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Vancouver’s UBC Wesbrook Village

Festival at UBC's Wesbrook Village

Wesbrook Village is a modern development on Vancouver’s UBC Campus. It’s home to shops, restaurants and various festivals and events throughout the year.


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Wesbrook Village at the University of British Columbia

Wesbrook Village is a popular mixed-use community at the University of British Columbia (UBC). The neighbourhood features park space, playgrounds, a community centre and about two dozen shops and restaurants. It’s a walkable, bike-friendly, pet-friendly and family-friendly little town centre.


Where is Wesbrook Village

Located near the corner of Wesbrook Mall and West 16th Avenue, Wesbrook Village is in the south-central part of the UBC Campus. It’s just a few blocks south of the Thunderbird Park athletic field and halfway between the UBC Botanical Garden and the western edge of Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

Norman Mackenzie Square is located at 3378 Wesbrook Mall. That’s where you’ll find the BierCraft restaurant and pub, Virtuous Pie, the Doughgirls Bakeshop and other popular places to eat and drink. Wesbrook Community Centre is also nearby at 3335 Webber Lane.


Badaboom at Wesbrook Village
Music in Norman Mackenzie Square


Wesbrook Village Events

Wesbrook Village hosts various events at different times of the year.

In the summer there are both indoor and outdoor movies on various dates. Live music and entertainment are performed at Norman MacKenzie Square too (or at least that has been the case in recent years).

In December there is usually a small Winter Festival featuring a craft market. Lion dancing and other festive activities happen during Chinese New Year as well.

Check out Wesbrook’s Calendar of Events to see what’s happening and when.


Wesbrook Village Festival

One of the biggest and most interesting events at UBC in the past has been the Wesbrook Village Festival which used to take place in early September. It was a free event, everyone was welcome and it featured live music, food and family-friendly activities.

In 2018 the Wesbrook Village Festival happened on Saturday, September 8th from 11 o’clock in the morning until 4 o’clock in the afternoon. It was an impressive event with live entertainment all day and even a free barbecue! Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the festival is still happening as of 2019 (or at least not to our knowledge).


Beauty Shop Dolls
The Beauty Shop Dolls in Wesbrook Village


2018 Festival Schedule

Below is the schedule of events for the Wesbrook Village Festival in 2018. (Note: times and performer details were subject to change.)


In the BBQ Area and on the Main Stage

  • 11:00 amWill’s Jams (the JUNO Award-nominated singer and songwriter from CBC Television)
  • 12:00 pmThe Shiney D Show (a comedy acrobat and circus performer)
  • 12:30 pmThe Beauty Shop Dolls (a talented singing trio)
  • 1:30 pmDr. Strangelove (a popular Vancouver band)
  • 2:30 pmThe Shiney D Show (more comedy acrobatics)
  • 3:00 pm – Aché Brasil (a local Brazilian music, dance and martial arts group)


At Norman Mackenzie Square (by the BierCraft Restaurant)

  • 11:00 amUBC Thunderbird Marching Band
  • 11:30 amBadaboom (a Jazz quintet)
  • 12:30 pmRicky Ringmaster (a stilt walker)
  • 1:00 pmUBC Music Initiative (a student-run university musical group)
  • 2:00 pmRicky Ringmaster (more stilt walking)
  • 2:30 pmAva Maria (a young North Shore singer and songwriter)
  • 3:30 pmRicky Ringmaster (even more stilt walking)


Ricky Ringmaster at Wesbrook Village Festival
Ricky Ringmaster in Norman Mackenzie Square


Other Wesbrook Village Festival Activities

Many other activities also took place in September in addition to the entertainment listed above. This included a sidewalk sale featuring products from local artisans and area retailers, and a Kids’ Zone with craft opportunities, face painting, a bounce castle and a climbing wall.

The Wesbrook Village Festival also featured a FREE BBQ lunch and food samples by local establishments like the Doughgirls Comfort Kitchen & Bakeshop, Blenz Coffee and Virtuous Pie. BierCraft hosted happy hour specials throughout the day too.

In short, the festival was a community event with lots to see, eat and do. Except for the shopping and adult beverages, most of it was free as well!

For more information about the event, click Wesbrook Village Festival.


Wesbrook Village Festival VIDEO

Below is a video of scenes from the Wesbrook Village Festival in 2018.

Featured in the video are Ricky Ringmaster, the Beauty Shop Dolls (and their music) and the Shiney D Show.



Tips and Advice

Here are some tips and things to know to help you make the most out of your visit to UBC’s Wesbrook Village.

TIP #1: You have to pay for parking at most places at UBC. However, there is free parking (for up to 2 hours) on the streets around Wesbrook Village and in the village’s main parking lot. If you find all the spaces are taken, there is also lots of pay parking elsewhere on the campus.

TIP #2: Check out some of the university’s other attractions while at UBC. Places of interest include the UBC Botanical Garden, Museum of Anthropology, Beaty Biodiversity Museum, Pacific Spirit Regional Park and Nitobe Japanese Garden.

TIP #3: Wesbrook Village isn’t a tourist destination like Gastown or Granville Island. Some of its events are excellent though and highly recommended. Places listed under TIP #2, however, are venues that people travel from afar to see. Wesbrook Village is a great place to go if you’re visiting UBC for any of the above attractions, seeing friends or family on campus, or if you’re looking for a convenient place to meet people and grabbing a bite to eat.


UBC Thunderbirds Mascot at Wesbrook Village


Other Information

For more information about Wesbrook Village, check out liveatubc.ca.

For more information about the area, and other things to do on the UBC campus, see our page about the University of British Columbia.

To learn about other parts of town, click City of Vancouver or visit our page about Metro Vancouver.