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The Vancouver International Flamenco Festival in 2021

Vancouver Flamenco Festival

Showcasing both music and dance, the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival celebrates the Spanish dance art with a series of performances each year.

In 2021 it takes place on select dates between September 4th and 26th.


Vancouver’s Flamenco Festival

The Vancouver International Flamenco Festival began back in the 1990s and continues to entertain audiences today. There are both free and ticketed performances and other types of events as well.

The 2020 festival was a hybrid of online and outdoor shows. The 2021 edition returns with some indoor shows which can also be watched online via livestream. There are a couple days with free outdoor shows as well.

The dates for the 2021 festival are September 4th to 26th. The bulk of the shows during that time, however, are either in the first couple of days or the last week of that time period. Despite its name, this year’s event features just Canadian artists in large part due to COVID restrictions.

The main hub for the festival is Granville Island. In 2021 the ticketed shows take place at Waterfront Theatre while the free shows take place at Picnic Pavilion. Most years there is also usually a free lecture event hosted by the Vancouver Public Library during the festival.

The festival is produced by Flamenco Rosario which is a Vancouver-based dance company.


Shipyards Festival


Admission for the Shows

The cost of a ticket to each of the paid performances depends on whether or not you want to watch it in person or online. For the 2021 festival, a ticket to go to the theatre and watch in-person costs $26.75. A ticket to watch the show from home, meanwhile, costs $21.50.

There is no registration needed for the free performances. You can just show up and enjoy them whenever you want and for as long as you’d like.


Flamenco Rosario Dance Performance
Flamenco Rosario in Vancouver


The 2021 Schedule

Below is the schedule for both the free and ticketed shows in 2021. Most years there is usually an “Understanding Flamenco” event held by the Vancouver Public Library. As of late August, 2021, there has not yet been official word on if that will happen this year.


Free Shows

There are two days of free shows on the weekend of September 4th and 5th (which is also the Labour Day Long Weekend). They take place at Picnic Pavilion at 267 Old Bridge Walk on Granville Island. All the artists performing here are from BC and the schedule for both days is the same.

Here is the lineup for 2021:


Mozaico Flamenco Dance Performance
Mozaico Flamenco


Ticketed Shows

The following four shows all take place at the Waterfront Theatre at 1412 Cartwright Street on Granville Island. All of them are ticketed and available to watch both in-person and via livestream.


Other Information

To learn more about the festival visit the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival website.

For information about another dance event, and to learn more about flamenco in general, see our article about Carnaval del Sol’s Flamenco, Tango and Wine Night. That event usually features performances by Flamenco Rosario as well as other dance companies including Mozaico Flamenco.

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