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Vancouver’s Christmas Glow Festival in Langley

Glow Christmas in Langley

Christmas Glow is a Vancouver winter holiday attraction in Langley with light sculptures and illuminations. Last year’s event took place in a drive-thru format.

A few years ago the event took place in Langley. In 2019 it happened in both Abbotsford and Vancouver. In 2020 the event returned to Langley, and the 2021/22 event happened in Langley once again.

2022/23 event details are to be confirmed. For the event’s official website click Christmas Glow.


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Glow Langley Christmas Drive-Thru Attraction

Glow is one of the Lower Mainland’s most popular Christmas attractions (and recently more than ever because of its drive-thru-style format). The place has a massive collection of Christmas lights and festive displays.

The locally-based company behind the attraction did a wonderful job on their 2020/21 Christmas drive-thru event. It was spectacular, hugely popular and made for a wonderful family outing. We checked out the event and were very impressed!


For the event’s official website click Christmas Glow.


Glow Christmas Drive-Thru Light Tunnel
Glow Drive-Thru Tunnel


Glow Dates, Hours and Location

The same as the season before, the 2021/22 event took place at the Milner Village Garden Centre at 6690 216th Street in Langley. It opened on November 18th, 2021, and planned to run most days until January 1st, 2022. Its season was extended, however, until January 8th! The place was closed on all Sundays as well as on Christmas Eve.

Hours of operation in the 2021/22 season varied. On most days in November, the Christmas Glow event was open from 4:30 until 10:30 pm. Hours during the first half of December were the same, with some exceptions. On most of the days within the last two weeks of December, the place closed at 11:00 pm. Then, the attraction operated until about 9:00 pm in early January.


For the event’s official website click Christmas Glow.


Glow Admission Prices

Admission rates for the 2020/21 Christmas Glow event were different from previous years. Since it was a drive-thru event, the price was per carload of people rather than per individual. This was the case for the 2021/22 season as well.

Admission for a vehicle with up to 8 people inside was $34.99 for visits in the month of November. For visits during December, as well as on January 1st, the cost was $39.99. So if you had a big family and were able to fit a lot of them and friends inside your vehicle, the price per person was exceptionally good. Even for just two people, it was worth the price.

As an added bonus, each vehicle pass came with a bag of mini donuts and a bag of popcorn. For an additional $15 or so, you could also get a poinsettia. Extra bags of mini donuts cost $4 each and souvenir glow cups cost $3.50. Poinsettias, donuts and souvenir cups were all available online in the same transaction as your admission ticket.

For the past two years you had to book your tickets for the event in advance. No tickets were available on site. When you made your purchase you had to select a 15-minute time slot.


For the event’s official website click Christmas Glow.


What to Expect

When there isn’t a pandemic, Glow features numerous Christmas light displays, child-friendly activities and a Christmas store. In past years there has also been an artisan market with local vendors as well as kids’ activity areas, a miniature train and live music.

In 2021, the same as the year before, there were no artisan vendors, kids’ play areas or train ride opportunities. There were, however, amazing scenes and delightful music to enjoy. It was truly a magical experience, and a wonderfully safe one!

Everything was touchless and you remained in your vehicle the entire time last season. It was the perfect event for the world of COVID-19! Because you were in your car for the entire event, even dogs and other pets were permitted. You also didn’t need to have a vaccine passport to attend.


Glow Christmas Carriage Light Display


What To Expect at Glow Christmas in 2021

Due to COVID-19, the 2021/22 event was similar to the previous season but different from past years. When guests arrived at Glow in their cars, they were greeted by friendly elves who delivered the snacks included with admission. Folks were encouraged to tune in to the GLOW FM radio station so they could enjoy music that accompanied the displays. Once inside the venue, there were all kinds of magical things to see.

The theme for last season’s event was “A Fairytale Christmas”. The attraction was a beautiful wonderland full of different structures, including a glacial foyer with artificial snow, an animated light tunnel, and a three-storey tree. Although guests were to remain inside their vehicles throughout the experience, princesses and Santa Claus were on site to greet you.

In 2021 the journey went through six different areas. Along the way were light tunnels and all kinds of wonderful, sparkling scenery. From start to finish the experience lasted for about 20 minutes.

The first place you passed through in 2021 was the North Pole. That was followed by the Ice Kingdom, the Magic Kingdom and Inner Kingdom. The final two areas were the Golden Kingdom and the Enchanted Kingdom. All were fun, stunning and beautiful in different ways.


For the event’s official website click Christmas Glow.


French Light Displays at Glow Christmas
The Louvre and Arc de Triomphe (from 2020)


Christmas Glow 2020 Drive-Thru Video

For an idea of what the event looked like in 2021, check out the following video from the previous season. It features 1 minute and 44 seconds of the 20-plus-minute journey through the special 2020 Christmas Glow drive-thru event. 2021 was a bit different (so even if you went in 2020, the 2021 event still had something new to offer).

The video from 2020’s event starts near the entrance, where the traffic attendant told us that it was our turn to proceed. Next you’ll see another staff person deliver our bag of popcorn and mini donuts at the end of a COVID-appropriate six-foot pole.

Near the start of our tour in the video, you’ll see the Glow sign all lit up, a Christmas tree and various presents and Christmas ornaments. You’ll also see penguins, the train that in past years people could ride, a family of moose, and what felt like a mile or more of beautiful lights.

Also in this video you’ll see a Dutch windmill, a horse-drawn carriage, a sparkling fountain, a light tunnel and famous landmarks from around the world. At the end you’ll even see Santa Claus! The variety of exhibits is impressive!



Tips and Advice

Check out the following suggestions to make your Christmas experience especially memorable.

TIP #1: If you went to Christmas Glow last year, don’t skip it this year thinking that it’ll be the same. It probably isn’t! The theme is totally different and much of what you’ll see is different too!

TIP #2: Especially if you have lots of people in your vehicle, be sure to purchase extra bags of donuts when paying for your admission ticket. You’ll receive one complimentary bag of donuts when you visit, plus a small bag of popcorn. There are only six donuts in each bag though, and they are delicious! Be sure to get extra. If you don’t, you’ll wish you had!

TIP #3: If heavy rain is in the forecast it wouldn’t hurt to take an umbrella. You’ll be in your car, but the scenes are best admired with your car windows rolled down. If it’s pouring rain, unless you are the driver, you might want to hold an umbrella outside your window so you can see clearly without getting the inside of your car all wet.

TIP #4: There are no washrooms on site. This is a contactless, drive-thru-style event. Make sure to go to the washroom before heading out.

TIP #5: Another great place you might want to check out is Surrey Holiday Lights. It’s a new attraction happening in the plaza outside Surrey City Hall. It’s an in-person attraction that you can walk around, not a drive-thru event. Definitely go to Christmas Glow. If you’re looking for a second place to visit though, then check out the new one in Surrey.


Christmas Castle at Glow Langley
Christmas Palace Display


About Christmas Glow

Glow is the creation of the owners of Milner Village which is a garden centre and greenhouse facility in Langley. They have a large garden centre store and farming operation. Their main crop is poinsettias, but they also grow tomatoes and a few other products. They are famous for their poinsettias (which is why so many people buy them at the Christmas Glow event)!

Milner Village Garden Centre has massive greenhouses. Mid-winter is slow season for the garden industry and so between late November and the beginning of January they don’t need all their indoor space. Consequently, starting in 2017, the family-owned business turned one of its giant greenhouses into Glow – BC’s largest indoor Christmas attraction!

In 2018 Glow Gardens added a new indoor attraction – Harvest Glow – which was an autumn-themed event featuring pumpkins, a corn maze, mini golf and other family-friendly activities. It was a great success, although just a one-time event.

In 2019, due to zoning issues at its location in Langley, Christmas Glow had to move to a new Lower Mainland venue. That’s why the festival took place in both Vancouver and Abbotsford. Christmas Glow isn’t just a Lower Mainland event, however. Due to its tremendous initial success, in recent years they have had locations in Edmonton, Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Saskatoon, Pittsburgh, Seattle and even Odense Denmark!

Glow Gardens is a fabulous “made-in-the-Lower-Mainland” success story!


For the event’s official website click Christmas Glow.


India's Taj Mahal at Glow Christmas
Taj Mahal at Christmas Glow in 2018


Other Information

For more information about the winter holiday attraction in Langley, see the Glow Gardens website.

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