White Pine Beach at Sasamat Lake

One of Metro Vancouver’s most popular places for swimming, sun tanning and hanging out in the summer is White Pine Beach at Sasamat Lake near Port Moody.


Port Moody’s White Pine Beach

White Pine Beach is in the northeastern corner of Sasamat Lake in Belcarra Regional Park. It’s located in the community of Belcarra. The lake is about 11 kilometres north of Port Moody and 33 kilometres east of downtown Vancouver. Sasamat is one of the warmest lakes in Metro Vancouver. It’s also extremely popular and its parking lots often reach capacity early in the day on sunny summer days.


Amenities at White Pine Beach

White Pine Beach is popular with locals in Metro Vancouver, especially with people from the Tri-Cities area. It’s a great place to escape the city and enjoy some sun. Two of Sasamat Lake’s best features are the sandy beaches which are very close to each other. Both beaches are ideal for swimming for people of all ages. They have warmer than average waters and have shallow areas near the beach for younger folks.

The waters can get pretty crowded during the summer! You shouldn’t have any issue finding a spot on the beach for your towels and gear, but expect there to be plenty of people and noise around. The shallow areas of the water can get fairly full with swimmers so if you want more space you might have to swim out a little.

During the summer there is a small concession stand that sets up near the beach. Here you can buy typical refreshment options like drinks, snacks and ice cream.

For those wanting more of an adventure, White Pine Beach connects with a larger trail system wrapping around the outskirts of Sasamat Lake. The trail is about 2.5 kilometres long and relatively flat (although there are slightly sloped parts as well as a few steps and stairs). There are also several smaller beach-like spots along the trail where you can access the water.

Leisurely strolls around the lake are really nice. The place is beautiful all year round (although not always for swimming).


Video of White Pine Beach

The following video of White Pine Beach was taken in November (which explains why nobody is swimming and the place isn’t packed with people). For a video of the entire area, see our article about Sasamat Lake.



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