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Shell Performance Wall in Vancouver

Shell Performance Wall in Vancouver

The Shell Performance Wall is a free activity in Vancouver where you can virtually transform your car into a Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1™ race car in November.

The event celebrates Shell’s 70+ years of partnership with Scuderia Ferrari and the launch of a new premium fuel, Shell V-Power® NiTRO+ 93, in the Greater Vancouver region. The fuel can be purchased at Shell gas stations and it’s 99% of the same types of compounds that the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1™ race car uses.


What is the Shell Performance Wall?

The Shell Performance Wall is an activity hosted by Shell Canada, the gas company, where the public can drive their cars up to a wall and watch an image of their vehicle change into a racing Ferrari.

The activity takes about 30 seconds and it’s free. There is no charge to do it.


Shell Performance Wall


When & Where Are Cars Transforming?

The event takes place on the Thursdays to Sundays of November 4th to 7th and 11th to 14th. It starts daily at 10:00 pm. On weekdays it runs until 6:00 pm and on weekends up until 5:00 pm (although exact hours may vary).

You’ll find the Shell Performance Wall in a large parking lot at #50 Pacific Boulevard in downtown Vancouver. The venue is near Concord Pacific Place not far from False Creek, BC Place Stadium and Chinatown.


Event Video

The following video shows you what happens at the event. As you’ll see, it’s pretty quick and fun to watch. You drive into the parking lot, get instructions from an attendant, and then drive up to the starting line when it’s your turn. When we went (on a Friday afternoon) we could pretty much just drive right up. We didn’t have to wait.



Tips and Advice

Below are some suggestions and things to keep in mind to help you make the most out of your experience.

TIP #1: The Shell Performance Wall is a short, fun activity to do while you’re in the area. It only takes about 30 seconds, so it’s not something you’d drive across town to do and then go straight home. Combine the experience with a visit to Chinatown, a walk around False Creek, a trip to Science World or some other fun place nearby.

TIP #2: Very young children who like toy cars and real-life race cars will especially enjoy this event.

TIP #3: If you are with young children, if there isn’t a lineup to go through, ask if you can go around a second (or third) time.


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Other Information

To learn more about the energy company see the Shell.ca website.

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