winter driving, which in Vancouver is dangerous because nobody knows how to drive in the snow.

Click Grouse Mountain in Winter for more information on the ski hill’s wintertime activities. Or click Night Skiing at Grouse to learn more about the resort in winter at night.

Click Grouse Map for a map of the ski hill.


Snowboarding at Grouse Mountain
Grouse Mountain in Winter


2022/23 Winter Ski Rates

Below is what day ski passes cost on weekends in mid-February. Tickets on weekdays cost between about $4 and $10 less)

  • Adults (ages 19 to 64) – $89
  • Seniors (ages 65+) – $65
  • Youth (ages 13 to 18) – $65
  • Children (ages 5 to 12) – $35
  • Kids (ages 4 and under) – Free

Night ski passes are valid after 3 pm this season. Rates as of mid-February are the following:

  • Adults (ages 19 to 64) – $65
  • Seniors (ages 65+) – $55
  • Youth (ages 13 to 18) – $55
  • Children (ages 5 to 12) – $31
  • Kids (ages 4 and under) – Free


Grouse Mountain Main Lodge
Chalet Facilities at Grouse


Grouse Mountain in Summer (plus Spring and Fall)

Summer at Grouse Mountain is as busy with tourists and locals as it is in the winter when there’s skiing.

In the non-ski season there are ziplines, hiking trails and trips up to the observation deck of the Eye of the Wind (wind turbine). That’s in addition to all the regular year-round activities like the movie theatre, chairlift rides and restaurants.

In the summer there is also entertainment, including fun Lumberjack shows and Birds in Motion live presentations. There is a ton of things to do up at Grouse in the summer. Oh, and did we mention the paragliding (even for beginners!)

Click Grouse Mountain in Summer for more information on the many exciting adventure opportunities available on the hill from May until October.


Ziplining at Grouse Mountain
Ziplining at Grouse Mountain


Y2Play Pass

The Y2Play Pass is the most affordable way to ski at Grouse Mountain. It’s a special pass that goes on sale each year in February. It’s valid until the end of the current ski season plus all of the following year’s ski season as well.

This special Grouse Mountain pass is usually valid from mid to late February until March or April of the year that it’s purchased, and then again from the following October until spring the next year.

In February of 2023, existing pass holders can renew their Y2Play Passes for the 2023/24 season. People wanting to purchase new Y2Play Passes (i.e., not renew existing passes), have to wait until February 23rd.


Y2Play Rates

Prices for Y2Play Passes for the 2023/24 season are listed below. First prices in the list are what existing pass holders pay for renewals up until February 22nd, 2023. The prices in brackets are what the passes cost beginning on February 23rd (which is when non-existing pass holders can also purchase the passes).

  • Adults (ages 19-64) – $479 ($529)
  • Seniors (ages 65+) – $219 ($239)
  • Students (ages 19+) – $329 ($359)
  • Youth (ages 13-18) – $329 ($359)
  • Children (ages 5-12) – $139 ($159)
  • Tots (ages 4 & under) – $39 ($39)

“Modern families” don’t fit the traditional description of 2 adult parents and 2 children. As a result, Grouse offers members of the same household a 10% discount off regular prices when purchased as a group.


Y2Play Pass Benefits

There are many benefits to having a Y2Play pass in addition to the more than a full season’s access to the ski slopes.

Some of the benefits for the 2023/24 season are the following:

  • A free ski lift ticket for a friend (who must be of the same age group)
  • Discounts (including 10% off food services and 20% off Starbucks purchases).

Note: Some restrictions do apply. Click Grouse Y2Play Pass for more information.


Grouse Mountain Snowboarder
View of Vancouver, North Van and Burnaby from Grouse


Tips and Suggestions

Grouse Mountain is one of the best places to spend the day in the Lower Mainland. Below you’ll find some tips on how to make the most of your experience and time on the hill.

TIP #1: The only way up the mountain other than via the Grouse Grind trail and its 2800+ stairs is by aerial tram. The Skyride tram is not the best though for people who are truly claustrophobic or afraid of heights.

TIP #2: If heights don’t bother you, when boarding the Skyride Tram try to get close to the front of the line and sit or stand near the windows at the end facing the city. If you do this you can enjoy the scenery and/or get one of the few benches to sit on.

TIP #3: If you plan to go up the Grouse aerial tramway at least a couple of times (other than to ski), consider getting an annual pass.

TIP #4: The resort offers a special season ticket each year starting around the end of February – the Y2Play Pass. It’s available for purchase for just a limited time and it’s valid for skiing until the end of the season plus the entire following season as well. The price is low compared to a regular full season pass, so it’s highly recommended if you plan to ski lots.

TIP #5: When visiting in the summer, get there early in the day – not late afternoon – so you’ll have time to see the Lumberjack and Birds in Motion shows.

TIP #6: Grade 4 & 5 BC students can ski at Grouse Mountain (and many other Canadian ski hills) up to 3 times for free with a SnowPass, which costs only about $30.


Snowshoeing at Grouse
Snowshoeing at Grouse


Other Information

If you want more details about Grouse Mountain at different times of the year, or information on other similar places and things to do in the Lower Mainland, then check out the following:

  • Click Grouse Mountain in the Summer for information on activities in the late spring, summer and early fall. Activities include daily live entertainment, hiking, grizzly bears, the Grouse Grind, Theatre in the Sky movies, mountain disc golf and ziplining. (Note: Because of COVID-19, all activities may not be offered.)
  • Click Night Skiing at Grouse Mountain to learn about what the ski hill is like in the late afternoons and evenings.
  • See Mountain Ziplines for more details specifically on the ziplining adventures at Grouse.
  • Click Grouse Mountain Snowshoeing for details about winter trails on Grouse.
  • Check out the Peak of Christmas for information on festive activities at Grouse Mountain from late November, throughout December and into January.
  • Click Grouse Mountain for the ski hill’s website and more information.
  • To learn about other local places to ski at check out our Lower Mainland’s Ski Hills article where you’ll find a comparison of the different mountains.

Year-round, Grouse is used for weddings, private receptions, and a wide range of both public and private activities. Want to include ziplining on your wedding (year-round), then this would be a memorable place to go!



Grouse Mountain is fairly wheelchair accessible in the non-ski season. Wheelchairs can’t get everywhere in the summer, but there are paved pathways to most places of interest. It isn’t wheelchair-friendly when there is snow on the ground, however, although people with mobility issues that have the right equipment find it an exceptional place to ski.