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Agassiz Speedway Car Race Track

Agassiz Speedway

The Agassiz Speedway is a race track that features stock car racing. It’s near Harrison Hot Springs which is about 90 minutes by car from Vancouver.

About a dozen races take place at the track each year during its May to October operating season.


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The Fraser Valley’s Agassiz Speedway

Agassiz Speedway provides an exhilarating experience for people interested in racing. Visitors have the option to either watch races or participate in one themselves. The requirements for participation are owning a valid driver’s license and knowing how to drive a manual. Of course, you also have to absolve the venue of all liability.

People can race if they arrive in a group of at least four drivers. They can then rent a car and start the orientation for the race. Activities include gear fitting, walking the track and making any vehicle adjustments. They can take the car for a spin and practice driving for a few laps.

Of course, Agassiz Speedway also hosts races with experienced drivers. These competitions are what most people go to the track for. You need to be a member of Agassiz Speedway to participate in these intense races and members need to be approved by the executive team before they’re allowed to compete.


Where is the Raceway?

Agassiz Speedway’s address is 5405 Cemetery Road in Agassiz, BC. It’s about a 10-minute drive southwest of Harrison Hot Springs.

If coming from Vancouver, the fastest route is via the Trans-Canada Highway. Take exit 135 which merges onto Highway 9 (a.k.a. the Agassiz Rosedale Highway) which leads to Agassiz. Follow the signs. At one point you’ll have to make a slight left turn; otherwise you’ll end up on the Haig Highway by mistake.

Follow the Agassiz Rosedale Highway until you reach Agassiz. At the town, you’ll turn left onto Cheam Avenue and then right onto Evergreen Drive. Keep left and then continue back on the Agassiz Rosedale Highway. Follow it until the end of the road. At the Esso station, turn right onto Harrison Springs Road. Then turn left onto McCallum Road and then right onto Cameron Road. You’ll see signs to the venue along the way and find the speedway at the end of the road.


Race at Agassiz Raceway
Race Cars on the Track


Admission Prices

As of August 2023, prices on regular race days are the following:

  • Adults (ages 19+): $15
  • Seniors: $10
  • Youth (ages 13-18): $10
  • Children (ages 7-12): $5
  • Little Kids (ages 6 and under): FREE
  • Extreme Seating (ages 19+): $20
  • Families: $35


As of August 2023, prices for special events are the following:

  • Adults (ages 19+): $20
  • Seniors: $15
  • Youth (ages 13-18): $15
  • Children (ages 7-12): $5
  • Little Kids (ages 6 and under): FREE
  • Extreme Seating (ages 19+): $25
  • Families: $45


Agassiz Speedway also sells season passes most years. They normally cost around $150 for adults, $100 for seniors and youth, and $50 for children.


Bleachers at Agassiz Raceway
Bleachers at the Raceway


What to Expect

Agassiz Speedway is a place filled with lots of noise just like any other race track. Expect to see a variety of car types, although not likely ones shown on TV in Formula 1 races.

There are bleacher stands for people to sit, but it can get crowded on busy days. The speedway might not be the best place to visit for folks who are sensitive to loud noises or aren’t yet comfortable with being so close to people due to the pandemic. For everyone else though, they’ll likely have a blast! And if you or your kids are sensitive to noise, you can always take ear plugs!


Race Schedule

Races are to be held fairly regularly from May until September in 2023. Most events happen on Saturdays on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. For example, there were two races in June on the 10th and 24th. The championship race is on September 23rd.

There are also days with other types of events. For example, Ladies Night was on May 27th and Fan Appreciation Night was on June 24th.

For the full schedule, check out Agassiz Speedway’s Schedule Page.


Agassiz Speedway Video

Below is a short video clip of a race at the Agassiz Speedway. As you’ll see in the video, it’s a place filled with loud noises and many different types of cars. Exhilarating races take place frequently. It’s well worth a visit for anyone interested in motorsports!



Other Information

To learn more about the race track, see the Agassiz Speedway website.

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