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Vancouver’s Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Festival

Taiwanese Cultural Festival

The Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Festival is Vancouver’s celebration of Taiwanese and Canadian artists. It features performances, exhibitions and more in July.

The 4th annual Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Festival takes place in downtown Vancouver on the Canada Day Weekend of July 1st to 3rd.


For the event’s official website visit tccfestival.ca.


Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Festival in Vancouver

The Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Festival is a showcase of talented artists from Taiwan and Vancouver. The series of events takes place at different locations across Metro Vancouver, and the festival as a whole is organized by the Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society.

Each year the festival offers a wide variety of art to explore. There are often sculptures on display for all to see, along with musical performances by local bands. Other events typically include traditional dance performances, movie screenings and theatrical plays.

The 2018 Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Festival took place at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in mid-July. In 2019 the festival happened around the same time at the Richmond Oval. The 2020 edition of the festival was scheduled to take place at the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Playhouse Theatre at the end of May. However, the festival was cancelled that year due to COVID-19.

In 2021 the Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Festival ran from July 2nd until July 4th. In 2022 the festival’s dates are July 1st to 3rd. For an idea of what to expect, continue reading below.


Taiwanese Festival Dancers


2021 Festival Program

In normal years, all of the Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Festival events take place in-person. However, because of the coronavirus pandemic, the 2021 festival also offered virtual programming.

The main in-person activity last year was the Butterfly Kingdom exhibition. There was a large butterfly lantern all the way from Taiwan on display in the North Plaza of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The 2021 festival featured several different things to do online. Virtual activities were free, although registration was required for some.

Last year there were musical performances by the Orchid Ensemble, Sounds Global Ensemble, Vancouver Pops Orchestra and the Taiwan Yangqin Orchestra. There were also dance performances by Wu Gi Troupe and Atayal Taiwan First Nation M-yu Dancers, along with a TCCS Line Dance. In addition, the 2021 festival offered virtual paper magic by Master Hung Hsin-Fu. There was also a Puppet Theatre performance by Jin-Yu-Yuan.

In 2021, since in-person galleries weren’t possible, there were deep dive videos into some artistic pieces online. Artist Corner segments featured Steven Chang and John Lin last year. A total of 5 films were made available online during the festival. The featured movies were Lokah LaqiPakeriranLong Time No SeaPanay and A Fish Out of Water.

The 2022 Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Festival will offer a variety of in-person events. Exact details, however, are to be confirmed.


Taiwanese Festival Band


Other Information

For more information about the festival visit the official Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Festival website.

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