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Remembrance Day in Stanley Park

Remembrance Day in Stanley Park

A number of Remembrance Day Ceremonies take place in Vancouver on November 11th including one at the Japanese-Canadian War Memorial in Stanley Park.

Stanley Park on Remembrance Day

Vancouver’s main Remembrance Day Ceremony takes place at Victory Square in downtown Vancouver. It attracts thousands of people and includes a fairly large parade. Smaller ceremonies also take place in Chinatown and Stanley Park.

The Remembrance Day event in Stanley Park is held at the Japanese-Canadian War Memorial which is located sort of between the Stanley Park miniature train venue, the Vancouver Aquarium and Lumberman’s Arch.

The Stanley Park ceremony is small compared to most other Remembrance Day events in the Lower Mainland. It attracts up to a couple of hundred people most years and lasts for less than an hour. The ceremony usually begins at 10:40 and finishes by 11:30.

The ceremony in Stanley Park is open to the public and has a special focus on remembering the sacrifices of Japanese-Canadians who have fought for Canada, including in the First World War and Korean War.

Remembrance Day in Stanley Park
Japanese-Canadian War Memorial in Stanley Park

Tips and Advice

Below are some tips and advice to help you make the most out of your November 11th experience at the Stanley Park venue.

TIP #1: The Stanley Park ceremony is a small event, which means there aren’t big crowds and it’s pretty easy to see everything that’s going on. Consequently, you don’t have to arrive way in advance to get a good spot.

TIP #2: There is ample parking in Stanley Park including near the miniature railway, along Pipeline Road, at the Aquarium and by Lumberman’s Arch. Just don’t forget to pay for the parking.

TIP #3: Combine your trip to the Remembrance Day ceremony with a visit to other parts of Stanley Park. The Vancouver Aquarium is a popular attraction, the seawall is close by and there’s just so much to explore!

Remembrance Day Weekend Activities

Other Information

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