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Richmond’s Illumination Summer Night Market

Illumination Summer Night Market

Formerly known as the Panda Market and International Summer Night Market, the Illumination Summer Night Market was Richmond’s original Asian night market.


Note: As of 2018, the Illumination Summer Night Market is CLOSED. 2017 was its final year of operation.

Richmond’s other (and larger) night market, however, is still running. Click Richmond Night Market for details about the region’s still existing Asian-themed market.


International Night Market in Richmond

The International Summer Night Market was once named “One of the Top 4 Night Markets in the World” by Travel and Leisure Magazine.

In 2017 the Illumination Summer Night Market ran from May 5th until September 10th. 2017 was its last and final year, however. As of 2018 the market will no longer be running.


Illumination Night Market at Night


Market Admission Details

Located at 12631 Vulcan Way, the Illumination Summer Night Market used to be open from 7 pm until 12 am on Fridays and Saturdays in the summer, and until 11 pm on Sundays and holiday Mondays.

Unlike the nearby and larger Richmond Night Market, the International Summer Night Market for many years used to be free.  In 2017 the cost was $3, however, which was more than in previous years, but still quite affordable.

The Illumination Summer Night Market wasn’t quite as easily accessible by public transportation as its main competition, but there were free shuttle buses from the Bridgeport SkyTrain Station so it was still fairly convenient.


Shoppers at Illumination Night Market


What to See at the Market

There used to be a fair bit to see at the market on busy days including food and product vendors, live entertainment, kids’ activities and, new as of 2017, light displays.

Food and Market Goods: At the Illumination Summer Night Market there were vendors selling everything from plastic phone cases to cheap sunglasses to Asian-imported clothing. There was also a large selection of food stalls selling all kinds of tasty Asian foods including bubble teas, curly potato chips on a stick and fried octopus.

Market Entertainment: Most evenings at the market there was live entertainment. Sometimes it was fairly good, including performances by local amateur bands, singers, dancers and other entertainers waiting to be discovered or just having fun.

Market Activities for Kids: The International Summer Night Market was smart to provide a variety of activities for children, which made it a good family-friendly place. There were Orb Walker balls you could climb inside on a pool of water, plus a small midway with games of skill and chance.

Market Illuminations: In an attempt to make the market a bit more interesting, in 2017 a collection of light displays was introduced to the venue. They weren’t huge, and they were best after dusk, but the illuminations did add a slight extra touch to the experience.


Orb Walkers at Illumination Night
Orb Walkers at the Night Market


Other Information

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