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Vancouver’s OHM Electric Bikes

OHM Bikes

OHM is Canada’s oldest electric bike manufacturer. The company is based out of its factory store in North Vancouver and they make awesome e-bikes!

OHM E-Bikes produces high quality electric bikes that they design and assemble here in the Lower Mainland. After doing our research and testing out lots of different bicycles and bike brands, we got ourselves an OHM bike and love it!

We had heard lots of good things about OHM Bikes. We also liked the idea of supporting a local bike store, and a Canadian e-bike brand. And we weren’t disappointed when we tried them out.

For the company’s website, visit ohmcycles.com.


OHM Electric Bikes

OHM Electric Bikes has serviced Metro Vancouver’s cycling community since 2007. The company designs and creates its own e-bikes on Vancouver’s North Shore (which is a great region for electric bicycles because it’s so hilly). OHM bikes are sold at a number of other stores in the area as well as online.

Shoppers for e-bikes in the Lower Mainland are so lucky! Unlike customers elsewhere in Canada and the United States, here we can visit OHM’s factory store, try out the bikes and speak in-person with the experts!

An e-bike incorporates a small electric motor in its design to assist the rider. The motor doesn’t replace pedaling. Instead, it’s meant to make cycling easier as well as more accessible to those who might struggle going up hills or cycling for longer distances (including people like us with Vancouver’s Best Places who are in their 50s and live in mountainous North Vancouver).

OHM offers a few different styles of design depending on how its customers plan to use their bikes. There are options for bikes suited specifically for riding in the city and for more casual trips. There are also designs meant for longer journeys and more difficult terrain, like mountain biking trails.

OHM Electric Bikes was featured on the Canadian TV show Dragons’ Den back in 2013. The company ships its bikes across Canada and to the United States as well. It’s an impressive company! It has also come a long way since it started out as an early pioneer in Canada’s e-biking industry. If you want a quality bike designed by people used to Vancouver and its mountainous terrain, OHM is the place to go!


OHM Bikes


Location and Hours

The OHM Electric Bikes store’s address is 930 Harbourside Drive in North Vancouver. The store’s hours of operation are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. It’s closed on Sundays and Mondays. The store isn’t far from the North Shore Auto Mall. It’s also right by the Spirit Trail (which is great for cycling along) and just a block away from Thomas Haas Chocolates & Patisserie!

Those who want to try out an e-bike before purchasing it can do so by booking a test ride at the North Vancouver location. The free appointments give you an hour to ride around on the bike. To book a test ride, call 604-770-2600 (or toll free at 1-866-646-2925), or email bikes@ohmcycles.com.


For full details about the bike company, visit the OHM Electric Bikes website.


Bike Services and Repairs

To keep its e-bikes running smoothly, OHM offers a series of different repair and servicing options. Complimentary 15-minute service checks are available within the first six months of a bike’s purchase, but larger-scale tune-ups are more robust.

The service packages range from $150 to $500 and can cover just about everything including a complete rebuild of some parts of the bike. The OHM technicians also provide free consultations to diagnose any issues with the bikes in order to recommend what repairs should be done.


Other Information

For more information about Vancouver’s very own premium e-bike brand, visit the OHM Electric Bikes website.

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