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Beyond Monet at Vancouver’s PNE Fair

Beyond Monet at the PNE

An added perk of going to the PNE Fair in 2023 is checking out the immersive Beyond Monet experience showcasing over 400 pieces of the famous artist’s work.

The multimedia art exhibition is included with admission to the PNE, which makes it a fabulous deal (and a nice addition to the fair).

The PNE Fair itself runs from August 19th to September 4th in 2023. Beyond Monet is just one of many things you’ll see at the fair. It’s a fabulous event!



Regular admission to the PNE Fair in 2023 costs $25 for adults at the gate, or $20 for tickets purchased online. If you use the promo code VBP23, however, you can buy four tickets online for just $40. That works out to just $10 per person, which is 50% off regular price online, or 60% off the price at the gate! $10 is even less than the full $16 price at the gate for youth and seniors (ages 13-18 and 65+).

Note: This offer doesn’t apply to previously purchased tickets and cannot be combined with other offers. It is valid, however, on the Labour Day Long Weekend.

To get this deal, click VBP’s PNE $40 Offer to purchase your tickets and use the promo code VBP23.


2023 PNE Fair


Beyond Monet Exhibit at the PNE Fair in 2023

The PNE Fair always has a number of fun attractions to check out and one of the notable ones in 2023 is Beyond Monet. The exhibit features the works of the famous French painter Claude Monet in an immersive way.

Hundreds of Monet’s works are displayed on a video loop on giant screens that wrap around visitors. The paintings change in size, blend together and wash over everyone in attendance.

Beyond Monet is similar to events like Beyond Van Gogh (which was in Surrey in the spring and is currently in Victoria until September 2023).

With Beyond Van Gogh when it was in Surrey, there were three rooms plus a virtual reality experience area. With Beyond Monet, it’s just one giant room where Monet’s art is projected on giant walls all around. What you’ll see at Beyond Monet at the PNE Fair is similar to what you would have seen in the final giant room at Beyond Van Gogh, except with art by Claude Monet instead of by Vincent Van Gogh. What you’ll see is both beautiful and impressive!


Beyond Van Gogh in Victoria


Hours and Admission

Beyond Monet is included with general admission to the PNE Fair which is $25 in 2023. Given that tickets to see the full Beyond Monet experience elsewhere in Canada has cost around $30 to $40, that’s a terrific deal! Especially since you get access to everything else the fair has to offer as well, including the SuperDogs shows, live entertainment and other activities.

Beyond Monet is located inside the PNE Forum building and is open all day. The fair runs from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm so attendees can check out the exhibit anytime during those hours.


What to Expect

The Beyond Monet experience is similar to other “Beyond” exhibits like Beyond Van Gogh which was in Surrey in February and March of 2023 and is in Victoria in August and September.

The exhibit room contains a number of giant screens on which a video series plays. The pieces of art are styled to be an immersive experience.

The experience is meant to reshape how attendees see the paintings. They’re presented at new angles and sizes and interact with each other and the space in unique ways. The focus of Monet’s works are on landscapes and flowers.



Planning to spend some time in Victoria in September? Then be sure to check out the Beyond Van Gogh exhibition there. It’s excellent and highly recommended. For tickets and full details about that event, visit vangoghvictoria.com.


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Other Information

For more information about the attraction in Vancouver, visit the PNE website or click Beyond Monet.

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