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Burnaby Remembrance Day Ceremonies

Confederation Park Cenotaph

Remembrance Day ceremonies take place throughout Metro Vancouver on November 11th each year including in Burnaby at Confederation Park and Bonsor Park.

Click Vancouver Remembrance Day Events for information about ceremonies all over the Lower Mainland, or continue reading to learn about the main November 11th events in Burnaby.

Remembrance Day in Burnaby

Remembrance Day is commemorated in North Burnaby at the Cenotaph in Confederation Park and in South Burnaby at the Cenotaph in Bonsor Park.

North Burnaby Ceremony & Parade

The Remembrance Day event in North Burnaby includes a parade followed by a ceremony beside the running track at Confederation Park.

The parade usually starts at around 10:40 am from near the McGill Library at 4595 Albert Street. The procession of veterans, cadets, military officers, police and other participants marches down Albert Street before turning up Alpha Avenue and finishing at the park.

The ceremony at Confederation Park takes place at the Cenotaph which is on Penzance Drive almost across the street from the Burnaby Central Railway which is located at 120 North Willingdon Avenue.

The North Burnaby Remembrance Day parade typically starts shortly after 10:30 am and the ceremony runs from 11 o’clock until around noon. About 500 or so people typically attend and, in some years, the ceremony features a flyover by military aircraft (including sometimes vintage ones from a bygone era).

Check out the City of Burnabys website for more details.

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South Burnaby Ceremony & Parade

The Remembrance Day event in South Burnaby happens not far from Metrotown. Similar to the North Burnaby event, it too features both a parade and traditional ceremony.

The parade starts at around 10:30 am on Bennett Street (at the corner with Marlborough Avenue by the Fire Hall). From there it goes for a block along Bennett Street before turning south down Nelson Avenue to Bonsor Park at Jubilee Avenue.

The South Burnaby Remembrance Day ceremony takes place at the Cenotaph in the park at the corner of Jubilee Street and Nelson Avenue. It begins at around 11 o’clock and runs for about an hour.

Check out the City of Burnaby‘s website for more information.

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