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Vancouver’s Monstercat Compound Music Festival

Monstercat Compound in Vancouver

The Monstercat Compound Block Party is a Vancouver music festival. It features live performances, electronic music, visual arts and video games.

In past years, the event used took place in September. Since 2022, though, the Monstercat Compound Block Party happens in August. In 2023, the event happened on Saturday, August 26th. The year before that, it was on August 20th. The exact date for 2024’s festival is to be confirmed.

To learn more about what’s happening around the same time in 2024, see our August Calendar of Events. To learn about Monstercat Compound, continue reading.


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Monstercat Compound Block Party in Vancouver

Monstercat Compound is an annual block party-style event that features electronic music, video games, art and more. The family-friendly festival is put together by Monstercat which is a record label based in the City of Vancouver.

Since 2017, folks of all ages have gathered outside the company’s HQ for the annual street party. The event is usually held on a Saturday in August. The sixth annual event took place on August 26th last year outside the Monstercat building which is located at 380 Railway Street in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.

It’s a pretty good event, and free to attend. Activities run from 2:00 pm until 9:00 pm. There aren’t so many people at the start. By the evening, however, the place gets busy.


Music Lineup

Artists headlining the main stage in 2023 included Ace Aura, Blanke, CHYL, Crankdat, Godlands and Nostalgix. The second stage featured Keepsix, Kelland, Punctual, Warner Case and Yurie.

Below was the schedule of artists who performed in 2023. Performers for 2024’s festival are to be confirmed.


2023 Monstercat Main Stage

The Main Stage schedule last year was as follows:

  • 2:00 pmAverage Guest
  • 3:00 pmCHYL
  • 4:00 pmAce Aura
  • 5:00 pmGodlands
  • 6:00 pmNostalgix
  • 7:00 pmBlanke
  • 8:00 pmCrankdat


2023 Westwood Recordings Stage

The schedule of performances for the Second Stage is listed below.

  • 2:00 pmTelosity
  • 3:00 pmKeepsix
  • 4:00 pmYurie
  • 5:00 pmKelland
  • 6:00 pmWarner Case
  • 7:00 pmPunctual


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In addition to live music, guests can expect to see two bars for those aged 19+, plus a variety of food trucks and street artists. Other activities at the block party usually include things like cornhole, the Monstercat Claw Machine, and various interactive art experiences.

In 2022 there was also a section for video games where people could compete in Rocket League, Overwatch and more. 2023 was likely similar and 2024 may be too.


Admission Info

The block party is open to the public and general admission is free.

For folks wanting a more exclusive experience, VIP passes are available for purchase on the Monstercat Compound website. These passes last year cost $43.45 including fees. Folks who pay to attend get expedited entry, as well as access to exclusive bars and a viewing area around the main stage. In addition, pass holders receive a three-month subscription to Monstercat Gold.


Monstercat Video

The following video shows what Monstercat Compound looks like near the beginning of the event. In 2021 the block party ran from 2:00 pm until 9:00 pm. We got there with our camera at about 2:30 pm, so not long after things were just getting started.

For comparison, the photo at the top of this article was taken in the late afternoon in 2019 (so after the place got busier).

As you’ll see in the video, there are a couple of stages. When we visited in the early afternoon there were two DJs with each performing at different ends of the street. There were also market vendors, food trucks and a couple of beer gardens.



About Monstercat

Monstercat is an independent electronic music record label. Founded in 2011 in Waterloo, Ontario, the company also has offices in Singapore and Los Angeles. Its Vancouver office address is 380 Railway Street. That location is about six blocks east of Gastown and 12 or so blocks north of Chinatown. The Monstercat Compound block party happens in the street right outside.

Monstercat is a place for artists, musicians and all kinds of creative people. The company develops and promotes musicians, which is why it celebrates what they do each year by hosting Monstercat Compound.


Other Information

For more information about the block party, visit the Monstercat Compound website.

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