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North Vancouver’s Cates Park Remembrance Day Ceremony

Remembrance Day at Cates Park

North Shore Remembrance Day events take place in West Vancouver, the City of North Vancouver, and, in the District of North Vancouver, at Cates Park.

The City of North Vancouver holds its main event at Victoria Park just off Lonsdale Avenue. The District of West Vancouver, meanwhile, holds its event at Memorial Park on Marine Drive.

Click Remembrance Day in City of North Van or Remembrance Day in West Vancouver for information about those two events. For details about the ceremony at Cates Park, continue reading.


Cates Park on Remembrance Day
Cates Park After the Remembrance Day Ceremony


Remembrance Day in Cates Park

The City of North Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver are two separate municipalities and they each have their own Remembrance Day ceremonies on November 11th each year.

The District of North Vancouver has its main Remembrance Day event at Cates Park which is located at 4141 Dollarton Highway just a short drive from the village of Deep Cove. The event there is a smaller one and it is usually hosted by the Burrard Yacht Club.

Cates Park itself is a beautiful venue, so a nice place to explore or enjoy a picnic after the ceremony in normal years (assuming good weather). There is a pier, walking trails along the waterfront and a giant kids’ playground.


The Cates Park Ceremonies

The ceremony at Cates Park starts at around 10:15 am. It usually attracts several hundred people. The event includes the usual two minutes of silence, a prayer and the laying of wreathes. An area choir also often sings.

At the Remembrance Day event in 2019 participating vessels from the Burrard Yacht Club began to gather just off Roche Point at Cates Park prior to 10:30 am. This will likely be the same in 2024.

A couple of minutes before 11:00 am the Vice Commodore typically orders the flotilla to attention. Someone then reads Psalm 107 (verses 23-31) and the Last Post is played. Then a cannon is fired, followed by the traditional two minutes of silence. After this there is usually the Reveille bugle call at which time all vessels masthead their ensigns (i.e. raise their national flags). The event then finishes with a prayer and a hymn.


Remembrance Day Weekend Activities


Other Information

For more details about the Remembrance Day event at Cates Park, see the Burrard Yacht Club‘s website.

For information about November 11th events in other Lower Mainland municipalities, see our article about Remembrance Day in Metro Vancouver.

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