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Vancouver’s Third Beach in Stanley Park

Stanley Park's Third Beach

Vancouver’s Third Beach in Stanley Park is an impressive beach with one of the region’s longest stretches of sand and spectacular views of English Bay.


As of the first week of June, 2020, Third Beach and Stanley Park both remain open. The parking lot at the beach remains closed, however, as do all parking lots and roads in the park. The Vancouver Park Board has announced though that it is putting logs back on the beach for people to enjoy (after having removed them earlier in the spring out of safety concerns about people congregating and the risk of the spread of COVID-19).

For information about the current status of the beach and park, visit the City of Vancouver‘s website.

Third Beach at Stanley Park

Connected to the rest of the park by the seawall, Third Beach is without a doubt one of Metro Vancouver’s best beaches.

What to do at Third Beach

There’s a lot to do at Stanley Park’s Third Beach, including enjoying the day on the sandy beach or in the water, walking along the seawall to Siwash Rock, or enjoying a meal at The Teahouse.

Hanging out at the Beach

In the summer, Third Beach is a perfect place for sun tanning, swimming in the ocean, playing in the sand and just splashing around and cooling off in the water.


From May until September, on sunny Tuesday evenings, a group of drummers often shows up for some informal jamming on the sand at Third Beach. It only happens when it’s sunny, but when it does happen it’s free and pleasantly entertaining!

See Brahm’s Tam Drum Circle for details.

Third Beach at Stanley Park
The beach and seawall at Third Beach

Siwash Rock and Taking a Seawall Break

Third Beach is also a great spot to stop for a break while walking or cycling around the Stanley Park seawall. The beach backs on to a forested section of Stanley Park along the seawall and is just a short walk away from Siwash Rock.

TIP :If you don’t want to walk the entire 10 km around the Stanley Park seawall to get to Siwash Rock for the views or some photos, you can simply park at Third Beach and stroll northwards just a few minutes to the rock from there.

Dining at the Teahouse

The sunsets from Third Beach are world class, the swimming is great (but cold) and just up the hill is one of Vancouver’s most famous restaurants – The Teahouse. The Teahouse is a great place for brunch on the weekends, or for lunch, dinner or just a cup of tea and a snack at other times during the week.

Third Beach Sunset
Sunset from near the Teahouse at Third Beach

Brahm’s Tams Drum Circle

If you’re ever near Third Beach on a sunny Tuesday evening in the summer, don’t be surprised to hear drumming and to see hundreds if not thousands of people at the beach.

On days with sunshine and expected sunsets, and mainly only then, from May until September, folk gather with their djembes drums for some jamming, and crowds of people gather to watch and enjoy the vibes.

Click Brahm’s Tams Drum Circle for more information.

Drum Circle Crowds at Third Beach
Tuesday evening drum circle crowds

Other Information

Third Beach is one of the Lower Mainland’s best places for summer swimming, laying on the beach, walking and cycling along the Stanley Park Seawall, and admiring the evening sunsets.

For more ideas on things to see and do in the area, click Stanley Park.

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