Granville Street at Night

Stretching from Waterfront Station near Gastown to the far side of Vancouver, Granville Street is famous for its nightlife, neon signs and shopping.


Granville Street

Granville Street intersects Georgia, Robson, Davie and Broadway, all of which are some of Vancouver’s other main streets of interest. Along its way are other Vancouver landmarks such as the Vogue and Orpheum theatres, and the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage.

Also on the street are Pacific Centre Mall and the Hudson’s Bay’s flagship Vancouver department store. And under the street, or under the Granville Street Bridge more specifically, is Granville Island.


Granville Street
Granville Street


History of Granville Street

At its peak of glory, in the 1950s, Granville Street boasted one of the most extensive neon sign displays in the world and for years it was the heart of Vancouver’s entertainment district, full of theatres, night clubs and restaurants. Since that time, however, the neon signs have slowly disappeared, although there are still some.

Granville Street is still Vancouver’s main entertainment district, but less so than in years past. An exception was in 2010, however, during the Winter Olympic Games when Vancouver was the host city. During the month of February that year, Granville Street had tens of thousands of celebrating people in the streets.

Today, Granville Street is still one of Vancouver’s most interesting streets, especially in some sections, and still worth visiting. Arguably the most interesting part of Granville Street is from around West Hastings (a block or so up from Waterfront Station close to Gastown), up to where it intersects with Robson Street, and a bit beyond up to Davie.

Granville again becomes vibrant further south, after the Bridge (and Granville Island underneath) between West Broadway and 15th.


Traffic on Granville Street


Granville Street Events

Granville Street is sometimes a venue for special events in Vancouver, when the city shuts down traffic completely there and the street turns into festival grounds. During the 2010 Olympic Games, for example, hundreds of thousands of people celebrated on Granville Street.

TaiwanFest is an annual event that takes place on Granville Street on the Labour Day weekend in September. The Vancouver Halloween Parade and Santa Claus Parade also include Granville Street on their routes in October and December.


Taiwanfest on Granville
TaiwanFest on Granville Street


Other Information

To learn about and appreciate the history of Granville Street, including a collection of its old neon signs, consider visiting the Museum of Vancouver (MOV).

To find out about other interesting streets, check out Vancouver’s Most Famous and Interesting Streets, where you’ll find other great areas for shopping, entertainment, dining and watching people.

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