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Vancouver’s Monstercat Compound Music Festival

Monstercat Compound in Vancouver

The Monstercat Compound Block Party is a free Vancouver festival. It features live performances, electronic music, visual arts and video games.

In 2021 the event takes place on Saturday, September 18th.


Click Monstercat Compound for the event’s official website.


Monstercat Compound Block Party in Vancouver

Monstercat Compound is an annual block party-style event that features electronic music, video games, art and more. The family-friendly festival is put together by Monstercat, which is a record label based in the City of Vancouver.

Since 2017, folks of all ages have gathered outside the company’s HQ for the annual street party. The event is usually held on a Saturday in August. In 2021, however, it happens in mid-September.

Last year the Monstercat Compound was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic and provincial health restrictions. The 2021 Block Party, however, is happening. It takes place on Saturday, September 18th, from 2:00 until 9:00 pm. The 4th annual event takes place outside the Monstercat building located at 380 Railway Street in Vancouver.


Monstercat Compound 2021 Poster


2021 Musical Lineup

Similar to previous years, Monstercat artists perform on the block party’s main stage. A different lineup curated by Westwood Recordings performs on the second stage.

The schedule for 2021 is below. (Note: times, artists and other details are subject to change.)


Monstercat Stage


Westwood Recordings Stage


Visit Monstercats website for full details about the block party and the company behind it.



In addition to live music, guests can expect to see a beer garden, food trucks and street artists. Other activities at the block party include an air-brush tattoo station, a large street piano and various educational panels on career building and NFTs*. There’s also a section for video games where up to four people can compete in Rocket League, Mortal Kombat and more.

(* EFT stands for “Non-fungible token”. An EFT is a unit of data in a block chain. It certifies that a digital asset is unique. They can be tracked to prove ownership of things like videos, electronic games, music, photos and other kinds of digital intellectual property).


Monstercat Art and Music
Photos by Brandon Artis



The block party is open to the public and general admission is free. The organizers encourage everyone to RSVP via the Monstercat Compound website.

For folks wanting a more exclusive experience, premium passes are available for purchase on the Monstercat Compound website. These passes cost $27.50 including taxes and fees. Folks who pay to attend can hang out in an exclusive lounge with a separate bar and washroom facilities.

The premium pass also provides access to areas with better views of the performances, including a balcony section. In addition, pass holders receive a 3-month subscription to Monstercat Gold.


Monstercat Video

The following video describes what Monstercat – the organization – is all about. As you’ll see in the video, Monstercat is a place for artists, musicians and all kinds of creative people. The company develops and promotes musicians, which is why they celebrate what they do each year by hosting Monstercat Compound.



Other Information

For more information about the block party, visit the Monstercat Compound website.

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