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NACAC Vancouver International Universities Fair

Vancouver International Universities Fair

The NACAC Vancouver International Universities Fair (VIUF) is an event about post-secondary education with university representatives, workshops and more.

In 2024 the fair takes place on Saturday, April 27th, at the Vancouver Convention Centre (in the newer West Building).

Hosted by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), the event is for students, parents and school counselors wanting to learn about post-secondary schools and program options.

At the fair attendees meet with admission representatives from over 100 universities as well as the Armed Forces. They also speak with college counselors, get information from sponsor tables, and learn about summer programs and gap years. There are very interesting and informative workshops as well. And guess what! Admission is free!

If you or your student plan to pursue a post-secondary education in Canada or abroad, you’ll want to attend this event.


For the event’s official website, click NACAC International Universities Fairs.


University and College Fair in Vancouver

The NACAC International Universities Fair – Vancouver is a large one-day event that draws crowds of over 3,500 people. It is a wonderful opportunity to explore post-secondary options and start planning ahead for the future. The event features representatives from more than 120 colleges and universities from around the world.

At the fair, attendees learn about studying abroad, school sports, co-op programs, and more. There are also informative workshops throughout the fair about specific careers, university admission, financial aid, and other relevant topics.

Best of all? Admission to the fair is completely free. Pre-registration, however, is strongly recommended. Continue reading for more details about the event or see the official VIUF website.


When and Where

The 2024 NACAC International Universities Fair – Vancouver runs from 1:00 to 4:00 pm on Saturday, April 27th.

The event takes place in the West Building of the Vancouver Convention Centre (primarily in Exhibit Hall A). The venue is located at 1055 Canada Place. It’s right along the waterfront with beautiful views and walking opportunities on the Coal Harbour Seawall.


Participating Universities

There are representatives from over 100 post-secondary institutions at the NACAC International Universities Fair in Vancouver this year. Some are from local colleges and universities, but most are from the United States of America and other parts of the world.

Participating institutions located in British Columbia include UBC and University of Victoria. Other Canadian universities at the fair include University of Alberta, McMaster University, and many more.

The 2024 event also features representatives from University of Michigan, University of California, Penn State University, and dozens of other American institutions. From the United Kingdom, there is the University of Nottingham, Imperial College London, and more. Examples of other participating universities and colleges in 2024 include The American University of Paris in France, Trinity College Dublin in Ireland, and Bond University in Australia.


For the event’s official website, click VIUF.


Information and Learning Hub Sessions

There were several different workshops at the fair in 2023. They all took place during the event, but at different locations in the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Session topics from 2023 are listed below. 2024 details are to be confirmed.


Information Sessions

  • Who Gets In? The Truths and Myths of How Canadian Universities Make Admission Decisions
  • What Students Should Know When Applying to US Universities
  • How to Write a Winning Essay
  • Funding Your Post-Secondary Education
  • What it Takes to Become a Medical Doctor in Canada
  • What is Engineering?
  • Many of the Top Ranked Universities are in the UK; Shouldn’t You Know More About Studying There?
  • University Rankings: Finding Fit Within Higher Education


Learning Hub Sessions

  • What’s a Creative Career?
  • Studying Down Under
  • A World of Choices
  • Ireland, So Much to Know, So Many Friends to Make


For the event’s official website, visit the nacacattend.org.


Tips and Suggestions

Listed below are some helpful tips that are good to know before the next fair.

TIP #1: The fair is a popular event. For easier access to the representatives, it’s best to pre-register online, screenshot your personal barcode and take it with you to the event on your phone. This way, you won’t waste any time while you’re there.

TIP #2: As you arrive, be sure to pick up a copy of the event locator. This is an especially good idea if you have specific university exhibitors in mind that you want to visit. There are also bags for you to fill up with all of the brochures and other materials you collect.

TIP #3: With all of the different post-secondary education booths and presentations, you’ll be learning a lot. Don’t forget to take notes!

TIP #4: Register in advance to take advantage of the fair’s MatchMaking feature. With the MatchMaking, as part of the online registration process, students complete a questionnaire identifying what they want in a university. After that, attendees get an e-mailed list of specific schools that best match their stated preferences. This is a great way to identify which universities to look out for on the day of the event!

TIP #5: Be sure to tell your friends about the fair. If they plan to pursue a post-secondary education, they’ll likely want to go too!


Vancouver Fair Video

To see what to expect at the NACAC International Universities Fair in Vancouver, check out the following video. It shows scenes of the event from 2023.



Other Information

To learn more about NACAC National College Fairs visit nacacattend.org. You can also e-mail collegefairs@nacacnet.org or call 800-822-6285.

The organization behind the fair is the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). Founded in 1937, it’s an organization of more than 26,000 professionals from around the world dedicated to serving students as they make choices about pursuing post-secondary education.

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