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Whistler’s RZR All-Terrain Vehicle Tours

RZR Tours in Whistler

A great way to have fun in Whistler’s backcountry is on a guided RZR tour with The Adventure Group. The all-terrain-style vehicles are a blast!


RZR Tours in Whistler’s Backcountry

Have you ever wanted to go 4×4-ing out in the bush, or maybe go on a dune buggy tour on an exotic holiday? Did you know that you can do something just like that in Whistler?

The Adventure Group’s RZR Tours involve backcountry rides along rugged terrain on Cougar Mountain near Whistler. The RZR vehicles come in two-seat and four-seat models. They are so much fun to ride!


Where Are the RZR Tours?

Basecamp for The Adventure Group is at Sixteen Mile Creek Forest Service Road in Whistler. It’s about a 10- to 15-minute drive north of Whistler Village. The Basecamp is where you’ll find other attractions like the Vallea Lumina light attraction, Aerial Obstacle Course, Snowmobiling Tours, Superfly Ziplines and Whitewater Rafting (all of which are also highly recommended). We’ve done all three and loved them!


Whistler RZR Tour
On the Wilderness Tour


How Much Does RZR-ing Cost?

A RZR Tour costs between about $200 and $300 for two people depending on which tour you do and whether you want to do a second activity, like white-water rafting or ziplining too.

As of the spring of 2023, if you just want to go for the drive of a lifetime in Whistler’s backcountry, you can choose between a $270 RZR Wilderness Ride or a $300 RZR BC Tour. The cost is per two-seat vehicle, not per person. A four-seat vehicle costs about $140 extra.

Combo deals are also sometimes available. For about $350 you can usually do five of the following over the course of a few days: an aerial obstacle course; white-water rafting; Ziplining; the Wilderness RZR Tour; or a visit to the Scandinave Spa.


What to Expect on a RZR Tour

If you’ve never done this sort of thing before, expect a driving thrill of a lifetime when you go on a RZR Tour. They are a blast!

When we went on our tour there was just us and one other party. We had a four-seater and the other couple had a two-seater. We had two guides. One guide drove a vehicle at the front of our procession and led the way. The other guide drove a different vehicle at the back (and made sure nobody got separated and lost).

Our trip started slowly as we got used to the vehicle. It was pretty easy and fun to drive. The passengers had a ton of fun too. The drivers though had the absolute best time! On a few occasions along the way the tour stopped so different people could try their hands at the wheel.

We were amazed at the kinds of terrain the RZRs could manage. Our vehicles went over gravel roads, up hills over sheer rock, and through giant puddles of mud! It was incredible!

On the day of our trip the forecast was for rain. It didn’t rain a lot during our tour, but it did a tiny bit. The ground was also still wet from rain earlier in the day and the night before.

Interestingly, our guides said we were lucky and that the conditions were perfect for the ride. They said it’s the most fun in the rain and when the ground is wet, and they were right! It was so much fun and we all loved the mud!

If you ever get a chance to try it, you should go! You won’t regret it!


RZR Video

Check out the following video we made from when we went on a RZR Tour. As you’ll see, it was so much fun!



Types of RZR Tours

The Adventure Group offers two types of RZR Tours (plus other options where you can do the RZR-ing in addition to other activities).

The Wilderness Tour lasts for about 90 minutes not including 15 minutes of set-up and instruction time. As of when we last checked, it costs about $270 for a two-seater and $410 for a four-seater.

The BC Tour goes for a full two hours not including about 15 minutes for set-up and instruction. It costs about $300 for a two-seater and $440 for a four-seater. Taxes are extra.

The main difference between the Wilderness Tour and the BC Tour is the length of time you’re out on the trails. One package is for 90 minutes and the other is for 120 minutes. The other difference is the route. The scenery and ruggedness of the terrain is similar. Beginner tours though are slower and go over less extreme terrain (but still pretty rugged). The Intermediate tours go at a faster pace and are for more experienced drivers.

Both tours are led by experienced guides. When we went on our beginner tour, there were two guides. One led the way at the front of our entourage and a second guide drove another vehicle at the back.


Other Information

To learn more about Whistler’s RZR Tours, see The Adventure Group‘s website.

To learn about other activities offered by the same company, see our articles about Superfly Ziplines, Vallea Lumina, Snowmobiling, Whitewater Rafting, Aerial Obstacle Course and Scandinave Spa. The first five are also run by The Adventure Group and take place at the same Basecamp as the RZR Tours. The spa though is a separate company at a different venue. You can get package deals though through The Adventure Group that offer combinations of both spa visits and the extreme adventures.

To learn more about the area and other things you can do, visit the website WhatToDoInWhistler.ca or check out our articles about Whistler, Whistler Village and the Whistler Area.

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