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Vancouver International Dance Festival

Vancouver International Dance Festival

The Vancouver International Dance Festival, or VIDF, is an annual festival that celebrates the art of contemporary dance.


Vancouver’s Annual Dance Festival

Celebrating its 22nd year in 2021, the Vancouver International Dance Festival features both local and internationally-known dance artists. The festival usually takes place over three weeks starting in early March.

Highlights of the festival most years include the dance performances themselves as well as workshops and other dance-related activities.

The festival isn’t happening in its usual format in 2021. Because of COVID-19, instead of its usual series of live productions in the spring, the festival is livestreaming its shows between March and June. This year’s performances are by donation.


About the VIDF

The Kokoro Dance company started the Vancouver International Butoh Festival in 1998. Two year later the festival was renamed the Vancouver International Dance Festival and it has been running ever since.

The VIDF celebrates contemporary dance artists from across the world. Despite the 2021 festival moving online, performances are live at the KW Production Theatre in Vancouver. They are then uploaded in real-time for viewers.

Admission is by donation to the VIDF in 2021. Advanced registration, however, is required.


Where and When

The VIDF takes place virtually in 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions. Performances will be live-streamed on the festival’s website and captured via high-definition video camera.

Dates for the 2021 festival were going to be from March 3rd to 27th. Because of COVID-19, however, online performances run from March until June.


Carnaval del Sol
Carnaval del Sol


Other Vancouver Dance Events

A few other dance-related events take place in the Lower Mainland each year. Carnaval del Sol, for example, is a Latin festival in the summer. It showcases different kinds of performances and activities including Latin dancing.

Just a few of the many other Lower Mainland festivals that feature a fair amount of dancing include the following:

In addition to the above, free Salsa dance lessons also often take place in Vancouver at Robson Square in the summer.


Other Information

For more details see the Vancouver International Dance Festival website.

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