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Vancouver’s PNE Prize Home Lottery

2021 PNE Prize Home Lottery

The PNE Prize Home Lottery is a lottery hosted by Vancouver’s Pacific National Exhibition. With it you can win a brand-new house, cars and other prizes.

To learn about the lottery, continue reading or visit the pneprizehome.ca website. For information about the PNE in general, or its summer amusement park, see our articles about the Pacific National Exhibition or Playland.


In this article you’ll find the following information about the Prize Home Lottery:

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The PNE Fair in 2022


PNE Prize Home Lottery in 2023

The annual Prize Home Lottery took place in 2022, in addition to Playland and the PNE Fair. All three are happening again in 2023.

Tickets for the Prize Home Lottery can be bought up until the final draw in early September. There are also multiple bonus draws throughout the summer for smaller prizes.

The 2021 Grand Prize was a 3,600 square-foot house in South Surrey that was valued at $1,800,000. In 2022 the Grand Prize was a 3,400 square-foot home in Langley valued at over $2,425,000.

The 2023 Grand Prize is a 3,773 square-foot house currently worth over $2,000,000. Other prizes include four Chevrolet and two Cadillac vehicles, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and five Holland America cruises, along with a hot tub package, travel trailer and five cash prizes of $10,000 each.

In addition to the above main prizes, as there are every year, there are early bonus draws between June and August. These are for a few of the cruises and an electric vehicle. The winners of the bonus draws are still normally entered to win the main draw prizes (so entrants can win more than one prize).


For tickets and full details about the home, see the PNE Prize Home Lottery website.


PNE Prize Home Lottery Kitchen
2021 PNE Prize Home Kitchen


What is the PNE Prize Home Lottery?

The lottery began in 1934 and has been held every year since. In normal years, the prize home is built at the site of the PNE and open for the public to visit during the fair at the end of the summer. After the announcement of the winner, the house is then relocated to its permanent site somewhere else in the province.

In 2023 the PNE Fair runs from August 19th until September 4th, with a Prize Home showcase each day.

The lottery is an important fundraising activity for the Pacific National Exhibition which is the non-profit that runs the PNE Fair. The organization also operates the Playland amusement park and the facilities on the PNE fairgrounds.


Playland in 2021


The Prize Home Lottery

Because of COVID-19, the 2021 house wasn’t constructed on site at the PNE Fair as is usually the case. Instead, it was built in its permanent spot in South Surrey. Last year the PNE Fair took place from August 21st to September 6th, and there was a display for the prize home at the site of the fair. It wasn’t the full house, but it was a way to experience some of it.

The 2022 Grand Prize home was open to guided tours at its actual address on certain weekends before the final draw. 2023 will likely be similar, although exact details are to be confirmed.


For tickets and full details about your chances to win, see the PNE Prize Home Lottery website.


Last Years’ Grand Prize Home

The 2022 PNE Prize Home was located at 19622 73C Avenue. The luxurious house was built by Wesmont Homes with a Tuscan-inspired interior. As always, the home came fully-furnished.

The house had three floors including a 1-bedroom basement suite. It also came with climate-friendly features like an electric heat and cooling system and a charger for electric vehicles.


The Main Floor

On the main floor of the 2022 home was an office near the main entrance, along with a half-bath and access to the garage. The rest of the ground floor was a large open area with a dream kitchen on the left, a living room with a gas fireplace on the right, and a dining area in the middle. There was also a furnished patio that extended into the backyard. It was a very attractive and open-concept home.


2021 PNE Prize Home
Inside the 2021 PNE Prize Home


What’s Upstairs?

The stairs were adjacent to the living room. If you went upstairs you found one bedroom and a separate full-bath on the left. The hallway then split three ways. A second bedroom was on the left and a laundry room was straight down the hall. The master bedroom was on the right side and featured a large in-suite bathroom with a bathtub and separate shower. The main bedroom also had a walk-in closet! The whole place was very bright and tastefully furnished!


What’s in the Basement?

Downstairs at last year’s home you would’ve found a media room as well as a one-bedroom suite that was ready to rent out. There was a separate kitchen, living room, laundry room and full-bath.


For tickets and full details about the home, see the PNE Prize Home Lottery website.


Where to Buy Tickets for the PNE Prize Home Lottery

Tickets can be bought online at the PNE‘s official website. They are also available by phone at 604.678.4663 or 1.877.946.4663. Tickets can be purchased in different amounts. In 2023 you can get two tickets for $30, six tickets for $60, or fifteen tickets for $125.

Only BC residents aged 19 years or older can buy tickets. There are a finite number of tickets available – up to a maximum of 861,000 in total. So, while the deadline to buy tickets isn’t until early September, there is always a chance they could run out before then.

When buying tickets for the lottery there is also the option to buy extra tickets for a separate 50/50 draw. The 50/50 tickets cost $10 for one ticket or $30 for five. They cannot be bought on their own. They have to be purchased at the same time as the main lottery tickets for the house.

On September 13th in 2021, the 50/50 jackpot was worth $1,738,410 (meaning the lucky winner got to keep $869,205). The 2022 jackpot winner took home $888,890. The 2023 jackpot will likely reach a similar total.


PNE Prize Home
PNE Prize Home in 2017


Past and Present Prize Home Locations

Unlike in past years, the 2021 and 2022 PNE Prize Homes were built on location at their permanent addresses. Guided tours of the 2022 home in Langley were available on weekends between June 11th and July 24th.

In previous years the houses were assembled on-site at the PNE and then relocated to its permanent location somewhere else in the province.

Locations of homes in past years have included Pemberton (near Whistler in 2020) and the Okanagan (in Kelowna in 2019 and Naramata in 2018, 2017 and 2016).


The same as with other lotteries and forms of gambling, as the BC Lottery Corporation says, “Know Your Limit and Play Within It“! If you have a gambling problem, or can’t afford to play, don’t buy a ticket. And if you do buy a ticket, just play for fun and to support the PNE!


2021 Prize Home Lottery Video

To see what the 2021 Prize Home looked like, check out the following video.



Other Information

To learn more about the Prize Home Lottery, see the PNE‘s official website.

Your chances of winning the Prize Home in 2023 are approximately one in 861,000. Your odds of winning the 50/50 draw are about 1 in 290,000.

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