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Vancouver’s Kidsworld Summer Program

Kidsworld Summer Program

Kidsworld Summer is a program where kids and an accompanying adult can visit Vancouver attractions at a great price on specific days in July and August.

The Kidsworld Program

Kidsworld Summer is one of two different programs offered by Kidsworld which is a membership program designed for elementary school-aged children and their families.

Membership in the Kidsworld Summer program costs just $60 and it provides access to a different Lower Mainland place of interest for no additional charge on different days of the summer.

Kidsworld Purchase Passes

Kidsworld Summer provides access to area attractions during the summer holidays. Kidsworld 44, on the other hand, provides members with entrance to a selection of local attractions during the 44 weeks of the school year.

The two Kidsworld programs cost $60 each and they are without a doubt the best and most affordable ways for young families to be tourists in their own town.

To learn more about the Kidsworld program in general, click Vancouver Kidsworld. To learn more about the program with activities between September and June, click Kidsworld 44. And for information about the program during the school summer holidays, see below.

Sky Wars Warrior at Sky Zone

Kidsworld Summer Program

Kidsworld Summer runs from July 1st until August 31st each year. Over the course of those two months the program offers a wide variety of activities on different days.

Green and Yellow Passes

New as of 2018, there are two versions of the Kidsworld Summer pass – the Green Pass and the Yellow Pass. This appears to be the case again in 2020.

To prevent too many program participants descending on some of the smaller venues at the same time, the Kidsworld Summer program is divided into the two separate groups.

Most of the activities included in the Green Pass are the same as those with the Yellow Pass, although there are some differences.

For a list of activities included in the two different Kidsworld Summer groups, click Green Summer Pass and Yellow Summer Pass.

How Kidsworld Works

In exchange for a $60 membership, children can attend a different event every day at no additional charge. For each child member an accompanying adult gets in free too! One day the child can take Dad. The next day he or she can take Grandma!

Kidsworld Summer 2020

In 2018 some of our favourite venues that participated in the Kidsworld Summer program and offered free admission to members are listed below. 2020 details are to be confirmed.

Note: Most attractions are accessible with both the Green and Yellow passes, although some are with just one or the other.

Harbour Cruises, Clip n’ Climb and the Abbotsford Agrifair are attractions that are only available with the Green Pass. The Hive Bouldering, Bard On The Beach Riotous Youth and Rogers Arena tours, meanwhile, are only available with the Yellow Pass.

These six attractions are some of our favourite Kidsworld activities and add extra value to the program. Choose your colour wisely!

Kidsworld in Vancouver

  • BC Lions – Kidsworld members get a discount when purchasing tickets to see a BC Lions football game on a specific day in the summer. (Note: in this case it’s a discount – not the usual free admission.)
  • BC Sports Hall of Fame – a sports museum located at BC Place Stadium.
  • Beaty Biodiversity Museum – a natural history museum with collections of bugs, plants and animals at the University of British Columbia (UBC).
  • Harbour Cruises – boat trips around Vancouver’s waterfront.
  • Museum of Anthropology – an educational museum at UBC with artifacts of interest especially for adults and older children.
  • Rogers Arena – a tour around Vancouver’s main sporting arena and home to the Vancouver Canucks hockey team.
  • Stanley Park Train – a miniature train ride through the forest in world-famous Stanley Park.
  • The Hive Bouldering – an indoor rock-climbing and bouldering facility with locations both in Vancouver and on the North Shore.
  • Vancouver Art Gallery – the city’s largest and most famous art museum.
  • Vancouver Lookout – 360-degree views of the city from the Harbour Centre tower in downtown Vancouver.
    • Note: this is a great opportunity to show children where things are in the Lower Mainland from a birds-eye perspective.
  • Vancouver Maritime Museum – a museum about the maritime history of the Arctic and Pacific Northwest at Vanier Park.
  • Vancouver Police Museum – a museum about police, crime, criminals and morgues.
  • Vancouver Whitecaps – Kidsworld members get a discount when purchasing tickets to see a Vancouver Whitecaps soccer game on a specific day in the summer. (Note: in this case it’s a discount – not the usual free admission.)

Kidsworld on the North Shore & Squamish

  • Maplewood Farm (North Vancouver) – the best place for young children to see chickens, pigs, goats, ducks and other farm animals on the North Shore.
  • The Hive North Shore (North Vancouver) – an indoor rock-climbing and bouldering facility with locations in both Vancouver and the North Shore.
  • West Coast Railway Heritage Park (Squamish) – a railway museum in Squamish with train cars you can actually go into.
Boy on Climbing Wall
Clip ‘n Climb Vancouver

Kidsworld in Richmond

  • Apex Adventure Plex – a giant trampolining facility with all kinds of features including a new Ninja Warrior obstacle course.
  • Clip n’ Climb – an exceptional facility with ladders, staircases and colourful walls to climb up.
  • Richmond Olympic Experience – Kidsworld members and their accompanying adult get a complimentary drop-in pass at the facility featuring state-of-the-art Olympic and other sport simulators.
  • Watermania – one of the Lower Mainland’s best indoor swimming pool facilities.

Kidsworld in Surrey

Kidsworld in the Fraser Valley

  • Abbotsford Agrifair – an agricultural fair that includes a midway, amusement rides and lots of farm animals in Abbotsford in August.
  • Canadian Museum of Flight (Langley) – an airplane museum with both indoor and outdoor exhibits.
  • Stave Falls (Mission) – a BC Hydro powerhouse station and information centre in Mission.

The above attractions are just some of our favourites participating in the Kidsworld Summer Program in 2018. In addition to these, there are lots more – one for every day in July and August.

Kidsworld Purchase Passes

Other Information

For more information about Vancouver’s best way for young children and their families to see local attractions, click Kidsworld.

For more information about the program in July and August, click Green Summer and Yellow Summer.

For information about the program’s activities between September and June, click Kidsworld 44.

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