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Vancouver Pillow Fight Day

Vancouver Pillow Fight

Most years around April 1st Vancouver takes part in International Pillow Fight Day by hosting a massive group pillow battle outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.

In 2019 the event took place on Saturday, April 6th. The event did not take place in 2020 or 2021, however, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. It doesn’t look like the event happened in 2022, and it doesn’t appear to be happening in 2023 either, at least not to our knowledge.


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Mass Pillow Fight in Vancouver

Organized by Flash Mob Vancouver, the Vancouver Pillow Fight event attracts several hundred people each year and results in tons of fun and feathers.


Vancouver April Pillow Fight
Pillow Fight Day outside the Vancouver Art Gallery


When and Where

Cities from around the world celebrate International Pillow Fight Day on the first Saturday in April each year that it is possible.

In 2019 the Vancouver Pillow Fight took place on Saturday, April 6th, in the north plaza of the Vancouver Art Gallery which is located in the 800 block of Georgia Street by Howe Street in downtown Vancouver. The event started at 3:00 pm sharp and lasted for less than 30 minutes.

The pillow fight did not take place in 2020 or 2021 due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. It doesn’t look like the event happened in 2022. As of late March in 2023, it doesn’t appear to be taking place this year either.


What Happens at the Pillow Fight

At the pillow fight people show up with their pillows, try to look inconspicuous up until 3 o’clock, and then suddenly en masse bring out their feathery weapons and start swinging.

Not everyone participates in the fight, but many do. In addition to people swinging pillows, there are also lots of folk there to take photos and just watch the fun.

In years that the event happens, it lasts for just minutes, it takes place rain or shine, and by the end there are feathers everywhere!


Vancouver Pillow Fight Day
Pillow fighting along Howe Street


Pillow Fight Rules

Yes, in order to keep everyone safe and happy, there are rules for the pillow fight. Here are the main ones from 2019:

  1. Don’t be in location until exactly 3:00 pm.
  2. Keep your pillows concealed until starting time.
  3. Right at 3 o’clock rush in screaming “PILLOW FIGHT!”
  4. Have fun pillow fighting for 15 minutes and then promptly leave the area.
  5. Stay in the plaza area and off the roads and sidewalks.
  6. Hit ONLY people with pillows. If a person doesn’t have a pillow and is obviously not participating, don’t hit them!
  7. Use common sense! Fight for fun. Don’t hurt anyone!
  8. Participate and/or stand in the immediate vicinity at your own risk!


Pillow Fight Advice

Here are some tips to help you enjoy the International Pillow Fight Day in Vancouver:

  • Be in the vicinity before 3:00 pm so you’re ready when things start. It begins sharp at 3 o’clock and finishes by 3:15. If you arrive late all you’ll see is lots of feathers.
  • If you don’t want to get hit, don’t bring a pillow.
  • If you do want to fight, then bring a softer pillow with lots of feathers. And don’t bring a good one – there’s a good chance it won’t survive in one piece!
  • Go with a group of friends and designate someone (who’s not holding a pillow) to take photos or video.


People Pillow Fighting


Other Information

For more information on what the April 6th event might look like, check out the Vancouver Pillow Fight Facebook page.

For a list of events in other cities around the world from previous years, visit the International Pillow Fight Day Facebook page.

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