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iHeartRadio Beach Ball Summer Night Concerts

PNE iHeartRadio Concert Series

The iHeartRadio Beach Ball Summer Night Concerts were a series of concerts by big-name bands on the Sunday and Monday of the Labour Day Weekend at the PNE.


2018 PNE Concerts

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2017 iHeartRadio PNE Concerts

In 2017 the iHeartRadio Beach Ball Summer Night Concerts took place on September 3rd and 4th outdoors at the PNE Amphitheatre. The concert gates opened at 2 pm and performances started at around 3 o’clock (plus or minus).


Serena Ryder in Concert
Serena Ryder in Concert at the PNE


PNE Concerts

Vancouver’s Pacific Nation Exhibition (or PNE) is a summer tradition that takes place the last couple of weeks of August and first weekend in September. A regular feature of the PNE is its Night Concerts which are free but with the option of ticketed reserved and premium seating.

New for 2017, the last two days of the PNE featured not just one group but multiple bands that played all afternoon and evening. Whereas regular night concerts offer the option of free admission, the two days of iHeartRadio Beach Ball Summer Night Concerts were only ticketed with admission ranging from around $84 to $140 including online fees.

Note: Concert tickets did NOT include the cost of entrance to the PNE. iHeartRadio concert ticket holders, however, were eligible for PNE admission at the discounted rate of just $5 (instead of the full price of $17 per adult).

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And for information about the iHeartRadio Beach Ball Summer Night Concerts on September 3rd and 4th, see below.


The Philosopher Kings
The Philosopher Kings iHeartRadio Concert


iHeartRadio Beach Ball Concerts

In 2017 performers at the iHeartRadio Beach Ball Summer Night Concerts included the following bands:

On Sunday, September 3rd

  • Virginia To Vegas – a musician from Toronto that plays Indie Pop.
  • Shawn Hook – a popular singer originally from South Slocan BC and specializing in Pop, Electronic and Rock.
  • Lorde – a female Indie Pop and Electronic Pop artist from New Zealand.
  • Scott Helman – a Canadian musician from Toronto. Some of his singles include “Bungalow” (2014), “Machine” (2015), “21 Days” (2017) and “Kinda Complicated” (2017).
  • The Strumbellas – a Canadian rock band from Toronto.
  • Liam Payne – a British singer and songwriter originally from the band One Direction. He only sang a couple of songs at the 2017 event, including “Strip that Down,” but it was still great.
  • Alessia Cara – a popular Canadian artist from Toronto. She was amazing! Some of her hits include “How Far I’ll Go” (from the Disney movie Moana), “Scars to Your Beautiful,” “Seventeen” and “Wild Things.”


Alessia Cara on Stage
Alessia Cara at the PNE


On Monday, September 4th

  • Christian Hudson – a male singer originating from a small town just north of Calgary.
  • Ruth B – a female singer from Edmonton whose new album is Safe Haven with songs like “Lost Boy” and “Superficial Love.”
  • The Philosopher Kings – a Canadian band that was especially popular in the 1990s. One of their most famous songs is “Castles in the Sand” from 2005.
  • Serena Ryder – a Canadian female singer famous for her songs “Stompa” (2012), “What I Wouldn’t Do” (2013) and “Got Your Number” (2016).
  • Blondie – an American music icon whose latest album is Pollinator. Some of her earlier hits include “Rapture,” “Heart of Glass” and “Call Me.”
  • Train – a San Francisco band that’s been popular since the late 1990s. Top hits by the group include “Hey Soul Sister,” “Jupiter” and “If it’s Love.”


Train in Concert
Train in Concert at the PNE


Advice & Things to Know

Below are some tips and suggestions to help you make the most out of your experience at the PNE’s iHeartRadio Beach Ball concerts.

TIP #1: Don’t buy your tickets right away – yes, you might risk the event selling out and being disappointed. However, in 2017 neither of the two nights sold out so they started offering 2-for-1 tickets towards the end (which was too bad for people who had already paid full price). This might not happen again in 2018, but it might (especially if tickets start again at around the same price).

TIP #2: If you aren’t paying for reserved seats but arrive early, good spots to stand are in the middle behind the reserved area with chairs or at either of the two sides of the lower reserved seating area. With some concerts a lot of people gathered around the sides of the lower reserved seating area, which made sense as the view was great. With other concerts, however, it was relatively easy to find a spot  not unreasonably far from the stage.

TIP #3: In 2017 most of the bleachers were for people who paid extra for reserved seating. There were a couple of sections though, at the far right and far left, that were also open to people just paying for general admission. If you want a seat and don’t pay for a premium ticket, get there early to find a spot (assuming the same seating arrangements happen again in the future).

TIP #4: If you don’t want to pay to see a concert, you can attend other PNE Night Concerts for free on earlier nights. The lineup at the iHeartRadio Beach Ball event is impressive though, and worth the extra money (assuming at least a couple of the bands are ones you really like).


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