Maple Ridge Park

Just 5 minutes from Golden Ears Provincial Park, Maple Ridge Park is a dog-friendly place with a river, kids’ play areas and forested trails in Maple Ridge.

Of special interest to dog owners, in Maple Ridge Upper Park there is a great off-leash area that is divided into an enclosed small dogs/puppy zone and a separate area for larger dogs.

To see a video of the park scroll down or click Park Video.


Maple Ridge Park

Located in the northern part of the city about halfway between the North Alouette Greenway and Golden Ears Provincial Park, Maple Ridge Park is popular with nature-lovers and families. Located in a forested setting, the area is home to a variety of wildlife and native plants. Winding pathways follow the Alouette River where salmon spawn in autumn.

A unique feature of Maple Ridge Park is the river. It runs through the entire park, from east to west. The waterway is popular for tubing, kayaking and other water sports.

The river’s water is quite shallow and slow moving in the summer (i.e. it’s a natural lazy river). Consequently, it’s not uncommon to see locals splashing around and cooling off during the warmer months. The water is usually quite cool though as the river is fed from Alouette Lake and the mountains around Golden Ears Park.

There is a wheelchair-accessible trail that runs along the river starting from the parking lot. It ends outside the boundaries of the park at Fern Crescent. The trail is less than a kilometre long one-way and finishes not far from WildPlay Element Park (which is a privately-owned adventure place with ziplines and ropes course elements in the forest).

Opening hours at the park are usually from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm daily (although those times are subject to change depending on the season).


Ropes Course Element in Maple Ridge
WildPlay Element Park


Location and Parking and Hours

Maple Ridge Park’s address is 23200 Fern Crescent. The park is less than 4 kilometres west of the entrance to Golden Ears Provincial Park. You pass the city park on your right on your way to the provincial park.

There are a number of places to park your car in the area and all are free. The main lot is off 232nd Street just south of Fern Crescent. There is also a smaller area just a few metres away at the side of the road. The first has a hard-packed dirt surface and the second one is paved. Both are close to the children’s play structures and water splash zone, but the second is right adjacent to them.

There is another parking lot around the corner, a block or so down Fern Crescent, and then more again by Maple Ridge Upper Park (where the off-leash dog areas are and where you can park in WildPlay‘s parking lot).

Note: If you plan to visit WildPlay or the dog areas in the Upper Park we recommend you park your car close by in that area. You can walk there from other parts of the park, but you’ll have to cross Fern Crescent which can be challenging at times. There isn’t a crosswalk in the area and the road can get busy, especially on weekends and in the summer.


Dog at Maple Ridge Dog Park
Off-Leash Area at Maple Ridge Upper Park


Amenities at Maple Ridge Park

Maple Ridge Park is home to a great spray park which operates in the summer. It features a variety of fountains and other water elements that are perfect for keeping kids cool on hot days. All water features are sensor-operated which helps to reduce water waste.

The park is very dog-friendly. There are two off-leash dog parks in Maple Ridge Upper Park. Four-legged friends are also permitted on the walking trail (as long as they are on-leash).

Other amenities at the park include drinking fountains and washrooms, a horseshoe pitch, picnic benches and a playground. There are also bookable picnic shelters for groups wanting to barbecue in the main park area. The park features plenty of open green space to play, relax and explore.

Regarding washrooms, there are pit toilets near the children’s play area and not far from the parking lots just off 232nd Street. There are also facilities with flush toilets and running water near the parking lot on Fern Crescent (near the forested trails that lead to Maple Ridge Upper Park).


Dogs at Maple Ridge Dog Park
Maple Ridge Upper Park


Maple Ridge Park Video

Below is a video of the park in late winter. It was taken at the end of February in 2021.

The video begins on the trail along the Alouette River near the southwest corner of the park. From there the woman and her dog make their way across the field, in front of the picnic shelters, past the children’s play area and to the water spray park area (which doesn’t operate in winter). The video ends with scenes of the forested trails along the river in the northern part of the park.

Had we taken the video in summer it would have shown trees full of green leaves and lots of people playing at the park and even in the river. It’s an especially popular place when the weather is warm and sunny!

As you can see in the video, the park is a great place for families, children, people wanting time in nature and folks looking for a place to take their dogs. The trail through the forest is also flat  most of the way, although there is a short yet steep uphill bit in one spot.



Other Information

To learn more about the park visit the Maple Ridge Parks, Recreation & Culture website.

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