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Port Moody Oktoberfest Beer Festival

Oktoberfest Beer Garden Hall

Port Moody Oktoberfest is an annual community event celebrating the German beer-themed holiday of Oktoberfest outside the Port Moody Public Library.

In 2018 the event takes place on the weekend of October 5-7.

Oktoberfest in Port Moody

The Oktoberfest event in Port Moody is a fabulous event for folk ages 19+. It features vendors selling German foods, live music and a giant beer garden under a massive tent. What’s more, partial proceeds from the event benefit a charitable cause.

The same as last year, in 2018 funds raised go to the local Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation, so while you get merry with your friends you’re also supporting the valuable work of a great organization.

Autumn Places

Oktoberfest Dates & Times

Just like the original Oktoberfest festival in Munich, Germany, Port Moody’s Oktoberfest is an autumn event that starts in mid to late September and finishes in early October.

The local Tri-Cities’ version only runs on weekends though. Last year’s dates were September 22-24, September 29-30 and October 1. In 2018 it takes place over just 3 days – on the weekend of October 5th to 7th.

The event runs from 5:00 until 10:00 pm on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Oktoberfest Location

Port Moody Oktoberfest takes place behind the Port Moody Public Library at 100 Newport Drive just off Ioco Road.

At the event there’s a mini village with food vendors and a few family-friendly activities on what are normally the recreation centre’s tennis courts, plus the beer garden with the live entertainment under a giant tent at the back.

Port Moody itself is located about a 30-minute drive east of downtown Vancouver. The venue is also just a 45-minute SkyTrain ride from Vancouver’s Waterfront Station via the Expo and then Millennium Lines, and only about a 10-minute walk from Port Moody’s new Inlet Centre Station.

Port Moody Oktoberfest Plaza
The main vendor area at Port Moody Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Admission Prices

Access to the festival venue plus the Biergarten with all its rows of tables and live music costs $20 per person (age 19+) and includes one complimentary beer. For $40 you can get a Full Festival Pass which is good for all three days and tokens for three drinks.

Private tables with seating for up to ten people can also be reserved in the beer garden for $600, which is convenient for groups wanting to arrive later in the evening after all the regular seats get filled up. For the $600 patrons get the table plus ten complimentary beers and ten food items.

Port Moody Oktoberfest Beer Garden
Beer drinking in the Oktoberfest Biergarten

What to Expect

At Port Moody Oktoberfest expect to see vendor stalls in the main festival area, the occasional man wearing lederhosen, a number of fräuleins in dirndl dresses, and hundreds of people in everyday attire drinking and celebrating like Germans!

The Festival Entrance

The main festival area is in a fenced-off area behind the Port Moody Public Library. As you enter the gate, security personnel check bags and occasionally give people a pat down to ensure no illicit items are being brought in (including outside alcohol).

After security (which is nice and reassuring to have), patrons pay for admission and line up to purchase tokens to later exchange for food and drink.

Oktoberfest Pretzel Vendor
An Oktoberfest pretzel vendor

The Festival Plaza

In the main festival platz there are a small number of wooden huts with vendors selling things like souvenir clothing, corn and pretzels. There is also usually a beer kiosk selling German beers and local BC wine, and a couple of food vendors at the far end selling schnitzel, bratwurst and pork hocks.

Oktoberfest Bartenders
Volksfest Biergarten Bartenders

The Biergarten

The Biergarten is a giant tent-like canopy where you’ll find rows of wooden tables, merry people drinking beers and live entertainment on the Oktoberfest stage. As the place gets busy beer glasses get emptied, people start to dance and the atmosphere gets wonderfully festive, fun and unmistakably Bavarian!

Beverages for sale include Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr beers from Germany, and local BC wines from Ledlin Family Vineyards (who is the main sponsor and organizer of the event).

Uncle Hans Accordionist
Onkel Hans at Port Moody Oktoberfest

Live Entertainment

Live music takes place in the Biergarten pretty much all day. In the evenings and other times performers include Uncle Hans on his accordion the Oktoberators, MC Billy Jones and others.

At Port Moody Oktoberfest, expect to hear a mix of traditional accordion, tuba, oompah and polka-style tunes, but also a bit of more modern music too.

Food and Beverage Prices

At Port Moody Oktoberfest some food items and other things are purchased with cash, but many are bought with tokens. Upon arrival guests purchase tokens at a cost of $3 per token. The tokens can then be redeemed inside the venue for food, drinks and souvenirs.

Most of the clothing as well as the pork hocks, bratwurst, kettle corn, donuts and Hurricane potatoes require cash payment, but drinks and most other food items are sold via tokens. Last year beers and wine cost 2 tokens (so $6 a glass), schnitzel cost 4, pretzels were 2, and corn at the corn hut cost 1. 2018 prices will be similar.

Oktoberfest Pork Hocks Vendor
Oktoberfest vendor food

Other Information

Below are some tips and other general information to help you make the most out of your experience at Port Moody Oktoberfest.

TIP #1: This is a great Oktoberfest event to go to. Not only is it fun, well-attended, and about as authentic an Oktoberfest party as a community like Port Moody can put on, but it’s also close to public transit and some of funds raised at the event go to charity! What more could you ask for!

TIP #2: The later in the evening you go, the more festive will be the atmosphere (as there will be more people and more folk getting increasingly merrier). At the same time, however, the later you go the more difficult it becomes to find a seat in the beer garden. If you’re going with a group of friends and want a table to sit together at you’ll want to arrive by at least around 6 pm if not before, at least on the Saturday. The place opens at 5 pm.

TIP #3: Saturday evening will likely be the busiest time. In 2017, in fact, the second Saturday sold out over a week in advance! If you want to go on the Saturday evening in 2018, better buy your tickets well in advance! Actually, given that there are half as many days of the festival in 2018 as last year, better reserve well in advance for any of the three days.

TIP #4: If you arrive early, the weather is good and there’s still daylight, consider going for a walk first. The waterfront isn’t too far away and there are great walking trails all around.

TIP #5: Oktoberfest events are best experienced when you fully immerse yourself into the culture, which means drinking the beer! Consequently, plan your trip home accordingly – either take public transit or invite a friend who has a car but doesn’t much like to drink.

TIP #6: Invite your friends and go as a group. The more the merrier! If a big group though, as mentioned above, plan to arrive in the very early evening so you can find a table to sit at. Also, as pointed out in TIP #5 above, be sure to convince at least one of your friends to be the designated driver!

Other Information

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