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Chinatown’s International Village Mall

Chinese New Year at International Village

The International Village Mall is a Vancouver shopping centre in Chinatown on Pender Street that becomes especially alive during Chinese New Year.



The Year of the Tiger starts on February 1st in 2022. In years without pandemics the mall hosts a festival around that weekend. As of mid-January, much like 2021, it doesn’t look like any big celebrations are happening this year. Decorations are up at the mall, but event details are to be confirmed.


International Village Mall

International Village MallLocated at 88 West Pender Street in the heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown, the International Village Mall is a medium-sized shopping centre with about 60 retail stores.

Shops of special interest include a large dollar store-style Japanese department store, a couple of fancy high-end furniture and antique stores, and a large Cineplex Theatre on the 3rd floor.

Also at the mall upstairs is a great food court with about a dozen different ethnic food outlets.

TIP: There is free parking underground while you’re shopping. This is also good to know when seeing a movie at the theatre.


Lunar New Year at International Village

The Lunar New Year is a fabulous time to check out the International Village Mall, assuming you don’t mind crowds. For most of the year the mall is a fairly quiet place, but not during the week of Chinese New Year.

In 2020 Lunar New Year celebrations took place at the International Village Mall from Friday, January 24th, until Sunday, January 26th. It ran on the Friday and Saturday from 11 am until 8 pm and on the Sunday from 10 am until 5 pm.

Around the Lunar New Year thousands of people descend on the International Village Mall. There are special Chinese gift stalls throughout the mall selling everything from Chinese food to souvenirs to electronic gadgets to fashion accessories. There are also live performances throughout the day on the Chinese New Year weekend.

Lunar New Year at the International Village Mall is a sight to be seen and recommended (unless you don’t like crowds). Especially on the day of the Chinese New Year Parade, you’ll feel like you’re in China!

TIP: Don’t expect to park anywhere near the International Village Mall on the day of the Chinese New Year parade as the area will be packed with people. Also, the absolute busiest time to go is right after the parade which takes place from 11 am until about 1 pm on the Sunday of the week of the Lunar New Year. Especially if there’s a chance of rain, the place will be festive but also absolutely packed!


Chinese New Year


International Village Mall Video

To give you an idea of what the mall looks like at Lunar New Year, check out the following video. It includes scenes of the Lunar New Year festivities in February of 2018 and 2019.

As you’ll see in the video, the mall is several stories high and has a large atrium in the middle. The roof is made of glass and there are stores on multiple levels. At New Year the place is packed with people. Live entertainment takes place on the ground floor in the middle of the atrium area. Vendor stalls line all the hallways in other parts of the all.



Other Information

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