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Lower Mainland Paintball Facilities

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The Lower Mainland has several paintball venues including Delta Force Paintball, Richmond Indoor Paintball and Ambush Paintball.


Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, attractions and activity centres throughout the Lower Mainland have ceased operations at least temporarily and this includes paintball facilities.

To learn more about the pandemic and its impact on the Lower Mainland, click Vancouver COVID-19 Closures & Cancellations.

Vancouver Paintball Venues

Below you’ll find an explanation of what paintball is all about, followed by a description of various paintball venues in Metro Vancouver. As you’ll see, paintball is an exhilarating game with exceptional places to play it at.

(Note: Times, rates and other details are subject to change. See official venue websites for exact details.)

Delta Force Paintball in Maple Ridge

Delta Force Paintball is arguably the Lower Mainland’s best paintball location with multiple great scenario venues which keep the games exciting. Located at 14448 224 Street in Maple Ridge, it’s about an hour’s drive from Vancouver, depending on the traffic.

Admission usually includes use of overalls, helmet and mask, gun rental, propellant refills, an ammo belt (which also conveniently holds water bottles) and lots of fun. Paintball ammunition costs about $15 for 100 balls and $130 for 1000. Other optional extras include gloves, protective cups, smoke bombs and gun upgrades, all at various costs.

Delta Force Paintball features a number of exciting battle zones including a barrel range, zombie zone, prisoner breakout area, D-Day venue, forest and other battle areas.

The minimum age at Delta Force Paintball is 8 (whereas just a few years ago it was 10).

Ambush Paintball in Surrey

Located at 7550 160th Street in Surrey, Ambush Paintball is another good venue offering three different fields of play including its Grassy Mounds Field with two motor homes or “Redneck Fortresses,” a 5-acre Lost Forest Field, and a small Ambush City Field which includes cars, a boat, a wall of tires and a 2-storey clock tower. Also at the venue is the centre’s Ambush Speedball Park which is separate and with its own pricing.

Ambush Paintball is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for drop-in during the summer and on weekdays for group reservations. On weekends in the summer it’s usually open from 10 am to 5 pm, and on Fridays from 11 am to 4 pm. Check their website for hours and information at other times of the year (and to see of their other times and details have changed).

Rental admission with a gun and 500 paint balls costs about $60, with additional balls costing $12 per 100 or $90 for 1000. Mask rental (which is essential), bullet hopper/holder and other equipment are extra.

Paintball Games

Richmond Indoor Paintball

Richmond Indoor Paintball is located at 6631 Westminster Highway and prides itself as the Lower Mainland’s only indoor paintball venue.

Indoor paintball is a bit different from regular outdoor paintball. The concept and equipment is all the same, but it feels much more like you’re playing in your very own video game. As with all paintball, it’s lots of fun.

The minimum age at Richmond Indoor Paintball is 10, although they do offer special  private paintball sessions for kids ages 8-14.

Paintballing in the Bushes

What is Paintball

Paintballing is an exciting way to spend time outdoors, get the heart pounding, shoot other people in a non-lethal way, and get shot at by both friends and strangers. It’s a ton of fun, and great exercise too. Don’t be surprised to be sore the next day, however, including in leg muscles you didn’t know existed. Expect the occasional paintball welt too!

Paintball is a fun, adrenaline-stimulating, action-packed and exhilarating activity, but it’s not for everyone. Getting hit by a paintball can hurt, games require a fair bit of physical exertion, and playing war games isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some people love it and others want nothing to do with it.

Paintball Scenario Explanation

What Happens in a Game

At a paintball venue participants gear up, are divided into teams, get a rundown of the rules, receive their guns and ammunition, and are then briefed on a game scenario and its objectives. Objectives can include capturing a flag, taking over a position, or simply annihilating as much of the opposition as possible.

A typical game lasts for between 5 and 20 minutes, with teams switching sides after each round. Short breaks take place between game scenarios, allowing participants to grab a drink, buy more paintball ammo, use a portable toilet restroom, and recuperate briefly before heading out on their next big mission adventure.

Paintball Rambo Warrior

Who is Paintballing for?

Not surprisingly, the typical paintball enthusiast is male, although lots of women also participate. Paintballing can be a “ball” to do with a group of friends, and children as young as 10 to 12 years of age are allowed to participate at most venues. For some strange reason the sport doesn’t attract a lot of seniors, or even people over 50, nor people on tight budgets. It’s pretty predominantly a young male thing to do, although lots of women play it too.

How Much does Paintballing Cost?

Depending on the venue and how trigger happy you get and the speed you blast out the ammunition, expect a day of paintballing to cost you between $50 and over $100. There is usually an admission cost that includes some equipment.

Paintballs are extra and cost between about $10 and $15 per 100, depending on the volume purchased. Expect to use between 500 and 1500 paintball bullets in a day (which is why the sport is so expensive), and at most locations you have to buy the venue’s paintballs; you can’t buy them in advance for cheap at Walmart and then bring your own.

Delta Force Paintball Team

Tips and Advice

Below are some tips and suggestions to help you make the most out of your Lower Mainland paintballing experience.

TIP #1: Don’t go on a really hot day. Even if it’s below 20 degrees Celsius, you’ll be warm. On a hot sunny day, you’ll be cooking!

TIP #2: It’s unlikely you’ll need one, but if you plan to paintball often, you’re male and you’re concerned about your future reproductive potential, consider investing in a protective cup.

TIP #3: Book in advance. A paintball venue isn’t something you usually just show up at. And look out for sales and promotions.

TIP #4: Participants must sign a waiver prior to participating. If you bring children that aren’t your own, get their parents or guardians to print waivers from online and sign them in advance.

TIP #5: Try paintballing at least once. It’s a blast, and something you’ll remember for a long time. We highly recommend it!