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Vancouver TED and TEDx Conferences

TEDx Conferences in Vancouver

Metro Vancouver is host to several inspirational TED and TEDx conferences including TEDxStanley Park and the world-famous annual TED conference itself.

TED-related conferences are events with high-quality speakers that educate, inspire and motivate their audiences.


For a list of places to watch free screenings of TED 2019 click Free TED Conference Screenings.

TED and TED 2019

Since 2014, the official annual international TED Conference has been held in Vancouver. In 2019 it takes place on April 15-19 and like past TED conferences it will likely sell out months in advance. The 2019 theme is “Bigger Than Us.”

TED and TEDx events feature short talks and presentations about technology and design, as well as other scientific, cultural, and academic topics. TEDx events, like TEDxStanleyPark, feature local leaders, inspirational public speakers, change makers and people that make their audiences think.

Vancouver TEDx Events

TEDx conferences are similar to the giant international TED Conference, but much smaller, with a local focus and lasting typically just one day.

In the Lower Mainland there are a number of TEDx conferences each year including TEDxStanleyPark, TEDxEastVan, TEDxVancouver and TEDxSFU, among others.



One of the largest and arguably most impressive local TEDx conferences has been TEDxStanley Park which has taken place each spring at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre from 2012 until 2018.

Speakers for TEDxStanleyPark in 2017 included TV celebrity and world-famous restauranteur Vikram Vij, Green Party politician and environmental activist Elizabeth May, and close to a dozen other inspirational speakers.

Although named TEDxStanleyPark, Vancouver’s largest TEDx event doesn’t take place in Stanley Park; rather, it’s held at the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Theatre at 650 Hamilton Street in downtown Vancouver.

In 2018 the event happened on Saturday, March 3rd. Click TEDxStanley Park for details.

Note: 2018 was the final year for TEDxStanleyPark. There will be no TEDxStanleyPark in 2019 or other future years.


TEDxEastVan takes place on April 20th in 2019. (To be confirmed.)


TEDxSFU is a TEDx conference that’s open to the public and sponsored by Simon Fraser University. It usually takes place in the late fall. In 2019, it takes place on November 3 at the Granville Island Stage.


TEDxVancouver takes place up at UBC at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts. In 2018 it was on Saturday, September 8th, and speakers include former Prime Minister Kim Campbell.


About TED and TEDx Events

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and since 1984 it has been an annual conference bringing together the world’s leading thinkers and doers to share ideas in a wide range of disciplines including science and technology, entertainment, motivation, social issues, health, entrepreneurship and the economy.

TEDx events, like TEDxStanleyPark, are smaller and independently organized local TED-affiliated conferences that bring local speakers, thinkers and talent together for a day of mutual learning.

Other Information

For more information about the international TED event, click TED Conference.