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Fort Langley Food Truck Festival

Food Festival on Glover Road

The Fort Langley Food Truck Festival used to be an annual event on Glover Road. As of 2018, however, it no longer takes place (at least not to our knowledge).

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Food Trucks in Fort Langley

Up until 2017 the Fort Langley Food Truck Festival took place on a Saturday in May. It got cancelled in 2018, however, and didn’t take place in 2019 either.

In years when it did take place the event happened along the town’s main street, Glover Road, between Francis and Mavis Avenues. Admission to the event was free, but people obviously paid for their food.


Live Music at Fort Langley
Live Music at the Fort Langley Community Hall


What to Expect at the Festival

The Fort Langley Food Truck Festival was a pretty impressive event for a small town, especially for folk who like food truck cuisine. A couple of dozen vendors took part each year and there was also usually some form of live entertainment.

Typical fare at the event ranged from Greek to Mexican, Indian, Thai and treats from other exotic ethnic backgrounds. There were also usually pizza, noodles, popcorn, fried food and a wide range of other vendors.

Fort Langley is a very pretty and picturesque colonial village and the festival takes place right in the town’s centre. In good weather thousands of people turn out to enjoy the tantalizing smells, tasty treats and festive atmosphere over the course of the afternoon.


Food Truck Crowds on Glover Road
Food Truck Festival Crowds


Advice and Suggestions

Below are some tips and valuable things to know to help you make the most out of your trip to the Fort Langley Food Truck Festival (if the event every takes place again).

TIP #1: On the festival day parking and getting around town can be a challenge, especially with so many people and the main street completely blocked off. Try to arrive early to improve your chances of finding convenient parking. With some luck you’ll find a spot on a side street somewhere, or maybe at or near the historic fort.

TIP #2: Take a healthy appetite! Unless you’re going primarily to see the town and the historic fort, the main attraction at the festival is the food!

TIP #3: Take your family or a group of friends so you can share what you buy and sample a wider selection of different foods. Just remember though – no double dipping!

TIP #4: Don’t drive all the way out to Fort Langley just for the Food Truck Festival (unless you happen to live close by). Head out to Fort Langley to visit the historic fort, explore the town with its antique stores, go for a walk along the river and then go have fun and find something to eat at the festival.


Fort Langley Exterior
The Fort at Fort Langley


Other Information

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