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Surrey’s Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach is a beautiful beach and residential area in South Surrey not far from White Rock. It’s home to a few restaurants and Blackie Spit Park.


Crescent Beach in South Surrey

Crescent Beach is a popular place to relax out in the sun in summer, both during the day when it’s warm and in the evening when the sun is setting. At various times of the year the sunsets can be spectacular.

The beach is a bit rocky at high tide, but when the tide is out the sand goes for as far as the eye can see.

Parking in the area can be challenging, especially on hot sunny days. Be patient: you might have to drive around and go as far as Blackie Spit at the far end. Eventually you should (hopefully) find something.

Dogs are not allowed along the walkway at Crescent Beach from May 15 to September 15, as per municipal bylaws. Dogs are allowed, however, further down on the beach on the sand, as per federal regulations, but only when on leash.

Crescent Beach is a great place for sun tanning, going for walks on the sand at low tide and building sand castles. It isn’t so great for swimming though, as it’s so shallow and there are sometimes problems with swimmers itch in the area. The region is also a perfect place for an ice cream or fish and chips at any of a number of the local restaurants.


Low Tide at Crescent Beach
Low Tide at Crescent Beach


Blackie Spit Park

The main attraction at Crescent Beach is the beach near the village. A short distance away, however, is Blackie Spit Park which is also very popular.

Blackie Spit is located at 3136 McBride Avenue near the entrance to the Nicomekl River by Mud Bay. At the Park there is a sandy beach, a pier, the Surrey Sailing Club and tennis courts. There is also a 5-km walking trail around the park, a fenced-in off-leash dog park, and exceptional opportunities for bird watching. Dogs are also allowed on the beach between mid-September and mid-May.


Tips and Advice

Below are some tips to help you make the most out of your visit to Crescent Beach.

TIP #1: If you go swimming, generously apply an oil-based waterproof sunscreen lotion before going into the water. This is to avoid the risk of itchy bites from duck and goose mites. After swimming, dry off thoroughly right away.

TIP #2: Try to go at low tide as that’s when the beach is at its most spectacular, with the sand going out for what looks like forever. Check out Tide Forecast for the schedule of expected tide times. If you go at high tide, the walk is still nice but there isn’t much of a beach.

TIP #3: Take a shovel and pails to play with. Crescent Beach is an amazing place for serious sandcastle-building.

TIP #4: Make a day trip out of your visit. Trails connect Crescent Beach with Elgin Heritage Park and historic Stewart Farm, so take your bikes. It’s not a long ride, it’s through some nice countryside and it’s flat all the way. Also, the resort town of White Rock isn’t too far away by car.


People on Crescent Beach


Other Information

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