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Harrison Water Park at Harrison Lake

Water Play Structure at Harrison Lake

Harrison Water Park is an outdoor network of bouncy-castle-type climbing apparatus on the lake at Harrison Hot Springs. On a hot summer day it’s a blast!


Water Playground at Harrison Hot Springs

The resort town of Harrison Hot Springs has a wide range of things to see and do. There is the world-famous hot springs, sandy beach, boat tours and various water sport activities. In summer, one of the most popular attractions, especially for children, is definitely the water park.

Harrison Water Park is an inflatable playground located on the lake at 100 Esplanade Avenue in front of the Harrison Hot Springs Resort.


Climbing Toy at Harrison Lake
A floating climbing ball at Harrison Lake


About the Harrison Water Park

The Harrison Water Park is an impressive collection of inflatable rafts, slides, swings, trampolines and apparatus you can climb on and jump off. There are giant floating balls you can climb, a massive inflatable teeter-totter, and a blob you can jump on and make your friends fly off.

Users of the Harrison Water Park need to wear life jackets, which is nice because they help keep you warm. There is also lifeguard supervision at the facility.

Participants must be at least 6 years old, and children between 6 and 10 years of age require supervision by a responsible adult or family member age 16+. The water park is not suitable for children ages 5 and under.

If you like swimming, playground apparatus and playing in the water, you’ll love the Harrison Water Park.


Harrison Water Park Blob
Flying off the Blob


Hours & Admission

Admission to the water park costs about $39.99 per person (regardless of age).

TIP: For some people two hours is more than sufficient time. For others though, all day isn’t enough. The stronger, younger, more fit, the more you like playing in the water, the sunnier the day, the warmer the weather, and the more friends you’re playing with, the longer you’ll likely want to stay.

The Harrison Water Park is open daily from late June until the Labour Day Weekend in September between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm. The 2023 opening date was June 24th and the park is open until September 4th.


Harrison Watersports Playground
Water Park Playground at Harrison Lake


Tips & Advice

Below are more tips and suggestions to help you make the most of your experience at the Harrison Water Park.

TIP #1: Go on a hot sunny day.

TIP #2: Rent a wet suit. They only cost $5 or so and it’s worth it. The water is cold, even in July and August, and you’ll likely find the sliding more comfortable if you’re wearing one.

TIP #3: There is a wide selection of contraptions to play on, so there’s something for everyone. Some of the structures, however, do require upper-body strength to get up on, including the teeter-totter and floating ball structures. Warn young children in advance that they might not be able to do everything, especially if not accompanied by a strong adult.

TIP #4: Playing at the Harrison Water Park is great exercise. All that climbing and hauling yourself up on things is guaranteed to burn calories and give participants a thorough upper-body workout.


Climbing the Harrison Play Structure
Climbing an inflatable tower (and getting exercise)


TIP #5: Don’t forget your sunscreen, especially on warm sunny days. If it’s really hot and you plan to stay all day, a sun hat might also be a good idea, so long as it floats!

TIP #6: There are coin-operated lockers on the dock. They cost about a Toonie and are single use (meaning you have to spend $2 each time you open one and then re-lock it).

TIP #7: The water park has a no refund policy under any circumstances. If it looks like a thunder or wind storm is on its way, be warned that parts of the facility or the entire place may close either temporarily or early for the remainder of the day.

TIP #8: Go with a group of friends – the more the merrier!


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Things to Know Regarding Children

Below is information related to kids at the park.

TIP #1: Children who are responsible and at least 10 years of age don’t require adult supervision. This is great for older folks who want to go off on their own to explore the town or go out on a cruise with Shoreline Tours.

TIP #2: The Harrison Water Park is suitable for people ages 6+, but especially good for children and youth between around 8 and 18.


Harrison Lake and Watersports Facility
Harrison Lake


Other Information

Harrison Watersports is the company that runs the Harrison Water Park. They also offer Bumper Boat rentals, Sea-Doo rentals and Banana Boat rides. Click Harrison Watersports for more information.

To learn more about the town and surrounding region, click Harrison Hot Springs or the Fraser Valley.

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