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Remembrance Day in New Westminster

Remembrance Day in New Westminster

One of Metro Vancouver’s largest Remembrance Day ceremonies usually takes place at the Royal Westminster Regiment Armouries on November 11th.


November 11th in New Westminster

New Westminster is home to the Royal Westminster Regiment Armouries which is located at 530 Queens. That’s where the city’s Remembrance Day ceremonies begin most years on November 11th.

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Remembrance Day ceremony in New Westminster did not happen in its usual format. The ceremony was held as a virtual event, since the general public was not permitted to attend. The same was the case in 2021, with a livestream broadcast by the City of New Westminster.

In 2022 the ceremonies are happening in-person and are also livestreamed online. The parade begins at 10:15 am and the outdoor service starts at 10:30 am.


City of New Westminster Ceremonies

Note: In addition to and complementing the event at the Armoury most years, the City of New Westminster has its own Remembrance Day Ceremony (which is technically a separate event). If you don’t want to join the event at the Armoury (or it’s too full and you can’t get in) you can simply wait 45 minutes or so and join the second event.

In a typical year, the city’s Remembrance Day ceremony starts at 10:15 am with a procession along Sixth Street to City Hall. (The parade is actually a continuation of the event from the Armoury where the first group simply joins the second.) It’s here that the Mayor and other dignitaries speak, the two minutes of silence takes place and wreathes are laid at the Cenotaph.


Royal Westminster Regiment Armouries
Royal Westminster Regiment Armouries


The New Westminster Ceremonies

In years when the live in-person ceremonies take place, with the first event in New Westminster, the doors to the Armoury close at 9:45 am and the ceremonies begin shortly thereafter. Consequently, participants are asked to be inside and getting settled by around 9:30. Details about services at the Armoury in 2022 are to be confirmed.

Apart from starting indoors, the ceremonies in New Westminster are similar to those at Remembrance Day events in other communities. There is a band, lots of folk in uniform, a prayer and a solemn speech or two.

After the formal indoor service, which lasts for less than an hour, participants usually exit the Armoury and march in procession outside and along Royal Avenue to New Westminster’s City Hall which is located just a few blocks away at 511 Royal Avenue. There, in front of the cenotaph, wreaths are laid and the traditional 2 minutes of silence are observed at 11:00 am most years.


Remembrance Day at New West City Hall
New Westminster City Hall on Remembrance Day


Tips and Advice

Below are some tips and suggestions to help you make the most out of your November 11th experience in New Westminster (in years when they take place live and in-person).

TIP #1: Arrive early if you want to see the ceremony from within the Armoury. Space is limited and, don’t forget, the doors close at 9:45 sharp.

TIP #2: If you don’t get in at the Armoury, or if you want to sleep in and arrive later, you can still catch the procession along Royal Avenue and the 2 minutes of silence at the cenotaph in front of City Hall. That too is interesting.

TIP #3: Being one of the few major ceremonies that takes place indoors, expect the venue to be especially popular if the forecast calls for rain.

TIP #4: In past years, Queens Avenue United Church, which is across the street from the Armoury, has been open for overflow crowds to watch the ceremonies via live video. That wasn’t the case in 2018, unfortunately.

TIP #5: The Royal Westminster Regiment Armouries building is wheelchair accessible. Guide dogs for the visually impaired are also welcome.

TIP #6: If the weather is good, after the ceremonies consider going for a walk and exploring nearby Tipperary Park or enjoying a stroll along New Westminster’s waterfront.


Remembrance Day Weekend Activities


Other Information

For more information about the November 11th ceremonies in New Westminster see the Royal Canadian Legion website or the City of New Westminster‘s website.

For a list of ceremonies in other communities in the region, click Remembrance Day in Metro Vancouver.

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