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The Brazilian Carnaval is a Latincouver celebration of Brazilian culture with live music and dancing in Vancouver. It’s a great event and lots of fun.

In 2024 the Latin festival happens on February 17th on Granville Island. There is a Brazilian Carnaval Night Party for adults and a Brazilian Carnaval Family for kids and their parents.

For tickets and full details about the events, see the website.


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Vancouver’s Brazilian Carnaval

The Brazilian Carnaval is a one-day event showcasing Brazilian culture in Vancouver. It features live music and activities in False Creek.

There are two different ticketed events happening in 2024. The first is a family-friendly event during the day, with live entertainment, face painting, arcade games, arts and crafts, and more. The second event is a night party with a beer garden for adults. A variety of artists hit the stage to perform lively rhythms of Samba, Funk, Batucada and more.

As many as 15,000 Brazilians live in British Columbia, many of them in Metro Vancouver. At the Brazilian Carnaval event in February, as many as 700 attendees are expected (including folks from lots of different nationalities too).

The Brazilian Carnaval is hosted by Latincouver which is an organization that brings together Latin Americans and fans of the culture. Latincouver is also behind Carnaval del Sol in the summer and Latin American Heritage Month in the fall.


Brazilian Carnaval
Brazilian Swag


When and Where

In 2024 the Brazilian Carnaval takes place on Saturday, February 17th. The first event for families runs from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm. Then, the night party starts at 9:00 pm and runs until around 1:00 am.

Both events are held at Performance Works, located at 1218 Cartwright Street on Granville Island.


For tickets and full details about the event, see the website.


Admission Prices

Admission prices to each event vary depending on when you buy your tickets. The earlier you purchase your tickets, the more money you save.

For the daytime event, up to two adults get in for free with each child. Tickets for families with one child cost $20, whereas tickets for families with two to three children cost $30. Meanwhile, the night party costs $35 per person.

Early bird rates for both events are available until February 1st. If you buy your tickets well in advance, you’ll save up to about $5.


Brejera Band on Stage
Brejera Band


Brazilian Carnaval Featured Artists

The daytime Brazilian Carnaval features a performance by percussion band Coletivo Batucada Abrace. There are also circus and magic acts entertaining crowds.

On the other hand, the night party features four performers in 2024. They are Sambacouver, Brejera, Brazilian Swag, DJ Luiz Campos and Meni axé band.

Sambacouver is a Brazilian band formed in Vancouver. They’ve been putting on lively performances for more than nine years. Brejera is another group that entertains crowds with upbeat music. On the day of the event, they’re joined by Camila Louzada and Nanda Aguiar. DJ Lu brings an innovative set to many venues and events in town, including Brazilian Carnaval in 2024. Also performing is Meni axé band, featuring popular music by singer and composer Menilson.


Brejera Band


Other Information

For more information about the events, visit the Latincouver website.

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