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Vancouver Chinese New Year Parade

Chinatown during the Chinese New Year Parade

In 2019 Vancouver celebrates Chinese New Year with the 46th annual Chinese New Year Parade in Chinatown on February 10th. It’s an impressive event!

The Year of the Pig celebrations begin on Tuesday, February 5th, and the parade takes place on the following Sunday.

See below for information about Vancouver’s Chinese New Year Parade, or click Chinese New Year Activities for a list of multiple ways to celebrate the event including the parade!

Chinese New Year Parade Crowds
East Pender on Parade Day

Chinese New Year’s Parade

A Vancouver cultural festivity that you won’t want to miss is Chinatown‘s New Year’s parade. There is no need to travel abroad to experience China – on this day you’ll find yourself surrounded by about a billion Chinese and other Vancouverites, the occasional colourful dragon, and numerous bands and people in costumes marching down the streets.

In 2019 the parade celebrates the Year of the Pig and the event’s 46th year with about six dozen entries comprising over 3000 participants. Expect to see marching bands, Chinese lion dancing and entries by numerous community businesses and non-profit groups.

At Vancouver’s Chinese New Year Parade sidewalks along the route are packed full of people, the sounds of fire crackers fill the air and Chinatown is without a question the most exciting place in the city to be.

Girls on Chinese Parade Float
Chinese girls on a float in the parade

When and Where

Vancouver’s Chinese New Year’s parade happens in Chinatown from 11 am until about 1:30 pm. Get there early to find a place you can see the road, somewhere along Pender, Gore or Keefer near the entrance gate to Chinatown. Unless it’s raining and miserable, prepare yourself for the crowds – the throng of people is a cultural experience in itself.

New Year Parade Route

The parade goes down West Pender under the Chinatown Millennium Gate, up Gore Street, and then back up along Keefer. In total the route is about 1.3 kilometres in length and lasts for two or more hours.

Click 2019 Parade Map to see the route.

BC Family Day

Chinese New Year Parade Video

Below is a short video of the parade in Vancouver’s Chinatown. It was filmed last year and will give you an idea of what to expect on February 10th in 2019.

The video starts and finishes from a parkade looking down at the corner of Carrall Street and Keefer. The second scene is of a lion dance going down the parade route along East Pender. The third scene is of parade participants marching west along Keefer Street.

Tips for Parade Viewing

Below are some tips and suggestions to help you maximize your Chinatown Parade experience.

TIP #1: On Keefer Street by Columbia there is a giant building with a parkade with the words “CHINATOWN” written down the side on a red and yellow neon sign. If you want a good view, and want to be above the crowds, this can be a great place to be. Look up from the street, and you can see people peering down and enjoying the parade from a comfortable and less congested distance.

TIP #2: Either before or after the parade, consider visiting International Village at 88 West Pender. This interesting yet normally fairly quiet shopping mall completely comes alive. Inside, in addition to thousands of people, you’ll find an assortment of performances and stalls selling all kinds of festive items.

TIP #3: While in Chinatown, check out the festivities at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden at 578 Carrall Street. Running from 10 am to 4 pm, the festivities there include dance performances, live music, a lion dance and other family-friendly cultural activities. Admission is by donation. Expect the place to be busy!

Keefer Street at Chinese New Year
Keefer Street on Parade Day

Other Information

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