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Surrey Remembrance Day Ceremonies

Remembrance Day in Surrey

Remembrance Day is commemorated in Surrey with a ceremony and parade at the cenotaph outside the Surrey Museum in Cloverdale on November 11th.


Remembrance Day in Surrey

The main and largest Remembrance Day event in Surrey is the one in Cloverdale. There are also smaller ceremonies in Crescent Beach and Whalley most years, as well as in multiple other parts of the Lower Mainland.

Click Remembrance Day in Metro Vancouver for a list of ceremonies in other municipalities. See below for information about the main November 11th event in Surrey.

(Note: Event details are subject to change.)




Remembrance Day in Cloverdale

The Remembrance Day ceremony in Cloverdale is held at the cenotaph in the plaza between the Surrey Museum (at 17710 56a Avenue) and the Surrey Archives building. When open to the public, it’s attended by cadets, RCMP officers, members of the military, veterans, local dignitaries, families and the general public.

Due to concerns about the coronavirus, the general public was not encouraged to attend 2020 Remembrance Day ceremonies in the Lower Mainland. The same was the case in 2021.

Fortunately, everyone is welcome to attend the ceremony in 2022. This year, the Cloverdale event runs from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm. It includes the official ceremony with the laying of the wreaths, the marching in and out of official participants, and family-friendly activities at the museum. Hundreds of people attend.

The general public usually gathers in the stands and around the edges of the plaza at the cenotaph by the Surrey Museum in the morning. Prior to the ceremony, cadets, red-uniformed members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and veterans line up along nearby 176a Street in preparation for the initial procession.


Veterans in Surrey
Veterans preparing to march on 176a Street


The march to the cenotaph typically starts at around 10:00 am. It’s a parade, but a fairly short one. The service at the cenotaph begins shortly after, the traditional two minutes of silence is observed at 11 o’clock, and the procession of cadets and officers departs at around 11:30.

Most years, after the main ceremony, the Surrey Museum hosts a variety of child-friendly activities including crafts and entertainment. In 2019 the 1912 Hall at the Surrey Archives next door was also open (between 9:30 am and 1:30 pm). Both of these venues are open again in 2022 from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm.


Remembrance Day in Surrey


Tips and Advice

Below are a couple of suggestions to help you make the most out of your Cloverdale Remembrance Day experience.

TIP #1: Arrive early, like by at least 9:30 am, if you want a chance of finding a seat. Most people stand, but there are usually bleachers for people who need them (although they do fill up).

TIP #2: The ceremony in Cloverdale isn’t Surrey’s only Remembrance Day event. For other venues see the City of Surrey‘s website.


Remembrance Day Weekend Activities


Other Information

To learn more information about the November 11th event in Cloverdale, see the City of Surrey‘s website.

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RCMP at Cloverdale Remembrance Day
RCMP and the Surrey Museum