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Silver Hills Bakery Nutrition Workshop Event in Abbotsford

Desiree Nielsen at Silver Hills Lunch and Learn

Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery and best-selling author Desiree Nielson presented a free nutrition workshop in Abbotsford with cooking demonstrations and samples.

The event happened in 2022 on Sunday, August 28th. If you like healthy eating and getting tips about nutrition from an expert, this was a great opportunity! It was for both people passionate about the topic and newbies wanting to learn.

The bakery might host similar events in the future. Exact details, however, are to be confirmed.

Regardless of whether similar events happen again, Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery makes fabulous baked goods and their Sprouted Oven location at 1828 McCallum Road is a great place to pick up a snack or lunch. Desiree Nielson is also a well-known and very popular food expert. Her fans rave about her cook books and advice!


For full details about the bakery and Desiree, visit silverhillsbakery.ca or desireerd.com.


Silver Hills Sprouted Oven Staff
Samples and Gift Basket Prizes


Silver Hills and Desiree Nielsen’s Free Community Nutrition Workshop

Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery sells a variety of healthy breads and baked goods. In August of 2022 the bakery hosted a free nutrition workshop at their outlet store, led by author Desiree Nielsen. Desiree’s Good For Your Gut is a bestselling book full of healthy tips and plant-based recipes.

The collaborative workshop’s title was Back to School Lunch & Learn: Sprouted Grains for Happy Bellies. At the event Desiree shared some of her extensive knowledge about health in general. She also gave a short cooking demonstration for attendees to watch and learn from.

The workshop took place in the parking lot outside the bakery. Chairs were set up and there was an awning for shade.

At the event Desiree prepared some of her favourite lunchbox recipes live and in-person, just in time for the new school year. Attendees could also enjoy a tasty sample from the Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery. And guess what? The event was completely free to attend!

All guests who registered for the workshop online in advance were entered into a draw for a prize package worth about $75. The winner received a copy of Good For Your Gut along with a Sprouted Oven gift card.


Desiree Nielsen at Nutrition Workshop
Desiree Nielsen at the Nutrition Workshop


When and Where?

The workshop was on Sunday, August 28th, in 2022. The first demonstration ran from 12:00 to 12:30 pm and the second demonstration went from 2:00 to 2:30 pm. Both sessions were followed by a book signing with Desiree.

The full event ran from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm during which time there were food samples for people to enjoy. The main activities though were the two half-hour workshops.

The workshops were held outside the Sprouted Oven which is located at 115-1828 McCallum Road in the City of Abbotsford.


Silver Hills Sprouted Oven Bakery in Abbotsford
Sprouted Oven at 1828 McCallum Road


Other Information

To learn more about the workshop, visit the Community Nutrition Workshop Eventbrite page.

To learn more about the bakery where the event took place, and to learn about Desiree, visit silverhillsbakery.ca or desireerd.com.

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