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Vancouver’s Kidsworld Summer Program

Kidsworld Summer Program

Kidsworld is a Vancouver program where children and their families can visit a variety of Lower Mainland events and attractions at an unbelievable price.



The Kidsworld Summer program is back for the summer of 2022! And it was still arguably the best deal for young families wanting to enjoy some of the region’s top attractions. Because of the pandemic, Kidsworld hasn’t run since the fall of 2020, after a dramatically changed program for the summer of 2020.

The aim behind Kidsworld, in partnership with the organizations hosting the families, is to provide families an affordable way to spend quality time together while having a wide range of new experiences. It is also a great way to be introduced to a lot of the awesome organizations around Greater Vancouver.

A Kidsworld Summer Pass is $60 for a child and any accompanying adult to enjoy activities and opportunities all summer long. There are over 40 options included without additional cost for the child and adult including artistic, athletic, educational and entertaining experiences.

For more information about the program, see the official Kidsworld website.


The Kidsworld Program

Kidsworld Summer is one of two different programs offered by Kidsworld which is a membership program designed for elementary school-aged children and their families.

Membership in the Kidsworld Summer program costs just $60 and it provides a child and adult access to a different Lower Mainland places of interest for no additional charge throughout July and August. Kidsworld 44, on the other hand, provides members with entrance to a selection of local attractions during the 44 weeks of the school year. Plus there are bonus discounts offered such as half price on Vancouver Whitecaps and BC Lions tickets.

Kidsworld Passes are without a doubt the best and most affordable way for young families to be tourists in their own town.

To learn more about the Kidsworld program in general, visit the kidsworldprogram.com website. To learn more about the Summer program, click Kidsworld Summer. To learn more about the program with activities between September and June, see our article about Kidsworld 44.


Kidsworld Summer Program


How Kidsworld Works

In exchange for a $60 membership, children can attend a different event every day at no additional charge. For each child member an accompanying adult gets in free too! One day the child can take Dad. The next day he or she can take Grandma (or Mom or an aunt, uncle, neighbour or other adult friend)!


Kidsworld Summer 2022

To see the full calendar of events, visit the Kidsworld Summer website. Attractions participating in the Kidsworld Summer 2022 program include the following places plus many more!


Kidsworld Summer Program


Other Information

For more information about Vancouver’s best way for young children and their families to see local attractions, click Kidsworld.

Click Kidsworld Summer for details about the program.

For information about the program’s activities between September and June, click Kidsworld 44.

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