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Langley’s Glow Christmas Lights

Glow Christmas

Glow is a fairly new Vancouver attraction that features Christmas light displays and a market in a greenhouse at Langley’s Milner Village Garden Centre.


Due to zoning issues at its current location in Langley, Glow Christmas is having to move to a new venue in 2019. It’s relocating to two new venues in fact – one in Vancouver and the other in Abbotsford.

In 2019 the Vancouver event will take place at the Harbour Convention Centre at 760 Pacific Boulevard from November 21st until January 5th (2020). The Abbotsford event, meanwhile, is scheduled to take place at the Tradex Centre at 1190 Cornell Street (beside the Abbotsford Airport) from December 5th until January 4th.

Glow Christmas Lights & Market

Glow is one of the Lower Mainland’s newest Christmas attractions and features light gardens, live entertainment, food trucks and artisan market vendors. In 2018 it had a Glow Around the World theme with light displays of world-famous sights and scenes. It’s a massive collection of Christmas lights and festive displays that’s really impressive.

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India's Taj Mahal at Glow Christmas
Taj Mahal light display at Glow Christmas 2018

Glow Dates, Hours and Location

In 2018 the attraction was open daily, Monday to Saturday, from November 22nd until January 5th. Glow Christmas was closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and all Sundays.

Hours of operation are generally from 4 pm until 10 pm. It opens an hour earlier on Saturdays though, and closes at 9 pm on its final six days of the season.

Glow Christmas used to take place inside a giant greenhouse at Milner Village Garden Centre which is located at 6690 216th Street in Langley. It’s in a fairly rural area just south of the Trans-Canada Highway about halfway between downtown Langley and Fort Langley.

Apart from Petey’s Country Christmas  in Chilliwack, Glow is the only major Christmas attraction in the entire Fraser Valley region, so especially nice and convenient for people living anywhere east of Surrey.

Outdoors at the Glow Christmas Entrance
Milner Village at night during Glow Christmas

Glow Admission Prices

When purchased online, admission prices for the 2018/19 season are $22.99 for adults, $69.99 for families (of 2 adults and up to 3 children), and $16.99 for both seniors and children (ages 4 to 12). Kids ages 3 and under are free.

Important Notes:

  • Tickets are purchased for specific 1-hour time slots and guests are requested to arrive during their designated times. This is a good system and done to help reduce congestion inside the attraction and lineups at the gate.
  • The above ticket prices don’t include GST or a small online fee. Individual tickets cost $2 more at the gate, or $8 more for a family pass.
  • Attendants of adults with special needs get free admission – they just need to prove with documentation that they are a caregiver at the Box Office.
  • Parking is also free.

Best Christmas Activities

What to Expect

At Glow there are numerous Christmas light displays, a Christmas store and an artisan market with local vendors. There are also kids’ activity areas, a miniature train and mini golf, plus both Santa Claus and live music at designated times.

New for 2018, the venue doubled its size in square footage since the previous year. The attraction also had a new theme – Glow Around the World. With its new international and multicultural theme, visitors can follow Santa Claus on his journey around the world and see French, British, Indian, Chinese, Mexican and Dutch light gardens. Along the way kids can get their Glow Christmas passports stamped at each country they visit.

When you arrive at Glow you’ll find a giant parking lot, the ticket booth and an outdoor area with about half a dozen food trucks. You’re greeted by friendly staff and the brilliantly lit-up entrance to the main indoor attraction. Once inside, you’ll find all kinds of magical family-friendly things to do and see.

Kids’ Activities at Glow

Inside the Glow greenhouse facility in the previous year there was a children’s activity area with picnic tables, a humongous stuffed teddy bear, books, crayons and papers to colour on. The Kids’ Zone was simple, yet effective, and overall the attraction was, without question, a very family-friendly place.

New for 2018, to make things even better, there was a Magic Castle Playground, Gloria the Glow-comotive train, a miniature golf course and a Bouncy Reindeer Farm. So lots of fun for little folk!

England's Tower Bridge at Glow Christmas
England’s Tower Bridge Display

Glow Around the World Light Maze

Glow Christmas has a maze that people can wander through. Last year in the maze there were polar-bear-light displays, a giant Christmas tree, Santa’s sleigh, a cool mini-maze of dangling lights and giant Christmas present displays hidden throughout the place!

With its new Glow Around the World theme, the light maze is even more impressive this year! As you make your way through the maze you’ll journey around the globe and see amazing light displays representing different countries. The mini-maze of dangling lights is also back for another year.

In 2018 you saw Big Ben, the Parliament Buildings and Tower Bridge in the England section, and the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe in France. There was also a giant Dutch windmill, an Aztec pyramid in Mexico, a giant gate and golden dragon in China, and a sparkling Taj Mahal in India. Glow Christmas has done an amazing job with these displays! We love them! It’s also great that so much is new and different!

Chinese Gate at Glow Christmas
China at Glow Christmas

Children’s Scavenger Hunt

In the maze area children are welcome to get a passport, have it stamped in each country, and then trade their passports in for a candy cane at the end. For kids and parents alike, the scavenger hunt makes the maze extra fun and entertaining!

Gift Store and Artisan Market

In addition to the trip around the world and various illuminations, at Glow there is also a Christmas gift store and vendor market.

Milner Village has a garden centre that’s open for most, but not all of the year. For this event, the garden centre moves into the Glow greenhouse area and becomes a store of seasonal decorations and gift ideas. Instead of plants and gardening supplies, there are Christmas ornaments and household decorations, plus a selection of locally-grown poinsettias. Prices in the store all seem reasonable.

Another highlight of Glow Christmas is the indoor 40+ vendor artisan market. Similar to other craft and artisan fairs over the Christmas season and throughout the Lower Mainland, the market features homemade sweets, handmade candles and soaps, plus a wide range of art and miscellaneous artisanal products.

Live Music

At set times there is live entertainment at Glow. Evening performances usually run between around 5:30 and 9:00 pm, plus or minus, and consist of 30-minute sets with short breaks in between. The entertainment schedule for each day will vary.

Cory Alstad Band at Langley Glow Christmas
The Cory Alstad Band at Glow

Beverage Stations

At the Glow Christmas attraction there are a number of bar stations selling beers, wine and other refreshments to help guests get into the festive spirit.

Beer on tap is from local craft breweries and prices are reasonable. Last year beers were about $5, wine was $7 and water and juices were $2 or $3.

Santa Claus & Other Characters

Santa Claus has a station where children can visit him, get their photos taken and discuss their Christmas wish lists. He is only there at set times though.

In addition to Mr. and Mrs. Claus, there are sometimes one or two other characters roaming around the venue. When we have been, for example, there have been fairy princesses.

Glow Christmas Fairy Princesses
Fairy Tale Princesses

Attraction Comparisons

A couple of years ago Vancouver’s newest Christmas attraction was the Enchant Christmas Festival & Light Maze at Olympic Village. By comparison, Glow Christmas is surprisingly similar to Enchant Christmas, except indoors – a pure delight on our rainy, wet December nights.

Similar to the previous Vancouver Enchant Christmas Festival, the Langley Glow event featured a maze, giant light tunnel, all sorts of beautiful illuminations, an indoor artisan market, outdoor food trucks and live music in its inaugural year. In its first year the Langley attraction was amazing, and in 2018 it was even better!

The primary difference between the Glow and Enchant attractions, and a big difference, is the fact that one is indoors where it’s warm and dry and the other was outdoors (which was beautiful on dry or lightly snowing evenings, but muddy and wet on rainy nights).

With over 500,000 lights and well over 100,000 square feet of space, Glow Christmas is definitely impressive.

The Lower Mainland has numerous Christmas attractions, but few as large and as non-weather dependent as Glow! Glow’s light displays are wonderful, but so is the fact that it’s also warm and dry!

Glow is a fabulous family-friendly Christmas attraction. It’s indoors, which is awesome, and magical with all its holiday lights and festive displays.

Glow Gardens Chinese Dragon
A Chinese Dragon display in 2018

About Glow Christmas

Glow is the creation of the owners of Milner Village which is a large garden centre and greenhouse facility. They have a large garden centre store and farming operation. Their main crop is poinsettias, but they also grow tomatoes and a few other products.

Milner Village Garden Centre has massive greenhouses. Mid-winter is slow season for the garden industry and so between late November and the beginning of January they don’t need all their indoor space. Consequently, starting in 2017, the family-owned business turned one of its giant greenhouses into Glow – BC’s largest indoor Christmas attraction!

In 2018 Glow Gardens added a new attraction – Harvest Glow – which was an autumn-themed event featuring pumpkins, a corn maze, mini golf and other family-friendly activities.

2018 Christmas Glow Video

Below is a promotional video about the Christmas Glow event in 2018. As you’ll see, it has a very distinct international theme.

Tips and Advice

Below are some suggestions and bits of information to help you make the most out of your visit to Glow Christmas at Milner Village.

TIP #1: If you like Christmas attractions, especially new ones that are indoors and out of the rain, then definitely check out Glow! It’s a first-rate family-friendly venue!

TIP #2: If driving out from other parts of Metro Vancouver, combine your trip with a visit to other places too. Surrey’s Bear Creek Park, for example, has its Christmas Train Rides. Of interest to adults, Langley is also home to some of the region’s best wineries!

TIP #3: Dress warmly, but no need to bundle up as much as most outdoor Christmas venues. There are food trucks and fire pits outside, but most of the attraction is indoors, dry and comfortably heated at around 15 degrees Celsius plus or minus.

TIP #4: If you have young children, don’t forget to get your scavenger passport stamped while you travel around the world.

TIP #5: Plan to be at Glow for between one and two hours, but maybe more if you stay for some food truck dinner and the music.

TIP #6: Buy your tickets online and save a few dollars.

TIP #7: The venue has a large parking lot. This is a popular place, though, so spaces are limited. Carpool if you can!

TIP #8: Being primarily indoors and on a flat surface, Glow is one of the Lower Mainland’s most wheelchair-friendly Christmas attractions.

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Other Information

For more information about the Lower Mainland’s newest winter holiday attraction, or to buy tickets, see the Glow Christmas website. And for details about the venue at other times of the year, click Milner Village Garden Centre.

For details about the autumn-themed event at the Milner Village Garden Centre running from late September until the end of October, click Harvest Glow.

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