Polygon Gallery

The Polygon Gallery is an art museum in the Lower Lonsdale District of North Vancouver. It specializes in photography and admission is by donation.

The Polygon Gallery hosts a series of outdoor movies at Cates Deck during the summer. In 2023 Deckchair Cinema runs on Thursdays from June 29th until August 31st. Admission is by donation and includes access to the summer exhibition Jeremy Shaw: Phase Shifting Index.


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The Polygon Art Gallery by Lonsdale Quay

Built in 2017, the Polygon is a contemporary art gallery which emphasizes new Canadian art and photography. Its unique design allows it to stand out and catch the eye from anywhere along the harbourfront.

The Gallery is a good place to explore in addition to other places of interest in the area including Lonsdale Quay and the North Vancouver Shipyards.


Polygon Gallery at Lower Lonsdale Waterfront
Polygon Gallery in Lower Lonsdale


Where is the Polygon Gallery?

The Polygon Gallery is located at 101 Carrie Cates Court, right at the waterfront in North Vancouver. Within walking distance is the SeaBus, Shipyards, Lonsdale Quay and the vibrant community of Lower Lonsdale. The attraction is also just a 15-minute SeaBus ride from downtown Vancouver.

In front of the gallery, right on the waterfront, is Cates Deck (which is one of North Vancouver’s outdoor public spaces where you can drink alcohol).


Hours and Admission

As of June 2023, the Polygon is open from Wednesdays to Sundays. Hours on Thursdays are from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm and hours on other days are from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm. The attraction is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Admission to the Gallery is by donation.


Polygon Gallery Exhibit Room


What to Expect

The Polygon Gallery is a large, modern and somewhat box-shaped modern building right on the waterfront in Lower Lonsdale. You can see the Vancouver skyline on the other side of Burrard Inlet when visiting the Gallery.

Inside the Gallery you can expect to see a couple of very large rooms with art displayed on the walls. There is also often an exhibit or two in the middle of each room, plus art in a couple of smaller rooms and hallways.

Art displayed at the Polygon Gallery is typically photographic in nature. It is also usually not cluttered or crowded. There is lots of open space. Each room might only have a small number of pieces, with some exhibits filling an entire wall.

Most of the Gallery’s displays are of photos and works of art using photographic materials by Canadian artists. The art is typically very modern. Sometimes, though, the photos are old and in black and white. The displays also often have a historical theme. In some cases the exhibits can be quite large.

As you enter the building you’ll see the front desk and a small gift shop area with art, books and souvenirs for sale. The main displays are upstairs.

The Polygon Gallery is a fairly large building, and some of its rooms are big and wide open. It’s not a huge facility though. Expect to spend somewhere between 10 minutes and over an hour inside depending on the exhibits and your level of interest in contemporary art and photography.


Polygon Gallery and Lonsdale Quay
The Polygon Gallery and Lonsdale Quay


What Else to do in the Area

There are a fair number of other things to see and do near the Gallery. It’s a wonderful neighbourhood to explore.

Almost right next door to the Polygon is Lonsdale Quay which is home to a fabulous year-round indoor public market. At the market there is a food court area with a variety of non-major brand restaurants (which is awesome), plus a wide selection of boutiques and specialty shops. There is also a Hotel, Tourist Info Centre and craft brewery.

MONOVA is the new Museum of North Vancouver. It opened in 2021 and admission is free.

Also right next door to the Polygon, on the other side, is the Tap and Barrel pub-style restaurant. And on the other side of that is the Shipyards which includes Shipbuilders’ Square, the Pipe Shop, a large covered plaza and Shipbuilders’ Pier. Also in Lower Lonsdale are a number of other very good restaurants.

The Shipyards is where festivals and other community events often take place including the Shipyards Festival in early fall.

North Vancouver’s waterfront is connected by the Spirit Trail which is a paved walking and cycling path that runs from North Vancouver’s Park & Tilford Mall, through Lower Lonsdale, through local First Nations lands and all the way to West Vancouver. The Polygon and Lower Lonsdale are pretty much right in the middle.

Waterfront Park is a 5-minute walk from the Gallery and Lonsdale Quay, and also connected with the Spirit Trail. It has a large open grassy space and a children’s play area. The park is also home to a number of North Vancouver events including Caribbean Days, Philippine Days, Canada Day celebrations and a couple of car rallies.


Polygon Art Gallery Display Hall


Tips and Suggestions

Below are some suggestions on how to make the most out of your visit.

TIP #1: Relax, take your time and enjoy the art. If you spend just 5 seconds on each piece you’ll be in and out of the Gallery in no time. Have a seat, slow down and admire both the art and the space.

TIP #2: If you are coming from Vancouver, take the SeaBus if you can. The Polygon Gallery is only a short walk from the SeaBus entrance which connects you directly with downtown Vancouver.

TIP #3: Parking in Lower Lonsdale can occasionally be a challenge (like on Friday nights in the summer or when a festival is going on). At those times taking public transit is an especially good option. The ICBC parkade just up the street from the Gallery used to be free on evenings (after 6 pm) and weekends, but not anymore. There is still free parking though all day every day on Lonsdale Avenue, Esplanade and surrounding side streets, although spots fill up fast.

TIP #4: Go for a walk along the waterfront and explore the Shipyards and the Pier. It’s a beautiful walk along the water and there are great restaurants and interesting shops in the area.


Polygon Gallery at North Vancouver Waterfront
Lower Lonsdale Waterfront


Other Information

See the Polygon website for more information about the Gallery.

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