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Harrison Hot Springs Lakeside Car Show

Harrison Hot Springs Lakeside Car Show

The Lakeside Car Show was an annual event in Harrison Hot Springs where car collectors from across the Lower Mainland showed off their collectible vehicles.

The car show was free, open to the public and usually took place on the second Saturday of August, although in 2017 it was on August 26th (which was the event’s final year).



Note: The Lakeside Car Show was cancelled for 2018. and it hasn’t taken place since (at least not to our knowledge). Hopefully it’ll happen again in a future year.


The Lakeside Car Show

In 2017 the car show took place on Saturday, August 26th, between 10:00 in the morning and 4:00 in the afternoon.

Each year there are classic vehicles of all kinds including antiques, muscles cars and the occasional truck and modern sports car.


Lakeside Car Show at Harrison Hot Springs
Classic cars in front of Harrison Lagoon


The Lakeside Car Show is a fairly simple event consisting of several dozen cars lined up on the grass along the waterfront for people to see. Owners are close by for people to chat with and a good number of car enthusiasts turn out for the event, but it’s not overly crowded.

Harrison Lake is a stunning venue, which makes the car show and cars in it extra special. It’s truly a sight to see! If you like pretty places and vintage cars, you’ll love it!


Harrison Hot Springs
The Resort Town of Harrison Hot Springs


The Town of Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison Hot Springs is a small yet world-class resort town located on stunning Harrison Lake. It has a long sandy beach and a variety of nice restaurants and hotels facing the lake.

The car show takes place in the park between the beach and town’s main street along the waterfront.

There is a fair bit to do and see at Harrison Hot Springs in addition to admiring all the classic vehicles at the car show. Some of the best places to check out include the following:

  • Shoreline Tours – 2-hour boat trips around the lake. These make a lovely addition to the car show if it’s a sunny day. Just make sure to book your tour in advance!
  • Harrison Water Park – a first-rate inflatable water park playground out on the lake. It’s good for folk ages 6+ and children age 10+ can play on their own while adults spend extra time with the cars.
  • The Hot Springs – there is a small and fairly simple hot spring facility that’s open to the public. The luxury pools are at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort, however, which is accessible only to people staying at the resort.


Corvette at Harrison Car Show
A Classic Corvette at Harrison Hot Springs


Tips and Advice

Below are some suggestions to help you make the most out of your day at the Lakeside Car Show.

TIP #1: Arrive early and explore the area while you’re there. There’s a fair bit to see and do at Harrison in the summer!

TIP #2: Don’t wait until just before the end to view the cars as some vehicles head out early (or at least they’ve done so when we’ve been there).

TIP #3: Don’t forget to pack your swimsuits (especially if you have children). It can get hot in the summer!


Black Antique Car at Harrison


Other Information

For more information about the car show see the Harrison Hot Springs website.

For information on other things to do in the area click Harrison Hot Springs or the Fraser Valley.

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